Reborn In a Murderer’s Embrace ( Dexter ) Chapter 236

Reborn In a Murderer’s Embrace ( Dexter ) Chapter 236

Chapter 236 

A drizzle today. Grandma said she’s taking me to Sea City today, to confront my biological parents about the child support they owe for all these years

Today, Grandma took me to distribute food to the homeless kids again. She played the part of a saint, but I know bettershe’s a monster, a ghoul that devours children

Grandma said those kids are sick and worthless, bringing bad luck. She’s decided not to give them food anymore. I saved every penny I could, skimping on meals, just to buy them something to eat

Clear skies today. Grandma suddenly announced she found my real parents. They’re taking me back. I’m so happy. I can finally escape this nightmare

Sunny today. it turns out my parents don’t really like me. They disdain me for being from the countryside. My sister despises me too. She refuses to be seen with me in the car, fearing her classmates will laugh. She and her peers have ostracized me

Today, Coraline cornered me in the school bathroom again. They stripped me, forced me to drink from the toilet, mocking me as country trash and a fool

Just hold on a little longer, until graduation. I don’t want to attend college. I want to leave this house. I thought the countryside was hell, but this place is far worse

Today, Coraline had the nanny serve me spoiled food, while she enjoyed a gourmet meal prepared by a chef. I was so hungry that I told my parents, but they said I should be grateful for the food since I used to eat coarse grains in the countryside

In retaliation for snitching, Coraline ambushed me on my way home, cornering me in an alley. She brought along a few boys from school, had them strip me, record videos, and forced me to beg

I was terrified

Today, someone found out I’ve been secretly feeding the homeless kids. He said he could help me escape hell, that he could kill those who hurt me. All I had to do was observe and mimic a woman named Phoebe Caldwell and be obedient

He asked for a list of names. He’d eliminate everyone on it for me. Just one chance

I didn’t believe him, but on a whim, I listed a boy from school who often bullied me Elijah


Chapter 236 

Today, Elijah didn’t show up for class. After school, word spread that he diedan old man with dementia threw a flowerpot from his apartment window, hitting Elijah. A freak accident

Am I to blame for giving that man Elijah’s name

He came to me again, insisting I take Phoebe Caldwell’s place. I’ve been tailing Phoebe for a while now. She seems as pitiful as I am. I don’t want to hurt her

Today, I heard Phoebe Caldwell has disappeared. I’m sure he’s behind it. I’m scared. I tried to go to the police station three times today but couldn’t muster the courage to walk in

Will Phoebe die because of me? He wants me to replace her, to marry an idiot from the Langley family. I’m scared

I don’t want to replace anyone

Did I cause Phoebe Caldwell’s death

I don’t want to harm others. Why me

Is death my only escape

I wish I could just die

Foebe Larson’s journal was a tome of darkness, chronicling the evil in humanity

When an avalanche occurs, no single snowflake is innocent. The Larson family, Coraline, the mastermindthey all embody this evil

What are you doing here? A lady of your status rummaging through trash at my house?Coraline sneered at the warehouse door

I turned to face her, my gaze turning icy

Step by step, I approached her, grabbed her hair, and slammed her head into the wall. A nail protruded from the wall, slicing Coraline’s face open, blood gushing forth

For a fleeting moment, a dreadful thought crossed my mindI could just kill her, maybe even turn her into a specimen

But I released my grip, stepping back in horror

What was I thinking

Mom! Foebe’s gone mad, Mom!Coraline’s cry for help sliced through my confusion as she attempted to flee



Chapter 236 

Almost without thought, I grabbed her hair, pinning her to the ground, picking up the rusty nail, ready to silence her forever

Coraline looked at me with pure terror, as if seeing a demon incarnate

Reborn In a Murderer’s Embrace ( Dexter )

Reborn In a Murderer’s Embrace ( Dexter )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/16/2024 Native Language: English
Reborn In a Murderer's Embrace ( Dexter ) For a decade, my heart blazed with love for Dexter, only for him to cold-heartedly manipulate me, using me as bait to trap the twisted murderer who targeted his new infatuation. 

Reborn In a Murderer's Embrace

Reborn In a Murderer's Embrace ( Dexter )


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