Mr. Williams Runaway Wife ( Amelia and William ) Chapter 5

Mr. Williams Runaway Wife ( Amelia and William ) Chapter 5

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But Mr. Noah wasn’t done just yet. He wanted to have Wallflower work with him

However, I believe it would be much better if you decide to work with me instead. You see, you have a face fit for the role of my next movie. You can audition for the role of Crystal in Shine.” 

Of course, it would be weird if Amelia said she hadn’t heard of Shine. She had read about it, and from 

the articles, it would be one of the biggest movies of the decade

If Amelia agreed to play the role of Crystal, she would be the lead female character, and it would 

surely catapult her to stardom. However, she wasn’t sure she wanted that kind of publicity just yet

It has been over two years since she last acted, and she wasn’t joking when she spoke about taking 

things slow. Mr. Jones was annoyed and boiling. He was about to reply to Noah, but Amelia beat him 

to it

Thank you for thinking so highly of me, Mr. Noah. However, I do not plan on making a face debut 


Mr. Jones was impressed. She passed her message without sounding rude or anything, but still, he wanted to add a reply to what she just said

And why do you think she is limiting herself? It’s all art, and she is arguably the best at what she does.” 

Amelia didn’t need a soothsayer to tell her the men weren’t best of friends. They hadn’t spared each other a glance since. All they did was argue. She stifled a laugh, trying to keep a straight face

Wallflower?A familiar voice called, and Amelia’s brain tried to track down who it was as she turned in the direction of the voice. It turned out to be Craig, one of her tutors back in college

Craig was a big name in the movie industry, and everyone respected him. Noah and Jones were both surprised and impressed to know that he recognized Wallflower. She must be some real big shot

Craig immediately spread his arms, and Amelia ran to hug him. He was orte of her favorite tutors, and she was truly glad to see him

Mr. Craig, I never thought I would run into you here. It’s nice to see you again.” 

They unlocked their embrace, and Craig let his face sweep over her. She hadn’t changed much in the last two years. She only got prettier

Are you finally debuting into acting?Craig asked

He had always wanted to. Two years ago when he tutored, Amelia was his favorite student. He trusted her abilities and couldn’t wait for her acting debut. Even as a student, she always did well and was excellent. But in the end, she left it all behind

Back then, Amelia disappeared without anyone’s knowledge. She was unreachable, and no one knew 

5 Stalker


why she left the industry

Her tutors, professors, and even mates were expecting her to become one of the leading stars in the industry, but it didn’t happen. No one heard of her, and they couldn’t contact her. For this, Craig was disappointed

After a while, there was news that she got married to a rich businessman, and it was the reason for her disappearance. No one knew who leaked the news. It was from an anonymous trusted source

Later on, Amelia reached out to Craig. She apologized for disappointing him and told him of her plans to venture into voice acting

Left to Craig, he wanted her to show her face to the world. He knew Amelia had greatness in her, and wanted her to showcase it to the world, but she told him to trust her. She claimed not to be ready

No. Not yet. I’m here for a voice audition.Amelia looked down at her feet, trying not to meet Craig’s eyes. She knew what his facial expression would be and didn’t want to see it, and he understood. Craig did, so he didn’t press on any further

Has she signed the contract yet?” Craig turned to ask Jones. He didn’t need to ask how it went. He knew for sure Amelia would have gotten the gig

Contract?Jones was confused. He had been paying attention to Amelia and Craig’s discussion, so he wasn’t prepared for the question Craig threw at him. But soon, he understood

Oh, contract. Not yet. We have drafted it, but there are some clauses to be added. I have promised to send it to her mail later today.” 

Craig nodded, said his goodbye to Amelia promising to meet again, and then turned to leave

Jones then proposed to see Amelia off, thanking her for accepting to sign the contract with him. But something was looming

I am glad I talked to my colleagues about the audition. There’s no better candidate than you, and I’m glad you’ve agreed to sign the contract.” 

No, she wouldn’t be signing any contract.” 

It was William’s voice, and all Amelia wanted to do was scream. Why was he here? Could he be stalking her? Amelia facepalmed herself

What do you mean by that? I am signing this contract

William had a look on his face as he walked towards them. It was something like admiration, and Anelua didn’t think he had ever looked at her that way before

Mr. William, good afternoon.” 

Oh, they knew each other. It turned out that Jones didn’t have the final shot when it came to picking voiceover actors. There were the investors too, and William happened to be the biggest investor in the animation

5 Stalker



William acknowledged Jones’s greeting and turned to face Amelia. Let’s go home, wife.” 

Jones was stunned, and he knew it was his cue to leave. Without waiting any longer, he turned back, wondering if Amelia wouldn’t be able to work with him for real. He hoped whatever couple feud they had got sorted soon

No, he wouldn’t think too much of it. He would just have the contract mailed to her. Whatever replies she gave would then make him know his stance

I never knew you were someone to bully others with your position.Amelia fired at him angrily as she tried to keep up with his long strides

Well, now you know I’ll do anything to get what I want.” 

William didn’t turn to face her. Instead, he walked at his normal pace. He didn’t slow down either

What exactly is it that you want? I thought we agreed to go our separate ways. Why didn’t you let me go? Why do you keep stalkingane?” 

I never agreed to the divorce, and what I want from you is simple. Come back home and perform your wifely duties.Then he stopped abruptly and turned to face her

Amelia was walking just as quick behind him. She didn’t get to stop herself quickly, so she crashed into his chest. She tried getting out of his arms, but Williams held her tight. He wouldn’t let her 

  1. go

Don’t you think I can only completely discharge the duties if my husband isn’t impotent?She asked, snatching herself out of his arms, but Williams drew her back, holding her by the jaw

Would you like me to show you how active I can be in bed?” 

Amelia didn’t understand why William was suddenly acting like this. He was being clingy, which was very unlike him. As she raised her head to argue with him, William crashed his lips against hers, kissing her softly

Amelia tightened her grip on his shirt. She was still debating on reciprocating the kiss when a sound interrupted them, making them split

It’s Mom,Amelia announced as she took her phone out of the purse

Put it on speaker.William wanted to hear what his mom would say

Mr. Williams Runaway Wife ( Amelia and William )

Mr. Williams Runaway Wife ( Amelia and William )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/26/2024 Native Language: English
Mr. Williams Runaway Wife ( Amelia and William ) Amelia and William have been married for two years, but they are practically strangers. She, Amelia, is head over in love with William, but he doesn't seem to care about this and instead meets regularly with his ex-girlfriend. Feeling there's no need to push anything anymore, Amelia asks William for a divorce but only then does he realize he has feelings for her and doesn't want to let her go.Will William convince Amelia to stay or they would finally end up getting a divorce?

Mr. Williams Runaway Wife

The light was blinding, but slowly Amelia opened her eyes, trying to get them adjusted to the environment. Her head hurt, and the environment was strange and unfamiliar. She tried thinking of what was happening and slowly sat up. Rapidly, Amelia’s sight and hearing got adjusted to the environment, and she realized she was in a hospital. She could see people run around the ward through the opening between the drawn curtains.  

Mr. Williams Runaway Wife


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