M Chapter 841

M Chapter 841

Chapter 841 

Mia couldn’t hold back her laughter. Well then, congratulations in advance to you.” 

Connie casually traced her fingers over the bracelet on her wrist, her demeanor dripping with 


If you have any sense, you’d consider accepting this marriage proposal sooner rather than later. Otherwise, you might find it impossible to match the Bowen family’s status later on

No way. I won’t agree to marry someone who is a bad omen, it’s just unappealing. Besides, I’m all about looks. Lewis is just too unattractive for me, nowhere near as goodlooking as my bodyguard.” 

Connie’s expression turned angry immediately

Isabella chimed in, adding fuel to the fire. Mom, she’s referring to that bodyguard standing next to her. Since Mia is wearing his jacket, there must be something going on between them.” 

Connie directed a scornful glare at Timothy standing nearby. “He’s just a lowly bodyguard without a penny to his name. Can he even compare to Lewis?” 

Mia couldn’t contain her laughter. Who knows, your son might not measure up to my bodyguard after all!” 

Indeed, Timothy was far from an ordinary bodyguard

However, Mia didn’t want to deal with Isabella and Connie any longer. She turned to the nearby staff and instructed, Since Mrs. Bowen and her daughter are not interested in attending my banquet, please escort them out.” 

Connie grew furious. Mia, do you think I care about attending your banquet? If it weren’t for Lewissake, I wouldn’t be here at all. Isabella, let’s go!” 

Yeah. Once our family teams up with the Barretts, the Lanes won’t stand a chance. Mia will surely beg to marry Lewis then!” 

Hmph, I can’t wait to see her arrogance crumble!” 

As Mia watched the mother and daughter depart, she couldn’t help but feel frustrated. Those two must have some serious issues.” 

It sure seemed like they forgot to take their medication, as they were living in a dream world every day

Glancing at Timothy beside her, Mia questioned, Are you seriously considering collaborating with the Bowen family? With their lack of intelligence, won’t you be concerned about dragging down the Barrett family?” 


Mia believed that if Timothy was going to collaborate, he should at least partner with someone intelligent

What was the point of teaming up with the Bowen family if it was akin to digging his own grave

Mia’s disbelief was evident as she gazed at Timothy

He was supposed to be savvy in business, so why would he choose to collaborate with the Bowens? It simply didn’t make sense to her! 

Timothy responded curtly, I’m not directly overseeing the projects in Nord City.” 

But as the CEO of the Barrett Group, shouldn’t you have control over all projects?” 

Given the scale and scope of our operations, I can’t micromanage every detail. Besides, the projects we’re working on in Nord City are relatively small, so they don’t require my direct supervision.” 

Mia remained skeptical. Smallscale projects? Then why is the Bowen family behaving as if they’ve taken over the entire Barrett Group?” 

Earlier, Isabella and Connie had even boasted about surpassing the Lane family as the powerhouse in Nord City


A frown formed on Timothy’s face. There’s no point in arguing with irrational people!” 

You’re right,Mia agreed, swiftly setting aside thoughts of the Bowen family

She went on to greet and converse with the individuals involved in the movie release. After all, that was her main reason for being there today

Soon after, a few elite young men glanced at Mia and remarked, It’s really hot today. Why are you still wearing such a thick suit jacket

Yeah, Mia, take off your jacket. It’s so hot, and your dress looks amazing. You don’t need to hide it.” 

Exactly, you have a fantastic figure. Why bother about othersopinions?” 

Feeling a bit warm herself, Mia smiled sheepishly and explained, I had a mishap while checking in earlier and accidentally ripped my dress.” 

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen ( Mia Bowen )

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen ( Mia Bowen )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/17/2024 Native Language: English
Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen ( Mia Bowen ) Mia Bowen accidentally marries the heir to an affluent family. On the day that she finds out she's pregnant, he gives her a divorce agreement.The fake heiress takes over Mia's marital home, and her mother-in-law is disdainful of her for being poor and powerless.

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen ( Mia Bowen )

Then, six handsome and wealthy men descend from the heavens.The first is a real estate mogul who's determined to give her a hundred villas.The second is a scientist who researches artificial intelligence, and he gives her a limited-edition driverless car.The third is a renowned surgeon whose hands are the tools of his trade. He cooks for her daily.The fourth is a talented pianist who plays for her every day.. The fifth is a well-known lawyer who takes the initiative to get rid of all her anti-fans.The sixth is an award-winning actor who publicly announces that she's the love of his life.The fake heiress boasts, "These guys are my brothers and cousins."The six men refute her in unison, announcing, "No, Mia is the true heiress of our family."Mia goes on to have a great life with her baby as she enjoys the boundless affection and doting of her six brothers and cousins.Yet a certain man gets anxious because of this.  


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