Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother Chapter 377

Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother Chapter 377

Chapter 377 

Queenie and Zara often called to comfort me. However, their comfort seemed meaningless in 

my case

As time passed, they realized it was pointless and stopped. They only encouraged me to keep going rather than forcing myself to do things I didn’t want

One day, I was so depressed that I hid in the kitchen and cried softly. Colin embraced and kissed me

He said, Lulu, you can leave and not return. I am the one who owes Felix. I’ll accompany him forever. The world is big. There will always be another guy who will love you, protect you, and give you a stable life

You’re a good person. Don’t waste your whole life on my family. Leave us and live your life well. As long as you’re happy, I’ll be happy as well.” 

That day, I got angry with him for the first time and slapped him

Colin White, you bastard! Do you think I’m heartless? You gave me the best love in the world

How could I fall in love with someone else

Isn’t it just suffering? We can get through it together! I’m not afraid. What are you afraid of? I’m just afraid that you don’t want me. The world without you is hell!” 

I stroked Colin’s cheek, which had reddened because of my slap

With tears in his eyes, he held my hand and placed it on his chest. He promised, Luna, I’ll never let you down.” 

His promise was enough. I had nothing else to ask for. It was the promise I wanted most, and I had already gotten it

The three of us were struggling in misery

Colin had lost a great deal of weight. He was upbeat yet gaunt, I watched videos to learn how to make soup to nourish him. I wanted him to be healthy and happy

Even if we couldn’t be together, we were there for each other and knew how the other was doing

He did that as well. He would do his utmost to augment my health whenever he was free. He claimed I was so skinny that my face only had two eyes. I told him a person with only two eyes was a monster. Then, I made a funny face to cheer him up

After a month, Jinovy’s midsummer came. Flowers bloomed along the street, and the college 


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was bustling

I worked hard to shift my mindset and dedicated all my free time to painting. Eventually, I submitted a satisfactory artwork to Professor King

After a lecture, I hurried out, but Helen stopped me in the corridor

She hadn’t been back to the apartment lately, and we hadn’t seen each other in over a week. I had contacted her twice to ask if anything was wrong, but she vaguely said she was fine. I reminded her to call me if anything happened and stopped bothering her

She had her life while I had mine. As friends, we only needed to be present during crucial times. There was no need to cling together as we were in an easy friendship

When I saw her today, I found she was different from before. She looked more chubby, and her beautiful eyes gleamed with happiness

Happiness. It was such a magical word. Only Matthew could make Helen happy

What is going on? Have your wishes come true?I was in a rare good mood and decided to 

tease her

She nudged me shyly. No. But Matt is much nicer to me. He stayed with me on my birthday yesterday.” 

I remembered the snapshot she shared on WhatsApp stories last night. It was a beautiful fruitcake with two hands clasped together next to it

At that time, I wondered if the bigger hand was Matthew’s, but I didn’t dare ask. After hearing Helen’s words, I was sure that it was him


Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother

Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother

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Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother My name’s Luna Lawson, and he’s Felix White.From the moment we were born, the elders in our families had us engaged to one another. I’ve been sure of one thing my whole life—I’m Felix’s future wife.Since we were kids, I’ve thought of him as my god. I did everything I could to follow his instructions and treat him well.But one year, he brings a young lady to me. He gives her a tender and loving gaze, saying, “This is my girlfriend.”I say, “Okay.

Later, Felix says, “Lulu, Lili says she feels insecure because you’ve remained single this whole time.”And so, I start dating Felix’s older brother, Colin White. At first, I think he’s pure of heart and free from desire, but after we get together, he starts seducing me with everything he’s got.I try to flee, but he chases after me. When I get mad, he coaxes me. He laughs when I scold him and feeds me when I’m hungry. He also holds me when I’m cold …I tell him, “Colin, stay away from me. It’s so hot.”He locks me in his embrace and smiles devilishly. “Be good. Let me give you another kiss.”


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