Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford ) Chapter 196

Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford ) Chapter 196

Chapter 196 

It was truly an endless show of his strength

I’m scared,Steven murmured and groaned as he held me tightly in his arms

This time, he remembered to cover us both with the blanket and even tightly wrapped me up with his long legs, as if he feared I might slip away

What’s scaring you so much?I asked, puzzled

I’m afraid of sleeping aloneHe feared that when he woke up, his dreams would fall 


Stephie, guess which one’s the real dealdreams or reality?Steven whispered to me

Who knows?I replied, feeling just as lost

Do you ever wonder why when we recall the past, it feels like we’re seeing things from God’s point of view?Steven asked in a hushed tone

His question caught me off guard

Recalling childhood memories did feel as though we were seeing them from God’s point 

of view

Could it be that when we revisit those moments in time, we’re not the same people anymoreSteven’s voice was low as he tightened his grip on my hand

I thought about what he said for a while, but I just couldn’t understand it

Perhaps this was just how a crazy person or a genius thinkssomething beyond my understanding as an ordinary person

Want some water?I whispered

But as I turned to look at him, Steven had already fallen asleep

It seemed like he could always quickly drift off to sleep whenever he was with me

His long eyelashes and flawless skin made him look exceptionally handsome

Actually, it was kind of annoying

Even though Steven had wandered around and wore clothes that didn’t fit right, his skin still looked amazing. In fact, it looked much better than that of the people who splurged 

Chapter 195 

on skincare products every year

The room had a fresh scent that was reminiscent of sandalwood, the aroma of which could induce drowsiness

I couldn’t recall how I drifted off to sleep, but with Steven holding me like that, I fell asleep very quickly

When I woke up, it was already 10 pm

The sky had turned pitch black, and Steven wasn’t in the room

My heart sank as I reached for my phone

Surprisingly, Yasmin hadn’t called me

However, when I checked my phone, I realized it was on Do Not Disturbmode

It was Steven

Where’s Steve?” 

The vast villa was quiet and dimly lit. There was also no nanny, and it was just Leo that was still out in the yard weeding

Excuse me, where’s Steven?I anxiously asked

Leo appeared elderly and possibly had some difficulty hearing because he merely glanced at me before continuing with his weeding

It was already 10 pm, yet he was still busy weeding away

Just then, a big dog came out of the bushes and lay down obediently next to my feet

Its wolflike cars stood tall, and it had a pair of cute and big eyes that gave it a pitiful look. It didn’t seem fierce at all

Suddenly, Steven came to my mind for some reason

Mr. Hart, where’s Steven?I asked again

Leo put down the hoe and gestured to show that he didn’t know

I couldn’t get what the hand signals meant, so I had to give Ewan a call. 

Yasmin had agreed to help the cops lure out the murderer on this night, so I hoped Steven wouldn’t show up there

Tavan Wildn’t pick up when I called, so I had no choice but to dial Zion’s number

However, Zion didn’t answer either

He was probably watching over Yasmin right now. After all, they had to make sure she stayed safe

Since Yasmin hadn’t died the last time, the murderer hadn’t made any further moves. So, clearly, the murderer was the most desperate and eager for Yasmin’s death more than anyone else

Stephanie, why aren’t you here?I called Yasmin, and she sounded scared on the line. Stephanie, where are you? He’s after meHelp, please, I don’t want to die!” 

I glanced at my phone and suddenly burst out laughing

What was Yasmin up to

Was she experiencing the same hopelessness I felt before I died

Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford )

Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/21/2024 Native Language: English
Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford ) I loved Michael Ford for a decade, but he made me take the place of his true love to act as bait for a psycho murderer.

Revenge After Death

   He wanted me dead.I did it. I took his true love's place and died in the hands of a murderer...When Michael saw my body, he lost his mind. The next thing I know, I'm opening my eyes after being reborn in the body of a woman I don't know. And the man lying beside me, my husband, is the murderer who killed me in my previous life...


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