Chapter Twentysix: The Masseuse 

Shh, don’t stress your muscles. I just want to make them relaxed.” 

I smiled at his chilling baritone volce

You are everything I need in a man and more.” 

I tried moving, but he held me down gently

You don’t have to stand up. All you have to do is relax, close your eyes, and let my voice lead. Yeah, just like that.He curled his hand on my shoulder, making a perfect C. I moaned at the squeeze on my 


Yeah, baby, this feels so good.” 

You’ve had a long day; let all the stress out. Take your mind away from what worries you. Where do you keep your massaging oil?” 

The bedside drawer.” 

Soon he left the bed for the oil and, at the same time, turned on the stereo in the living room as it began to play a classical tune with a man singing with a highpitched opera voice. Evans hummed to the tune, following the rhythm perfectly

I didn’t know you sang so well.” 

Well, my father does sing to me. He was a classical major.” 

Your father?” 

Yes, I know you are surprised that I have chosen to talk about him.” 

Yes, I’m a bit surprised.” 

What about your mother?” 

I passed away and died of lung cancer, which was one of the reasons I chose my profession. I’m sorry, I’m ruining the moment.” 

It’s okay; I’m glad you talked about them.” 

Yeah, now let me take you back to where we were.He placed his oilyfilled hand over my shoulders to my back, and it smelled of refined coconut. I let out another moan as he began squeezing my shoulders down to my back.” 

You are a professional in this; I am relaxed already. I didn’t know I had gotten myself a full package. All in one.I chuckled, feeling the intensity as my muscles relaxed

Yeah, Evans, this is life.” 

I buried my face in the pillow. He leaned closely

Chapter Twentysix The Masseuse 


I love you

He whispered in my ears and kissed it. He ran his hands down to my back and down to my ass as he grasped them in his palm, caressing slowly. My thighs were next to my feet. He held me closely as I turned, facing the celling now. He caressed my lips, planting kisses all around. He went in between my thighs with his hands, lifting one of my legs with his, so that I could touch the lips of my pussycat. He rubbed his hands on it and locked my legs, taking his fingers into me. My breathing Increased, and his fingers thrived in me, stroking back and forth

He moved his wide arms toward my head

Rest, my dear, rest on my arms.” 

His arms were like a featherlike pillow. He drove his finger into me again, moving faster now, and the swoosh and splash of my wetness spilled onto the marble floor

My eyes twitched nonstop as I bit my lower lips, thinking of what he would do to me next. I turned to face the ceiling again. I could see his face again, even in the dim light. His dimmed caramel lips were guarded by a line of wellshaved beards lined up across his chin

He kissed me again, stroking even faster and sucking on my tongue. I was a pitch away from screaming but only grunted as his lips were still on mine. He pulled away from my lips, looking into my eyes. But I leaned forward and kissed him again. He didn’t move his fingers back and forth anymore; he only shook his fingers in. I pulled my lips away with my mouth wide open, like I was screaming at a frequency no one could hear. He made me cough, licking the cough off his fingers as he stared at me. He whiffed air, his chest rising and falling

Why did you stop?I rested on his chest

I want to look into their eyes.” 

You make me feel a way no man has ever made me feel.” 

Do you have a cuff here?” 

For BDSM?” 

Yes darling.” 

I think I do.I retrieved a cuff from a drawer and handed it to him

I have never really tried BDSM before.” 

Really? Then why do you have a cuff?” 

I wanted to spice up my sex life; he said I was boring.” 


Who else? He always went fetish with Catherine, even before we got separated.” 

Well, I’m glad he had to let you go. If not, I would not have met you.” 

Chapter Twentysix The Masseuse


That’s so sweet, Evans.” 

Come here.He kissed my lips

He held the leopardskin furry handcuff that appeared in his grips, and he showed it to me

You never cease to amaze me.She bit her lips and chuckled. He moved in between my legs, raising both legs and putting the cuffs on my ankle. I used my arm to hold and pull my legs back. In a kneeling position, he put the other cuff on my wrist. He moved his hand slowly on the cuffs, brushing the fur with the back of his palm. He moved his hands down to my skin, caressing it. I was drowned in pleasure. He poured the oil on his dick, and the grinding and bumping began. I tightened her eyes, and he had me moaning again. I squeezed the bed over in my grip. I bit my lips, he rode on, and the selfwarming lubricant generated some real heat

He took the cuffs off my wrist. I got on all my fours. Evans squats behind me, putting his dick in me again. He began thrusting fast, his belly clapping against my ass as our flesh jammed

My breasts dangled as we moved back and forth. I was intoxicated with his dick and lifted one leg, bringing it against his back, opening myself to his large dick

Yeah, girl, open it all up.He put it all in, slamming his weight on me. My moans turned into screams. He hit her some more

Yeah, babe, this is so good. How do you make me feel like this? I want to feel you all in me.I tightened my eyes and my grip on the sheets. Fuck, I think I’m going to cum. Oh, fuck yeah, that’s it.” 



I winced, sitting up from the bed, like I was dragged out of some realm into reality as he pumped his 

contents into me

Oh, God, we didn’t use condoms.” 

Yeah, I’m sorry about that.” 

It’s okay; I should go on pills tomorrow.” 

Alright, thank you for that.” 

We lay side by side, watching the ceiling as we both gasped for air

I could go another round.” 

Me too, but we have work tomorrow. We would be looking like two washedup ducklings.” 

Of all things washed up, ducklings?” 

He chuckled. Yeah, with their soiled feathers all around the place.” 

About an hour ago, I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.” 

How about now?” 

My shoulders are as light as the feathers. All thanks to you.” 

Chapter Twentysix The Masseuse 

He squeezed me in his arms as we spooned

Where is your dad now?I asked



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REGINA MILES- A BILLIONAIRE STORY ( Thomas Miles ) Regina Miles, the wife of Thomas Miles, a billionaire,


is scared to move on from her past love. She meets Evans, a much younger Medical Doctor who is willing to take her on a new path of finding true love. What happen..



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