Reborn In a Murderer’s Embrace ( Dexter ) Chapter 282

Reborn In a Murderer’s Embrace ( Dexter ) Chapter 282

Chapter 282 

The air felt heavy with tension, a prelude to trouble on the horizon

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Get in the car,Eric called out, his arrival marking the time for us to leave

Carl, the overseer of our grim procession to the funeral, couldn’t resist a jab before we departed. Foebe, as I recall, a touch from your back in school was cheaper than a diner burger. What’s your price now?” 

My grip tightened around Colin’s hand. Henry likely sent this man to provoke us, knowing full well the media vultures were circling

Take the lead,” Colin instructed with an indifferent tone, motioning Eric to drive ahead

Carl’s car trailed us closely

Eric maneuvered the car with haste, prompting Carl to keep up the chase

Take the back roads,” Colin ordered, his voice low and steady

I knew what Colin was plotting and wanted to intervene, but the icy resolve in his eyes deterred me

Brake now.” 

Colin’s command was perfectly timed, and Eric slammed the brakes

Carl, caught off guard, swerved desperately, his car crashing against the guardrail

Secluded under an overpass, with no cameras or followers in sight, we were alone

Colin glanced at me before covering my eyes with his hand. Don’t look. Count to one hundred.” 

My hands clenched nervously

Colin stepped out of the car, heading towards the wreckage

Carl, sitting shotgun, was bloodied from the impact

With brute strength, Colin wrenched open the twisted car door and dragged Carl out

Initially, Carl managed a bloodied smirk. An idiot and a sluta perfect match.” 

But his smile quickly faded as he encountered a side of Colin he’d never seen before

Mmph!Colin knew just where to strike to silence him, hitting Carl’s throat before pummeling his face with ruthless punches

Finally, he stomped on the wrist that had dared to touch me

Panic set in, and I hurried of the car. Just as I fearedCarl’s cohort was secretly recording everything

This was Henry’s true intent: to incite Colin, capture his violent outburst, and exploit it

Colin!I ran to intervene, eyeing the man in the car with a cold gaze

Terrified, he fumbled with the locks, but I was quicker

I yanked the door open, reaching for the phone

Colin shielded me from behind, pulled the man out, and pinned him down. Hand it over.” 

The man’s voice trembled, It’sit’s already sent.” 

The video had been dispatched to Henry

Sit back 

Colin’s eyes darkened, his expression unreadable as he led me back to 

ur car

Eric, accustomed to such incidents, hadn’t even exited the vehicle. Someone will handle this, Sir.” 

Without a word, Colin handed me a wet wipe/Phoebemy hand hurts.” 

My fingers trembled as I cleaned the blood from the back of his hand. Henry will use the video against us” 

Colin changed the subject. Phoebe” 

He pulled me into his embrace, his voice colder than I’d ever heard. I won’t allowanyone to touch you.” 

I could feel the fury within him. If I hadn’t intervened, would he have killed

Henry will exploit this. If he calls the cops, even if he’s not your guardian, he could have you committed.My voice shook as I spoke. Let’s not goskip the funeral. I’ll take you away.” 

Let’s run

All I could think about was to flee with him, to get as far away as possible


Chapter 282 

Phoebewe’ve run before, but we can’t escape,” Colin’s grip tightened as he spoke words that sent shivers down my spine

They are vilewhy can’t we just kill them?His voice began to shake, too

Past traumas seemed to torment him. And that past, it must have been something we shared

He said we’d run before. Had we fled in the memories I’d forgotten

When did wetry to run?I asked nervously, knowing Colin wouldn’t deceive me

Henry’s been dealing in the shadows of Sea City for years. Runningwas always our most foolish option,” he dodged my question

I realized then, it was a chapter of agony and darkness

My amnesia, the reasons behind it, perhaps even my death,might all be tied to this failed escape

We must have tried, resisted, but to no avail

Instead of fleeing, let’s change the game,Colin’s voice was a low growl, his eyes unreadable

My heart clenched at his words. Change the game?” 

Colin glanced at Eric, who nodded in understanding

No matter what happens, don’t worry about me,Colin’s hands cradled my face. Whatever I do, I have a plan.” 

My heartbeat quickened, aware of the storm ahead, yet Colin’s assurance brought a semblance of calm

Phoebe, trust me, those who wish us dead won’t get away. Nor will the one who took you from me. I’ll find them, I promise,Colin’s voice trembled, tears falling onto my hands

I realized then, throughout my years of lost memory, Colin had been fighting this battle alone

I grasped his hands, my voice hoarse. Colin, you’re not alone anymore. I’m here. I’ve returned.” 

Even without my full memory

But my heart and instincts told me to believe in Colin’s innocence. We were fighting against the injustices of fate. And we deserved to 


Colin’s body shook more violently, a rare vulnerability shown only to me

I’m notalone,he whispered. I know, you’re all with us.” 

He spoke of us.‘ 

Who else did usinclude


Colin and I were wrapped in secrets, including those of Foebe Larson, not yet fully unveiled. The diaryI found too conveniently placed, as if by someone’s design

Was everything I saw meant for my eyes

Having brushed with death, trust didn’t come easily anymore

The Langley family funeral was a solemn affair, with Brendan’s body still resting in its casket, awaiting Caleb’s approval before any further arrangements could be made. The cremation and burial processes were strict, and nobody wanted to cross any lines without Caleb’s sayso

Stella and Robin were among the early arrivals, dressed in sharp suits

Our condolences,Stella and Robin approached, placing their flower by the casket

Henry, seated among the elders, sipped his water with an air of calm about him, as if the media frenzy outside the chapel walls couldn’t touch him here in this quiet sanctuary

Dexter also made an appearance, accompanied by Melody. It was hard not to notice how Melody managed to keep Dexter by her side wherever he went

Melody, her face halfhidden by a mask, placed her flower down and shot me a venomous look, which I chose to ignore as I bowed respectfully with Caleb

Dexter started to say something to me but thought better of it given the setting, settling instead for a simple, Sorry for your loss.The solemn atmosphere was abruptly shattered by a loud, accusatory voice. Foebe Larson! How dare you hide away in this lavish lifestyle, I’ve been trying to reach you!The aggressor, clearly there to provoke, pointed at me and launched into a tirade. Henry frowned, pretending to be concerned, Remove this person, this is a funeral. We will have no scenes here.” 

But I knew this was Henry’s doing, a ploy to unsettle Caleb further, hoping to capture a violent outburst on video to justify committing Caleb to a psychiatric facility


Chapter 282 

Feeling guilty, Foebe?the man continued to bellow, trying to draw the attention of the reporters outside. We’ve shared more than a few nights together, and here, look at these disgraceful photos you sent me. Don’t you want to see?” 

I felt a chill, knowing full well that since my return, Colin was the only man I’d been with, evidenced by the bloodstained sheets that morning

The idea that a woman’s virtue could be judged by such standards was abhorrent to me, and Colin’s cold gaze told me he was barely holding back his fury

Colin, stay right here!I commanded as he moved to confront the man, his eyes filled with a mix of rage and hurt. PhoebeI want to tear his mouth cff.” 

I took a deep breath, knowing he wasn’t joking. Stay here!” 

Colin clenched his fists, shaking with the effort of holding back

Henry seemed taken aback by my control over Colin, whom he considered a madman. He glanced at Damian, who had arrived unnoticed during the commotion

Damian whispered something to Henry, a sly smile on his lips. I caught something about taming the beast,hinting that Colin, like a dangerous but beautiful creature, needed to be subdued but never broken

As Damian spoke, I felt a shiver run down my spine, his words echoing a sinister intent

Suddenly, Stella sprang into action, her training in boxing evident as she tackled the instigator with a fierce kick. How dare you say such things at a funeral? Were you paid to do this or is your head just filled with garbage?” 

Standing on the chapel steps, I gave Stella a thumbsup, admiring her bravery. It seemed that since my ordeal, Stella had become a warrior in her own right, filled with regret for not being able to protect her best friend

Reborn In a Murderer’s Embrace ( Dexter )

Reborn In a Murderer’s Embrace ( Dexter )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/16/2024 Native Language: English
Reborn In a Murderer's Embrace ( Dexter ) For a decade, my heart blazed with love for Dexter, only for him to cold-heartedly manipulate me, using me as bait to trap the twisted murderer who targeted his new infatuation. 

Reborn In a Murderer's Embrace

Reborn In a Murderer's Embrace ( Dexter )


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