Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford ) Chapter 184

Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford ) Chapter 184

Chapter 184 


I’m not sureI dodged the question. I didn’t know what I’d do if Steven turned out to be the mastermind behind everything

Before, it was due to insufficient evidence. But what if they managed to gather all the evidence

If Simon is truly one of the murderers, and Steven has been secretly sheltering him, he wouldn’t be able to shake off our suspicion.Zion looked at me, seemingly wanting to tell me more, yet hesitating at the same time

I knew there were things that, as a cop, he couldn’t tell me, especially things regarding their investigation

Even though there were numerous truths and evidence unknown to me, he still couldn’t 

disclose them

But now that Zion had specifically brought up these matters, I started to feel uneasy

Could there be actual evidence pointing to Steven

I nervously looked at Zion. Have you found something?” 

Zion remained silent for a while before speaking, This case is a major concern for the higherups, it’s a serial murder case, and with so many deathsOur heads are all on the line.” 

I tightly clenched my hands, not knowing what Zion meant by this

Would they just blame everything on Steven if there was evidence that he was at the crime scene

Many people’s fate is hinging on this, so we can’t tolerate further loss of life.Zion leaned against the door of the emergency exit. He wanted to light a cigarette, but he gave 

after glancing at me


He said, Steven was a victim back then, so he has sufficient motive to commit the crime

If he possessed a motive for the crime, he wouldn’t surrender himself. He’s not that foolish!I didn’t know why I was defending Steven. After all, he was the one I suspected the most too in the beginning

I could tell that there were things that Zion was hesitating to tell me. Yet, I wasn’t someone he could trust

Chapter 184 


Stephany, you should understand that you’re also one of the primary suspects we’re investigating.” 

Indeed, Zion must have thoroughly investigated me as well

Stephany, I hopeyou’re not involved in this,Zion sighed and looked at me meaningfully

I instinctively looked at him

They must have found something

Stephany? Come with us for questioning,the cops said when they arrived

I was caught off guard, but I had seen this day coming

After all, Stephany had been quietly funding those homeless orphans like Jean Chester. And since Jean’s brother, Cyrus Chester, failed to assassinate Yasmin, it would eventually drag me into the mess

ZionI whispered. Can I contact Steven? He’s waiting for me at home.” 

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Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford )

Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/21/2024 Native Language: English
Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford ) I loved Michael Ford for a decade, but he made me take the place of his true love to act as bait for a psycho murderer.

Revenge After Death

   He wanted me dead.I did it. I took his true love's place and died in the hands of a murderer...When Michael saw my body, he lost his mind. The next thing I know, I'm opening my eyes after being reborn in the body of a woman I don't know. And the man lying beside me, my husband, is the murderer who killed me in my previous life...


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