Mr. Chairman’s Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle Chapter 110

Mr. Chairman’s Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle Chapter 110

Chapter 110 

After a rather comical yet comforting breakfast, Sofia washed herself up in another cozy bathroom before she walked out of the room and found herself in one of the most comfortable cabins she had ever seen

Alexander had already explained that they were currently in a cabin that once belonged to his mother’s family, a small cabin by the lake

She found him sitting by the window, reading a book. Japanese?she asked

A soft smile played on Alexander’s lips as he closed the book, his gaze meeting Sofia’s. Trying to decipher the kanji?he asked, his voice warm and inviting

Sofia sheepishly rubbed the back of her neck. Actually, I recognized it. I used to want to learn Japanese, butshe trailed off, a hint of selfdeprecation tinging her voice. I convinced myself I wasn’t smart enough.” 

Alexander’s smile widened, the amusement reaching his eyes. There’s a reason they call it learning a language, not knowing it. You could always give it another shot.” 

Sofia considered this, a flicker of interest sparking in her eyes. Maybe,she admitted. Maybe soon

The warmth of their conversation settled around them like a soft blanket, but a nagging thought pricked at Sofia’s conscience. She glanced out the window, where the winter sun cast a silvery sheen on the frozen surface of the lake

According to Alexander, Lawrence survived, but the bullet hit his spine, and he might become paralyzed from the neck down. And because it was all selfdefense, Sofia just needed to submit her statement once she was back

Sofia recalled what Lawrence told her but ended up not saying anything about it to Alexander. After much deliberation, she realized it wasn’t worth it. After all, she and Alexander had a pretty strong prenuptial agreement. Both of them are pretty capable. Was there a need to talk about wealth between them

She still had so many questions but in the end, she said nothing and continued her conversation about languages

Apparently, Alexander knows not just two or three but five languages aside from English

He knew how to speak French, Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic, and Spanish. He 


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Chapter 110 

emphasized that this was needed for his business

Speaking of your companyshe lifted an eyebrow. Her gaze landed on the laptop and some paperwork on the table in the living room. Are you planning to work while we are here?” 

Just something that I needed to finish. Josef will take them later.” 

She smiled

Do you want to go to the lake?he asked

She turned towards the lake beyond the trees. It’s frozen” 

Isn’t it perfect for skating?” 

Skatingshe frowned

A playful glint lit up Alexander’s eyes as he noticed Sofia’s frown. “Don’t tell me you’re afraid of a little ice?he teased, a hint of amusement dancing in his voice

Sofia scoffed, puffing out her chest in mock indignation. Afraid? Please,she countered, a playful smile tugging at the corners of her lips. Ice doesn’t scare me. It’s the inevitable faceplant that comes with it.” Actually, she liked to skate when she was younger, but Charlotte was always better than her. Slowly, she simply lost interest and now, she definitely sucked at it

Now, all she wanted was to save herself from the embarrassment

Comehe got up and held her hand. Unless you just wanted to stay in bed all day with me. Obviously, I can do that but-” 

I will skate!she interrupted him, causing him to laugh

It didn’t take too long for them to change into their appropriate outfits that were prepared in advance by Josef

The crisp winter air hit them as they stepped outside, the sun glinting off the vast expanse of the frozen lake. The ice stretched before them like a smooth, white canvas, dusted with a light layer of snow that sparkled like scattered diamonds. In the distance, a snowy pine forest edged the horizon, adding a touch of picturesque charm to the 


Alexander stopped by the porch, pulling a pair of thick winter boots from beside the door. Here,he said, kneeling down and helping her untie the laces of her sneakers


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Chapter 110 

These will keep your feet warm while we get to the smoother ice.” 

Sofia slipped on the boots, a comfortable fit thanks to Josef’s foresight. As they reached the edge of the lake, Alexander pointed towards a specific area. See that stretch there, closer to the center?he said, his voice warm. The ice looks nice and clear. Perfect for beginners

I am not a beginnershe mumbled

Of course,he said before he explained that they should take small steps at first, getting a feel for the ice and how their weight transferred with each movement. He suggested keeping their knees slightly bent and their arms out for balance. For stopping, he said they could simply try slowing down gradually until they came to a halt, or they could practice a simple snowplow technique where they pointed their toes inward to create a wedge against the ice

Don’t worry,Alexander reassured her, a smile playing on his lips. I’ll be right beside 

the whole time. And if you do take a tumble, it’ll be soft with all this fresh snow. Or you can grab my hand and fall into my arms instead.” 


She immediately glared at him. Why was he treating her like a complete newbie? I know how to skateshe does. She really does


Hey! I am telling the truth!” 

I know,he said. His playful wink did little to quell the nervous butterflies fluttering in Sofia’s stomach. The ice looked beautiful, serene even, but the memory of past tumbles was a nagging reminder of her lack of grace on skates

Ignoring Alexander’s teasing wink, Sofia puffed out her chest in a show of false confidence. Fine,she conceded, a hint of defiance lacing her voice. Let’s see these beginner tips in action.” 

Alexander chuckled, the sound warm and inviting. Alright, alright,” he soothed, guiding her towards the smoother ice he had pointed out earlier. But remember, even Olympic skaters started somewhere.” 

He helped her laceup a pair of ice skates he’d retrieved from a hidden compartment near the cabin door. They were surprisingly comfortable, fitting snugly around her ankles. Taking a deep breath, Sofia gripped the edge of a nearby wooden bench and slowly pushed herself onto the ice

Chapter 110 

The first few steps were wobbly, her legs feeling like jelly beneath her. Selfdoubt threatened to bubble up, but Alexander’s encouraging presence beside her kept her going. He skated a slow circle around her, holding his arms out just out of reach, a silent promise of support

Gradually, Sofia started to find her rhythm. The initial awkwardness gave way to a tentative glide, the feeling of the smooth ice beneath her blades surprisingly exhilarating. She focused on keeping her knees slightly bent, just like Alexander had instructed, and found that it helped her maintain some semblance of balance

With each successful push, Sofia’s confidence grew. She dared to take a little more speed, a giddy laugh escaping her lips as she glided across the ice. The winter sun glinted off the snow, casting a dazzling display of light that danced before her eyes

Laughter and the rhythmic scrape of blades against ice filled the air

Of course, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. There were a couple of wobbles, a near tumble that made Alexander shoot out a hand to steady her. But even the stumbles felt different here, somehow less embarrassing and more like part of the learning process

With each wobble, Sofia felt a sense of accomplishment as she managed to regain her balance, a silent victory over her selfdoubt

I didn’t know you were actually goodAlexander said as he stood beside her

Me tooher answer came before she could even think about it. I meanthemI am really good at it, right?” 

He chuckled in response

Sofia beamed then she started moving again. If I knew I would be this goodI would have become a professional skater instead.Obviously, she was simply bragging

A bead of sweat trickled down Alexander’s temple as he watched Sofia skate. He couldn’t deny a wave of surprise washing over him. Despite her initial protests about being a beginner, she was gliding across the ice with surprising grace, her laughter echoing through the crisp winter air

He skated a parallel path a few feet away, keeping a watchful eye on her. She seemed to be finding her rhythm, her movements growing more confident with each push

A smile tugged at his lips as he saw a genuine sense of joy light up her face. It was a far cry from the guarded woman he’d encountered just a few days ago

Suddenly, Sofia wobbled, her arms flailing out for balance. Alexander’s heart lurched in 

his chest. He reacted instinctively, pushing off the ice with a powerful stroke and propelling himself towards her. Sofialhe called out, panic lacing his voice

But before he could reach her, Sofia tripped over a hidden patch of uneven ice. With a surprised yelp, she landed squarely on her backside, the soft thud muffled only slightly by the fresh snow. Alexander skidded to a halt beside her, his chest heaving with 


Sofia, are you alright?he asked urgently, his eyes scanning her for any signs of injury. He knelt down beside her, offering a hand to help her up

Sofia lay there for a moment, a comical look of surprise plastered across her face. For a few seconds, she just stared at the sky. She slowly turned her head towards him. Then, a giggle escaped her lips, quickly turning into a fullblown belly laugh. Oh my god,” she gasped between fits of laughter, Did someone tell you how good you look up close?” 

Alexander stared at her, momentarily speechless. Relief flooded through him, quickly replaced by bewildered amusement. The fear that had gripped him moments ago seemed utterly ridiculous now. Here she was, sprawled on the ice, and all she could muster was a cheesy pickup line

He couldn’t help but chuckle, a warm sound that rumbled in his chest. You know,he said, wiping a stray snowflake from his cheek, that’s the second time you’ve fallen for me today.” 

Sofia, redfaced and breathless from laughter, finally managed to sit up. Hey!she protested, swatting him playfully with a gloved hand. That was a compliment! Besides, technically, I fell on the ice, not for you.A sly grin spread across her face. I meanit’s not actually that bad to fall for your face, right?” 

My face?he extended a hand to help her pull herself up. Is that a confession?” 

Sofia dusted the snow off her backside, then looked at him. No,Sofia finally blurted out, her cheeks burning red. It’s not weird. I, uhShe stammered, completely flustered. I like your face, okay? Just your face. A lot.” 

The unexpected confession, delivered with such flustered honesty, did the trick. Alexander burst out laughing, the sound echoing across the frozen lake. Sofia, mortified, glared at him

My face?he repeated between chuckles, wiping a tear from his eye. Just my face, huh?” 

Sofia opened her mouth to retort, but another wave of laughter bubbled up 

inside her


Chapter 110 

She couldn’t help but join him, the tension dissolving into a shared moment of 


As their laughter subsided, Alexander reached out and gently tucked a stray strand of hair behind Sofia’s car. His gaze held hers, his smile turning tender. Well,” he murmured, his voice husky, your face is pretty darn amazing too” 

The playful banter was forgotten, replaced by a sudden seriousness that sent shivers down Sofia’s spine. Before she could respond, Alexander leaned in, his lips brushing against hers in a soft, unexpected kiss

Mr. Chairman’s Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle

Mr. Chairman’s Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/1/2024 Native Language: English
Mr. Chairman's Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle" Betrayed by both her boyfriend and sister, Sofia Lockhart's world collapses. With her mother's life on the line, a deceitful boyfriend eyeing her wealth, and a sister determined to bring ruin, Sofia finds herself reluctantly thrown into an unforeseen alliance with Alexander Beaumont, the mysterious chairman of the Beaumont Empire.

Mr. Chairman's Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle

  To Alexander Beaumont, tying the knot with Sofia Lockhart seems like a straightforward business move, a deal on paper. One side wants revenge, and the other aims to steer clear of love. The idea of spending endless nights together isn't in the playbook, and neither is getting swept up in her, A Marriage of Convenience Sofia's lips trembled before she clasped the pictures in her hand. The menu before her seemed to blur, the words dancing on the paper like elusive shadows. The soft hum of conversation inside the hushed ambiance of the Japanese restaurant enveloped Sofia like a cocoon. For a few minutes, the room felt almost suffocating.

Mr. Chairman's Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle


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