Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford ) Chapter 192

Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford ) Chapter 192

Chapter 192 

She’s Stephie, right?Rachel stood nearby as she watched me hail a cab

Zion followed her out and let out a sigh of relief. Forget about it. The doctor said that 

she and the baby are fine.” 

Rachel lowered her gaze as her eyes turned red. If she truly is Stephie, will she be upset with me for not recognizing her at first?” 

Zion sighed and glanced at the deeply troubled Michael. Man, I swear you two are both going crazy.” 

Rachel lowered her head and tightly clenched her hands. Is there a chance that the science we’ve been learning can’t explain certain things?” 

Just then, Zion’s phone rang, so he stepped aside to answer it

I’ll give you a ride,Michael said hoarsely as he approached me

I was struggling to hail a cab, but I ignored Michael

At that moment, all I wanted was to return to the Lincoln residence to meet and apologize to Steven

It seemed like I had truly forgotten about him. But I was putting in a lot of effort to recall and bring back all our shared memories

Then, Michael grabbed my wrist as I tried to flee. “Hey, Stephany, calm down!” 

Get lost!I forcefully pushed away Michael’s arm, my eyes filled with disgust and 


Michael stood frozen in place and stared at me for a long time. 

Stephiehe called out to me after I finally managed to hail a cab and was about to get 

  1. in

StephieIs that you?Michael hurried over, tapping on the car door

I gave the driver a cold glance. Let’s go.” 

Michael trailed behind the car for a few steps before desolately standing in place

He shouted, Stephanie! Come back, please, I’m begging you

Chapter 192 

Stop it. Who do you think you’re fooling? You seriously think she’s like some character from a novel who gets reincarnated? You’re out of your mind

Let me make it clearStephanie’s gone, and you’re the one who killed her! And child too.Rachel continued to provoke him, Why don’t you just go die?” 


You think I haven’t tried to die?Michael shouted at Rachel, his voice trembling

I glanced at them in the rearview mirror until their voices grew distant

Late affection was worthless. I didn’t care about Michael’s remorse now.. 

When the cab arrived at the Lincoln residence, I hastily got out of the car and searched everywhere for Steven

SteveI called

Is Steven back yet?I nervously asked Angel and grabbed her arm

Angel shook her head. Mr. Lincoln won’t be back tonight.” 

Suddenly, I felt a bit anxious

Did I upset him by not eating the cupcake today

Mr. Bart, where’s Steve? I want to see him.I called Ewan. He must know

Ewan remained silent for a moment before speaking up, Mrs. Lincoln, you should rest early. Let Mr. Lincoln have some time alone today.” 

I want to see him!I stated firmly. I wanted to see him

There was always a voice in my mind urging me, saying, Go see him. He’s been waiting for for so long.” 


Okay, I’ll head over to pick you up from the Lincoln residence,Ewan responded

After waiting at the door for 20 minutes, Ewan finally showed 

Now, I finally understood what it felt like to wait for someone

  1. up

While waiting, people’s emotions would be greatly amplified. And they would feel anxious, panicked, and fearful

I couldn’t stop thinking about the first time I ran into Steve back when we were just kids

Our connection wasn’t so simple. Otherwise, Simeon wouldn’t be so insanely jealous of 

  1. me

Hey Ewan, where’d Steve go?I couldn’t wait to find out as soon as I got into the car

Mr. Lincoln has his own secret spot. He managed to buy a house with the money he’d been accumulating since he joined the advanced classes scholarships, cash prizes, bonuses from Mr. Andy, and his own earnings

He says the Lincoln residence isn’t where he belongs and wants to have his own place, It’s a promise he made to his sweetheart,Ewan explained

Did he go there to avoid me?1 felt a bit nervous

NoEwan hesitated, taking a moment before he continued, Mr. Lincoln not only has a tendency to selfharm, but also a tendency toward suicide

After Ms. Carlson passed away, he attempted suicide mutiple times. Laterwhen you showed up, we all thought you were his chance at improvement, his salvation.” 

My heart felt like it was being stabbed, and hard at that

He mentioned that if he could start anew, he wanted to return to where they first met

He’s scared that if he hurts himself again, it’ll freak you out. So, he’s hiding in a spot he thinks is safe.” 

Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford )

Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/21/2024 Native Language: English
Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford ) I loved Michael Ford for a decade, but he made me take the place of his true love to act as bait for a psycho murderer.

Revenge After Death

   He wanted me dead.I did it. I took his true love's place and died in the hands of a murderer...When Michael saw my body, he lost his mind. The next thing I know, I'm opening my eyes after being reborn in the body of a woman I don't know. And the man lying beside me, my husband, is the murderer who killed me in my previous life...


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