Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford ) Chapter 180

Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford ) Chapter 180

Chapter 180 

Sorry, Mrs. Ford. The Michael that you just described seems to be different from the man Stephanie described to me,I interrupted Aunty Lois’s story because I refused to believe that Michael had loved me

I shook my head and added, Love isn’t about possessing or hurting someone. Yet, Michael had brought Stephanie nothing but pain. No matter what his reasons were, it doesn’t change the fact that Michael had lied to Stephanie and caused her significant 


Aunty Lois lowered her eyes and said, Ms. Larson, Stephie loved Mike. She loved him deeplyCan’t you give Mike another chance, for Stephie’s sake? Mike’s the president of the Ford Group, and his reputation carries weight on the fate of the entire corporation. He cannot afford any tarnish on his record.” 

Aunty Lois was trying to convince me that Michael had also loved Stephie. And so, I should give him another chance for Stephie’s sake

Why didn’t you tell Stephie the truth? You had so many chancesI asked in a hoarse


Was I blaming Aunty Lois? Perhaps a little…. 

Because I loved Stephie dearly as if she were my own daughter. Since Stephie was in love with Mike, I was looking forward to the day Mike would marry her. Then, we could finally 

be a real family

I prayed that Mike would one day recognize his true feelings and treat Stephie with care. I knew Mike loved Stephie too” 


I laughed with my head down as welled up with tears

Suddenly, I realized how selfish people could be at times

During my days in the Ford family, did Aunty Lois not notice the harm and emotional abuse Michael had inflicted upon me

Was she not aware that I constantly felt like I was walking on eggshells living under someone else’s roof

All she needed to do was tell me that Michael wasn’t the one who rescued me, and I wouldn’t have had to tolerate Michael out of my sense of indebtedness toward him

I too, had my own dignity and pride

If I had known that I wasn’t indebted to Michael, I wouldn’t have let him hurt me.

would have had the freedom to choose whether or not to love himm 

I shouldn’t have been bound by him. I could have called the police when Michael forced me to do things against my will and let him get the punishment he deserved

However, because I had believed I owed him for rescuing me and my parentsbodies. from that fire, I tolerated his emotional abuse and torture for so 

w years 

All of this could have been avoided if Aunty Lois had just told me the truth

Yet, she and her son held me captive in the name of love. One was afraid of me leaving 

while the other had claimed it to be love

So, do you know who rescued Stephie, Mrs. Ford?I took a deep breath, tightened my hands, and looked up at Aunty Lois

Since Micahel wasn’t the one who saved me, I had no reason to show mercy to him 


He was the reason me and my unborn child had died! He and Yasmin had to pay for what they did

Aunty Lois shook her head. The person left when we arrived. There were no surveillance cameras on the bridge too, so no one knew who saved you

But according to the witnesses, it was a teenage boy. I placed ads to find him, but no one came forward. I’ve never stopped asking around since.” 

I silently lowered my head

Ms. Larson, could you please give Mike another chance? I hope we can settle this in privateAunty Lois said with a gentle voice

I was aware that she wouldn’t sound so gentle anymore if I turned her down again this 


Before Michael took over the company, Aunty Lois had been running the company alone. She was a strong and decisive woman

Sorry.I shook my head

I would not compromise again, Michael Ford

Mike’s abduction charge won’t hold, so that leaves only the assault accusation that 


you’ve made against him. However, it appears that you haven’t suffered any harm, Ms. 


There are better ways to handle this, ways that won’t lead to a feud between our families,Aunty Lois’s voice turned cold

What he’s done to me goes beyond physical injury. He abducted me, threatened my husband, and even mentally abused him. I will not tolerate any of this,I stated solemnly 

and firmly

After a moment of silence, Aunty Lois placed her phone in front of me

On the screen were images of Steven, still homeless at the time, holding an abused 


He was covered in blood and was cradling a kitten that had been severely abused and mutilated

Since the Lincoln family wants to wage a public relations battle, the Ford family will see it through to the end,Aunty Lois declared

With that, she stood up and left

Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford )

Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/21/2024 Native Language: English
Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford ) I loved Michael Ford for a decade, but he made me take the place of his true love to act as bait for a psycho murderer.

Revenge After Death

   He wanted me dead.I did it. I took his true love's place and died in the hands of a murderer...When Michael saw my body, he lost his mind. The next thing I know, I'm opening my eyes after being reborn in the body of a woman I don't know. And the man lying beside me, my husband, is the murderer who killed me in my previous life...


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