Mr. Webb Make Your Move! by Tammy Chapter 19

Mr. Webb Make Your Move! by Tammy Chapter 19

Chapter 19 

Yosef’s reply was cold. You think it’s a waste, and you probably think I’m doing her wrong. You’d always thought we’d tie the knot, right?” 

Ophite had once asked him when he would pop the question to Zara, just like his folks had

With a hint of a tease, Ophite said, Ms. Lowry’s the full package, a real catch. If you let her slip away, there’ll be a line of guys ready to swoop in. I just don’t want you to end up regretting it when she’s off the market.” 

Yosef’s tone was flat. She won’t be.” 

She won’t go for someone else? Are you that sure of yourself?” 

Yosef shot him a look, acting laidback and indifferent. Hey, if you’re so interested, why don’t you give it a shot?” 

You’re such a jerk,Ophite muttered, steering his horse a little farther from him. He understood why Yosef was so full of himself, though. Zara had been nothing but compliant for 

the last three years

Zara only ever had eyes for Yosef. She hovered around him for herself

nstantly, barely taking a moment 

Yosef was her everything, which explained why he was so sure she would not fall for anyone else and that she would always be at his beck and call

He probably figured Zara’s little scene was just a case of jealousy over the new woman, Beatrice, in his life. She was just throwing a fit to get his attention, or so Yosef 

or so Yosef thought

He might not be totally wrong, though. Maybe that was really the truth

Zara’s love for Yosef was as plain as day. Anyone could see it

Regardless of what Yosef believed, Zara had plenty of admirers

Once the crowd thinned out, James sidled up to Ophite, itching for Zara’s number

James was the ultimate flirt, falling for every pretty face he saw. He had had his sights set on Zara for ages. He never made a move before out of respect for Yosef, but now that they were done, he was eager to swoop in

He was not one to fuss over some code about not going after a buddy’s woman, and she was never really Yosef’s girlfriend, after all. In their wild world of partying, anything went

Ophite did not hand over the number, but that did not stop James. He got it from someone else and dialed her up

+15 BONUS 

Zara picked up, her voice soft and sweer 

be 11 

James nearly melted at the sound and blurted out, Ms. Lowry!” 

Zara’s brows creased ever so slightly. And you 

It’s James. Ring any bells?” 

She racked her brain, and then it clicked. He was Yosef’s friend. Her lips tightened a bit. Mr. Sate, hi there.” 

James got straight to the point. So, I heard you’re looking for a job? Perfect timing. I’m looking for a secretary. Join my team and I’ll double your salary!” 

And what do you do?” 

I’m about to take over my dad’s role and run his companyIt’s a long story and hard to explain over the phone.James did not waste a beat. How about I take you out for dinner tonight?” 

Zara was not exactly jumping at the opportunity. Thanks for thinking of me, Mr. Sate, but I’m in the middle of something right now. It’s not a good time.” 

Where are you? I’ll swing by and pick you up, then we can head to dinner. It’s no trouble, right? Everyone’s got to eat, no matter how busy they are.” 

James was the type who could not catch a hint even if it was thrown at him. He always pushed things until he got his way

Not wanting to burn bridges, Zara gave in: I’m around Bohr Tower.” 

I’m on my way!” 

Zara was at Central Hospital, next to Bohr Tower, for a checkup. Soon enough, James pulled up in a Ferrari that showed just how badly he wanted attention

He parked the car in front of Zara and folded back the roof with a flourish. Gripping the steering wheel with one hand, he slid off his sunglasses with the other and gave her a whistle

It was a classic trick the rich did to show off

They ended up at a restaurant just around the corner. As the waiter presented the menu, James handed it to Zara with a smile. You can order,” 

Zara was not one to put on airs. She grabbed the menu and asked, Any foods you don’t eat, Mr. Sate?” 

Nope. Order whatever you fancy,James replied, his eyes lighting up. He still remembered the first time he saw her and how she took his breath away. She was gorgeous and had a stellar figureslim waist, curves in all the right places, and all of it was natural. She was something 


Back when she was with Yosef, James did not even dare to strike up a conversation. He would just sneak peeks at her all evening

Now that he had his chance, he was not about to let it slip away

As soon as Zara finished ordering, James blurted out, Zara, come on, be mine. I’ll pay you anything!” 

Zara froze, her face turning icy as she was about to question his words. That was when a man and a woman stopped beside their table

Ms. Lowry, what a coincidence,the man greeted

Zara glanced up and rose to her feet. Mr. Kingsley, fancy meeting you here.” 

It was Edward

James stayed seated, lounging on his chair with a sneer. Oh look, it’s Mr. Kingsley. Out on a date with your girlfriend?” 

Edward caught the jab right away. They were cut from the same cloth, after all. They knew each other’s hidden agendas well. He could tell James was into Zara too, and the silent competition called for a sharp comeback

She’s just a colleague, Mr. Sate. Not everyone mixes business with pleasure like At that, James slammed his hand on the table and stood up. He was ready for a showdown




Mr. Webb, Make Your Move! by Tammy

Mr. Webb, Make Your Move! by Tammy

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/6/2024 Native Language: English
Mr. Webb, Make Your Move! by Tammy Zara Lowry once gave her heart to Yosef Webb, her boss and savior, risking everything in a whirlwind of passion. To him, however, she was nothing more than a reliable cog in his corporate machine..

Mr. Webb, Make Your Move! by Tammy


She was done with that, though.Yosef could not stand Zara's cool-headedness, her logic, her self-sufficiency. Yet, he eventually found the warmth and adoration he longed for in her eyes.Her eyes, however, were looking elsewhere. ***[In this story, neither the hero nor the heroine is perfect. This is not your typical tale of a successful female lead. Yosef is a jerk, but is later changed to become a man who would do anything for love. This is a tale of a tsundere man, and it takes many chapters for the two of them to reconcile.

Chapter 1 Even after Zara Lowry was pushed out of the operating room after the dilation and curettage surgery, she had yet to recover from the shock of her unexpected pregnancy and accidental miscarriage. As the nurse wheeled her into her hospital ward, she asked, "Bed 1703. Zara, is anyone here with you?" Zara's eyes were fixed on the white ceiling, but they were unfocused. It seemed that she did not hear what the nurse said.


Mr. Webb, Make Your Move! by Tammy


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