Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother Chapter 373

Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother Chapter 373

Chapter 373 

As time went by, we realized the surgery had failed. Felix was unlucky enough to be part of the 

10% fail rate 

It meant he would be disabled. He wouldn’t be able to see or walk again. He would spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, in complete darkness

My worst fear became a reality

My parents were disappointed. Uncle Austin and Aunt Mel were heartbroken. Colin and I felt inexplicably desperate

Did I have to owe Felix my whole life? No, I wouldn’t accept this fate

I contacted Matthew anxiously. It was almost 9:00 pm. From the sound of it, I assumed he was having a social gathering

Soon after he answered my call, the noise level from the other end of the phone quieted. He must have left the private room and chosen a secluded corner to speak with me

He gently asked me what had happened. I told him about Felix’s situation and asked for his help to contact George

Five minutes later, Matthew called back. He said that after George left the operating room, he had gone straight to the airport to return to his country. Then, George was in another country the next day to begin a threemonth aid plan. During this period, no one could find him unless 

he contacted the outside world

George was our last hope. Now that he couldn’t be reached, we couldn’t figure out why Felix hadn’t regained sight

Felix’s doctor had given him a thorough postoperative examination. His congestion no longer existed, and the state of his brain was no different from that of ordinary people. There should be no abnormality

However, the fact was that Felix still couldn’t see anything 

We couldn’t find George, so Felix’s condition was unclear. He could only live in the dark and had to be carried everywhere, including the bathroom

Our hopes came crashing down. We felt as if we were plunged into hell. The situation this time was considerably more difficult because there was no hope

I felt even more guilty

Felix might have accepted his lameness and blindness after the accident, but it was I who gave him hope. The outcome was a disappointment instead. It might have given him an extra blow


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leaving him devastated

If I could go back in time, I would never make rash decisions again and stick to Colin’s arrangements

I was immersed in regret every day, which caused me to lose weight rapidly. I lost my spirit and even suffered hair loss

In addition to taking care of Felix, I spent the day painting. When I was exhausted, I only lay in a chair and slept. When I awoke, I continued to paint

Colin couldn’t bear to see my weariness and took away my paintbrush repeatedly, forcing me 

to rest

A few times, I lay down obediently but couldn’t fall asleep. Colin was so anxious that he hugged me to sleep together

I managed to doze off as his embrace put me at ease. However, he was busy and couldn’t accompany me every day. As soon as he left, I woke up and stared motionless at the ceiling

Aunt Mel and Uncle Austin had stated that it was risky for me to push myself and I might 

become ill

So, they took turns speaking to me. They stated it was all fate and advised me not to carry such. a heavy burden. They didn’t blame me at all. Since Felix had been in misery, Colin needed to 

live well

Colin’s wellbeing depended on me. They asked me to cheer up, even if it was for him

I understood their feelings, but who would understand mine

Felix was already like this. I would have to care for him for the rest of my life as long as I was 


What about Colin? What should I do widrum

I said I’d be with Felix just to stop him from jumping off the building. I assumed I could resolve the problem. I believed I could still be with Colin once I found an excellent doctor to cure Felix 

Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother

Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother

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Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother My name’s Luna Lawson, and he’s Felix White.From the moment we were born, the elders in our families had us engaged to one another. I’ve been sure of one thing my whole life—I’m Felix’s future wife.Since we were kids, I’ve thought of him as my god. I did everything I could to follow his instructions and treat him well.But one year, he brings a young lady to me. He gives her a tender and loving gaze, saying, “This is my girlfriend.”I say, “Okay.

Later, Felix says, “Lulu, Lili says she feels insecure because you’ve remained single this whole time.”And so, I start dating Felix’s older brother, Colin White. At first, I think he’s pure of heart and free from desire, but after we get together, he starts seducing me with everything he’s got.I try to flee, but he chases after me. When I get mad, he coaxes me. He laughs when I scold him and feeds me when I’m hungry. He also holds me when I’m cold …I tell him, “Colin, stay away from me. It’s so hot.”He locks me in his embrace and smiles devilishly. “Be good. Let me give you another kiss.”


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