M Chapter 842

M Chapter 842

Chapter 842 

One of the young men, Chuck Jones, approached and offered, Let me see where it got torn. Perhaps I can fix it for you.” 

As he spoke, he reached out to take off Mia’s jacket

Mia’s expression darkened, seemingly ready to react, but someone firmly grabbed Chuck’s wrist. In a cold tone, the person roared, Don’t you dare lay your filthy hands on her!” 

Mia turned around and saw Timothy standing behind her, feeling relieved at his protective 


Suddenly, having such a loyal bodyguard seemed like a blessing

Chuck, however, grew visibly angry and addressed Timothy arrogantly, saying, You filthy bodyguard, I advise you to let go, or you’ll regret it!“/ 

Stepping forward, Mia glanced at Timothy and suggested, Perhaps you should release him. This isn’t Zalantis, where lawlessness prevails. Committing murder here is illegal.” 

Chuck’s expression shifted abruptly. Wait, did you say he’s a bodyguard from Zalantis?” 

Mia maintained her composure and responded, That’s correct. He’s a bodyguard that Dominic specifically hired from Zalantis. Although he used to be a professional hitman, his focus now is on ensuring my safety.” 

Timothy exchanged a meaningful glance with Mia but remained quiet

Seeing the change in Chuck’s expression, Mia added, I apologize for any confusion. My 

bodyguard is new to this role and isn’t yet familiar with local customs. Please bear with him.” 

At that instant, Timothy fetched a bag had been carrying. These were sent over by Mr. 


Oh, so these clothes are from him,Mia remarked, shifting her attention to the affluent young men nearby. I’ll go change into a different outfit first. Please continue to enjoy yourselves.” 

Upon hearing Dominic’s name, the group of young men fell silent immediately

After all, Dominic had a reputation for being fiercely protective of Mia

As they headed to the lounge, Mia glanced at Timothy and remarked, You acted pretty swiftly just now.” 

He even knew to use Dominic’s name to intimidate those young men and assert dominance

Timothy handed her the bag and replied casually, I’m still catching up to your level. Who 


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would’ve guessed I’d end up as a Zalantis hitman?” 

If I hadn’t brought it up, those guys wouldn’t have backed off so quickly. They just see you as a regular bodyguard.” 

It doesn’t bother me. Let them try something if they want.” 

This isn’t Bern City, and right now, you’re just a bodyguard without much support.” 

Timothy looked down at her, his gaze intense. That’s why I’m relying on you now,he said in a low, raspy voice

Mia averted her gaze. You must be daydreaming. Anyhow, please wait for me outside. I need to change.” 

Timothy exited the lounge and stood alone outside

It didn’t take long before several individuals approached, and Timothy immediately recognized the leader as Chuck, the man who had attempted to touch Mia earlier

It was clear they had ill intentions

Chuck wore a sinister expression as he said, Hey buddy, do me a favor and step aside.” 

Timothy blocked the doorway and replied coldly, Absolutely not.” 

How much money do you want? Just name your price.” 

Chuck opened his wallet and pulled out a stack of bills, tossing it at Timothy. You’re just a Timothy. You’re just a moneyhungry little bodyguard, aren’t you? Let me in, and there’s more where that came 


Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen ( Mia Bowen )

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen ( Mia Bowen )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/17/2024 Native Language: English
Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen ( Mia Bowen ) Mia Bowen accidentally marries the heir to an affluent family. On the day that she finds out she's pregnant, he gives her a divorce agreement.The fake heiress takes over Mia's marital home, and her mother-in-law is disdainful of her for being poor and powerless.

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen ( Mia Bowen )

Then, six handsome and wealthy men descend from the heavens.The first is a real estate mogul who's determined to give her a hundred villas.The second is a scientist who researches artificial intelligence, and he gives her a limited-edition driverless car.The third is a renowned surgeon whose hands are the tools of his trade. He cooks for her daily.The fourth is a talented pianist who plays for her every day.. The fifth is a well-known lawyer who takes the initiative to get rid of all her anti-fans.The sixth is an award-winning actor who publicly announces that she's the love of his life.The fake heiress boasts, "These guys are my brothers and cousins."The six men refute her in unison, announcing, "No, Mia is the true heiress of our family."Mia goes on to have a great life with her baby as she enjoys the boundless affection and doting of her six brothers and cousins.Yet a certain man gets anxious because of this.  


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