Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford ) Chapter 199

Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford ) Chapter 199

Chapter 199 

Jerk,I muttered

Michael had really crossed the line

After all the things he did to me before, now he was targeting Steven too

1 fumed with anger. I wanted to go to the orphanage to unmask Michael’s hypocrisy

However, Steven grabbed me and looked at me with pleading eyes. Stephie, the fried mushrooms are getting soggy.” 

After waiting in line for so long to get them, Steven would go crazy if I didn’t eat them 


I could understand why people often used their wiles to get their way. It was indeed an effective strategy

As Steven stood under the streetlight, he looked at me with pitiful and pleading eyes

Could anyone resist? Absolutely not

So, I took the fried mushrooms and had a couple of bites

They were crispy and freshly fried

It was evident that Steven couldn’t have been to the orphanage, and these mushrooms 

were his alibi

Stephie, does it taste good?Steven suddenly leaned in close

Bathed in the warm glow of the streetlight, my heart skipped a beat. Youhaven’t eaten?” 

Then, Steven suddenly kissed me and said sincerely, Tasty.” 

My heart was racing

Whenever Steven flirted, he didn’t seem crazy at all. In fact, I often wondered if he was just pretending to be foolish. But I had no proof

I coughed awkwardly before looking down to continue eating the fried mushrooms

Then, Steven reached out his hand to me and led me home. Stephie, I think I’m sick, still running a fever. Can you stay with me?” 

He just wouldn’t let me leave

Meanwhile, the big dog was wagging its tail behind us, hoping for a taste of the fried mushrooms in my hand

I gave it a piece and whispered, Steve, is this your dog?” 

YeahIt was just a little pup abandoned by the roadside when I found it. I rescued it and named it Buddy. It’s been by my side ever since,Steven introduced Buddy to me as he patted Buddy’s head

Sometimesdogs are more loyal than people,he added

I gave Buddy another piece of fried mushroom, Buddy’s really gentle.” 

Steven looked at me in surprise before smiling. Dogs have a way of understanding humans. They see through the things we can’t see and choose their master,” 

I didn’t think too much about Steven’s words

Whenever Buddy was around me, it was gentle and obedient and would keep wagging its tail. But I always thought that perhaps it was just a docile, nonaggressive dog

StephieMy hand really hurts, and I can’t get it wet.Steven suddenly brought up his dilemma when we were about to sleep

He stretched out both of his bandaged hands and looked at me with a pair of pitiful eyes

It was obvious that Steven couldn’t take a bath himself and wanted me to do it for him

But was he genuinely clueless, or was he simply playing a deeper game

My ears turned red, and I murmured, No need to wash up, let’s just sleep” 

Nope. Got to keep clean,Steven seriously countered

I smirked

Was he seriously talking about hygiene after having been a wandering hobo for a while now

But regardless, I wouldn’t call him out on this. After all, people have their dignity

Stephie, it’s legal,” Steven suddenly reminded me

I looked up at him

Then, I saw that he had already stripped off his shirt to reveal hiswelldefined physique

I couldn’t be blamed for thinking like this. He simply wanted to seduce me with his seductive physique

Steven preferred loosefitting clothes, and it made him appear tall and slender. But once he took them off, his attractive physique was on full display

Stephie, look at me. All legal,he said, now particularly mindful of the law

I just hoped that he would strictly adhere to the laws and regulations regarding murder

I hoped that he had nothing to do with the serial murder case

Stephie, my body’s dirty. Can you help me wash up?Steven asked, reaching for his 


I quickly grabbed him. Don’t take off your pants.” 

How can I wash without taking them off?Steven seriously looked at me

I took a deep breath

Then wash with your pants on,I said

No.He lowered his head, looking unwilling

I chuckled at his antics. Alright, wait here. I’ll go fill the bathtub.” 

Steven nodded obediently, but his expression darkened as soon as I looked away

Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford )

Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/21/2024 Native Language: English
Revenge After Death ( Michael Ford ) I loved Michael Ford for a decade, but he made me take the place of his true love to act as bait for a psycho murderer.

Revenge After Death

   He wanted me dead.I did it. I took his true love's place and died in the hands of a murderer...When Michael saw my body, he lost his mind. The next thing I know, I'm opening my eyes after being reborn in the body of a woman I don't know. And the man lying beside me, my husband, is the murderer who killed me in my previous life...


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