M Chapter 843

M Chapter 843

Chapter 843 

Timothy immediately sensed Chuck’s ulterior motives toward Mia. There was no way he would allow him to enter

With a stern expression, Timothy retorted, “I couldn’t care less about money. You’d better leave!” 

If this were Bern City, Timothy would have dealt with Chuck long ago

Chuck’s demeanor shifted abruptly. Hey buddy, don’t embarrass yourself. You’re a Zalantis bodyguard, right? Let’s see what you’re capable of today. Take him down!” 

With that, Chuck strode forward with two other bodyguards by his side, clearly intent on forcing their way in

Timothy remained unfazed. He swiftly gained the upper hand against the two accompanying bodyguards, overpowering them effortlessly

Witnessing Timothy’s impressive skills and recalling his past as an assassin from Zalantis, Chuck’s bravado wavered. He became agitated and threatened, You filthy bodyguard, mark my words! If you dare to provoke me, you’ll regret it

After Chuck departed, Timothy remained standing in silence, his hand instinctively reaching to massage his arm. It seemed that the scuffle moments earlier had aggravated an old injury

He waited patiently outside the room for a while, but Mia didn’t emerge. Was changing clothes supposed to take this long

Concern crept in as he knocked on the door. Mia, are you done?” 

Silence greeted him from inside

Recalling Chuck’s earlier behavior, Timothy’s worry intensified. What if something had happened to Mia

Without hesitation, he pushed open the door and entered the room

Finding it empty, he proceeded to the nearby restrooms Knocking on the door, he called out, Mia, are you okay?” 

As Timothy pushed open the restroom door, he was met with the sight of Mia’s bare back, her dress caught at her slender waist

Timothy stood frozen in place, completely taken aback by the unexpected scene unfolding before him. Flustered, his Adam’s Apple bobbed up and down nervously

Hearing someone barging in, Mia whirled around and exclaimed, Timothy, what are you doing here? Get out!” 


Startled, Timothy quickly averted his gaze. I’m sorry, I thought there was an emergency

Well, I do have a bit of a situation here,Mia admitted

Attempting to fix the zipper of her dress, Mia struggled in vain. Despite her efforts, the zipper remained stuck

With a hint of resignation, Mia finally said, Timothy, close your eyes and come in.” 

Taken aback by her request, Timothy turned his head toward her, but Mia’s firm command echoed in the room, Close your eyes and no peeking!” 

Obediently, Timothy shut his eyes. Turning around, he asked somewhat helplessly, “So, what 

you need me to do?” 


Take three steps forward,Mia instructed

As Timothy followed her command, he felt something beneath his foot, suddenly realizing he might have stepped on Mia’s dress. What are you doing?Mia suddenly exclaimed

to steadith wh 

Reacting swiftly, Timothy opened his eyes and reached out as she stumbled forward

Blushing furiously, Mia covered her chest and glared at him. Timothy, did you intentionally step on my dress?she said through gritted teeth

Mia had initially asked Timothy to come in and assist with fixing the zipper on the back of her 


She had only requested him to take three steps forward, but unexpectedly, Timothy had stepped directly onto her dress with one foot, causing her to nearly lose her balance

And worst of all, her body had almost been exposed

Timothy glanced down at Mia in his arms and remarked, You instructed me to take three steps forward.” 

But I didn’t mean for you to take such large strides. The bathroom is small; why would take such big steps?” 

Are you blaming me for this

Of course I am! Whose fault do you think it is?” 


Fine, I’ll release you then.” 

Wait, wait!Mia hastily reached out and grabbed his arm. You can’t let go just yet!” 

Observing her embarrassed expression, a hint of amusement flickered in Timothy’s eyes. Then, how would you like me to hold you?” 

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen ( Mia Bowen )

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen ( Mia Bowen )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/17/2024 Native Language: English
Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen ( Mia Bowen ) Mia Bowen accidentally marries the heir to an affluent family. On the day that she finds out she's pregnant, he gives her a divorce agreement.The fake heiress takes over Mia's marital home, and her mother-in-law is disdainful of her for being poor and powerless.

Meet My Brothers by Red Thirteen ( Mia Bowen )

Then, six handsome and wealthy men descend from the heavens.The first is a real estate mogul who's determined to give her a hundred villas.The second is a scientist who researches artificial intelligence, and he gives her a limited-edition driverless car.The third is a renowned surgeon whose hands are the tools of his trade. He cooks for her daily.The fourth is a talented pianist who plays for her every day.. The fifth is a well-known lawyer who takes the initiative to get rid of all her anti-fans.The sixth is an award-winning actor who publicly announces that she's the love of his life.The fake heiress boasts, "These guys are my brothers and cousins."The six men refute her in unison, announcing, "No, Mia is the true heiress of our family."Mia goes on to have a great life with her baby as she enjoys the boundless affection and doting of her six brothers and cousins.Yet a certain man gets anxious because of this.  


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