Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother Chapter 378

Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother Chapter 378

Chapter 378 

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It was easy to guess. Helen would never show off another guy as she did with Matthew

She should have been delighted yesterday. I felt happy for her

Why didn’t you tell me about your birthday? I didn’t even prepare a gift.” 

That’s not the point.” 

Then what’s the point? To show off your love?I joked

She replied, No, it’s Matthew. He’s looking for you. He called you, but you didn’t answer, so he asked me to find you.” 

I took out my phone and looked at it. There were indeed three missed calls from Matthew. I put the phone back and glanced at Helen. Didn’t you treat me as your love rival? Won’t you be jealous? You even help him to find me. Won’t you be afraid I’ll take him away from you

Helen laughed. I won’t. If you were interested in Matt, you would have been with him long ago. I wouldn’t even have a chance with him. You’re not that kind of person.” 

That might not be the case. If I get tired of my current life and wish to change my boyfriend, I might seduce him.” 

Hmph, you won’t have the opportunity!” 

We happily chatted till we arrived at the college gate, where Matthew was smoking while leaning against his luxury car. He hastily extinguished his cigarette as we approached. Helen giggled and ran to him, getting into his arms and cuddling against him like a kitten

He glanced at me embarrassedly and nudged her, but he still let her do as she wished

That damn girl even gave me a provocative wink, subtly implying that I had no chance of being with Matthew

I didn’t bother to refute her. I only implied that she was a hopeless romantic

I was glad for her and Matthew. If they could spend their lives together, that would be their biggest gain

Get in. Let’s eat first.Matthew opened the car door and said, I’ll tell you about George.” 

No, I have to rush back to finish my painting, Professor King is urging me. I can’t leave Felix alone. If I return a little late, he might cause some trouble.” 

He turned and looked at me distressingly. I felt embarrassed by the pity in his eyes

Was I, who often insisted on living a joyful life, degraded to the point of being pitied


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I smiled grimly. I didn’t want to be in this situation, but there was no other way

Then I’ll tell you about George now. I left messages on his phone and sent emails. He’ll respond as soon as he sees it. It’s not an issue of urgency. Furthermore, I’ve always felt that Felix’s situation is more complex.” 

I was confused and asked him what he meant. He shook his head and said he wasn’t sure. It was just his intuition

I left after a short chat because time was of the essence. I didn’t take Matthew’s words seriously or had the time to consider them

One day, Felix went so far as to ask me to leave my apartment and move in with him. He assumed he was being convincing when he suggested that a couple should live together. He worried about my safety and wanted to stay close to me

However, the current situation was that I didn’t need him at all

Colin had something to do at college that day and hadn’t returned. Felix and I were the only ones at the rental house. I didn’t understand why he had such thoughts

Later, I realized that he was just taking advantage of my softness and guilt. He wanted to force me to get together with him

I was shocked after hearing his appalling request

I told him I would never be with him unless I died. Even if I died, it would be up to my parents. to arrange whether I could be with him. He was never the one who had the right to decide

Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother

Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother

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Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother My name’s Luna Lawson, and he’s Felix White.From the moment we were born, the elders in our families had us engaged to one another. I’ve been sure of one thing my whole life—I’m Felix’s future wife.Since we were kids, I’ve thought of him as my god. I did everything I could to follow his instructions and treat him well.But one year, he brings a young lady to me. He gives her a tender and loving gaze, saying, “This is my girlfriend.”I say, “Okay.

Later, Felix says, “Lulu, Lili says she feels insecure because you’ve remained single this whole time.”And so, I start dating Felix’s older brother, Colin White. At first, I think he’s pure of heart and free from desire, but after we get together, he starts seducing me with everything he’s got.I try to flee, but he chases after me. When I get mad, he coaxes me. He laughs when I scold him and feeds me when I’m hungry. He also holds me when I’m cold …I tell him, “Colin, stay away from me. It’s so hot.”He locks me in his embrace and smiles devilishly. “Be good. Let me give you another kiss.”


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