Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother Chapter 383

Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother Chapter 383

Chapter 383 

That was right. We were lucky there was a blackout

Fortunately, Colin was back in time. Everything remained the same

That blackout was a nightmare for me but salvation for him

All of the remorse and debt I felt toward Felix vanished because of the crazy things he did to me last night. Instead, I held deep disgust and resentment toward him

He almost destroyed me. How could I not hate him? How could he be so shameless and nasty

Since that day, I had never been to his rental house. Colin also returned to his college dormitory. He hired an aide for Felix and only visited him occasionally

I wondered how he dealt with Felix. However, I didn’t ask and didn’t want to know about it

Whenever I thought about Felix, that night’s scene would reappear in my mind, making met feel like I was in hell again

The young man who made an impression on my 18year life had become my nightmare on many nights

That handsome and brilliant man had vanished. The past Felix never returned

I was frightened by that incident. I was even more afraid of the dark and couldn’t sleep well. As soon as I closed my eyes, I could only think of Felix’s devilish breathing and words, including the cold feeling when he touched me. After waking up in fright, I kept my eyes open till morning

Colin soon realized something was wrong with me. He asked a doctor to prescribe antishock / medicine for me, but it had no effect 

Thus, he took me to see a psychologist. The psychologist said it was due to excessive fright. To lessen my symptoms, I’d better have someone I trust to accompany me to boost my 


To care for me, Colin rented a twobedroom house in a community next to the college and lived with me

He no longer worked overtime. Even if he had an urgent task, he would return before 8:00 pm. He’d accompany me to paint, then to sleepit was really sleeping. We only lay in bed together and did nothing else

I gradually stopped thinking about Felix and that dreadful night. My emotions became less tight. I smiled more and was happier

Life seemed to get back on track. I had a newfound zeal for life


+15 BONUS 

Several times, I awoke at night to find Colin’s body hot and tense. As soon as I moved, he backed away and gulped. His eyes were dazzling as he stared at me

He yearned for me, but he knew I was frightened by Felix. So, he’d rather endure his desire. He’d take a cold shower instead of touching me if he couldn’t bear it

To avoid scaring me, he even softened his kisses. He only kissed my forehead and the corner 

of my eyes

Eventually, I couldn’t stand this situation any longer, so I leaned forward gently and placed his hand on my waist

He kissed my lips enthusiastically, and his large hands lingered from my back to my chest. He moaned with satisfaction and was going to turn over and hold me down

However, that night’s scene suddenly emerged from the depths of my memory. I began to tremble uncontrollably, and tears flowed out

Colin keenly noticed my fear. He abruptly halted his movements and turned the intense kiss into a tender one. After he calmed down, he hugged me and said softly, Let’s sleep. I won’t touch you. Don’t be afraid.” 

Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother

Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother

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Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother My name’s Luna Lawson, and he’s Felix White.From the moment we were born, the elders in our families had us engaged to one another. I’ve been sure of one thing my whole life—I’m Felix’s future wife.Since we were kids, I’ve thought of him as my god. I did everything I could to follow his instructions and treat him well.But one year, he brings a young lady to me. He gives her a tender and loving gaze, saying, “This is my girlfriend.”I say, “Okay.

Later, Felix says, “Lulu, Lili says she feels insecure because you’ve remained single this whole time.”And so, I start dating Felix’s older brother, Colin White. At first, I think he’s pure of heart and free from desire, but after we get together, he starts seducing me with everything he’s got.I try to flee, but he chases after me. When I get mad, he coaxes me. He laughs when I scold him and feeds me when I’m hungry. He also holds me when I’m cold …I tell him, “Colin, stay away from me. It’s so hot.”He locks me in his embrace and smiles devilishly. “Be good. Let me give you another kiss.”


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