Shackled (The Lord Series) by Carlos Chapter 139

Shackled (The Lord Series) by Carlos Chapter 139

Shackled (The Lord Series)


While I am not one to put triggers to chapters, please note this chapter is very violent.

Her chin trembles.

“Why are you doing this? Rueben, I understand his motives, but-”

I grab her chin between my fingers, and she stops speaking. “You want to know why I hate your very existence?” My fingers dig into her flesh, forcing her jaw open. “Because you are a f uc king Du chess wh ore. You and all your kind should be exterminated. And every-f**kking-thing that happened to you is because you couldn’t keep your legs closed.”

The bit ch starts to cry, and I slap her across the face with the back of my right hand, and her head flies to the side. I hate-hate-when women cry. They use their tears as a way to manipulate men to obtain what they want. It doesn’t work on me, though. I am practically h oe-proofed by now.

“Stop with the fake tears!” I snarl.

She so bs quietly-I guess it can’t be helped since women are emotional creatures, aka too stu pid to understand what they are told-and I slowly walk around the shed, looking at my pets.

I became fascinated with snakes and scorpions five years ago, at twenty-one, and since then, I’ve studied them, learning a lot about and from them.

They are, umm, rather charming creatures. I know that not many will agree with me, but I don’t care. Some like dogs and cats, I like other kinds of animals. I even have a deathstalker scorpion tattooed on my back and a boa on my left hand, its body wrapped around my arm and its head on my shoulder.

I open one of the terrariums and take out an emperor scorpion. While it has venom, it is not lethal to humans, but it is still unpleasant, and also, it causes pain with its pedipalps.

If the bi tch is afraid of snakes, I bet she is afraid of scorpions as well.

I turn to face her, and her eyes go wide with terror.

“Have you ever seen a scorpion before?”

Her voice trembles as she replies. “Not in real life.”

“I guess it’s your lucky day then,” I say and go over to her and put the scorpion on her left knee.

She lets out a shriek, and I wrap my fingers around her neck, and I squeeze it hard.

“Scream one more time, and I will pull out all your teeth,” I snarl in her face,

She gives me a curt nod, letting me know she understands, and I step away from her and go to my torture kit. It is something I put together over time, and it fits in a toolbox. The first item that went in it was given to me by Reyes, another troubled Lord like me, but for other reasons. As a Lord, Reyes is as ruthless as I am, although he doesn’t despise women as I do, he only sees them as se x toys, but he likes killing as much as I do.


I open the toolbox and contemplate what to use on the bit ch first-the special knife Reyes gave me, the stun belt, waterboarding, or the pliers. I have many other things in there, but I am not trying to kill, not yet, just break her.

If it weren’t for Jasper, who is some sort of a feminist and is against violence toward women, I would have used white torture on her, but I don’t have time for that.

1 put on a pair of gloves, pick up the knife, a box of needles and return to her. Her nails are painted red-go figure- making it easy to hide what I am about to do.

The scorpion walks up her leg.

“I am going to ask you nicely one more time, tell me what you know about Carlos,” I say as I open the needle box and pick up a few long ones.

“P-please. I r-really don’t know a-anything.”

“Have it your way, bit ch,” I say and cut open the t-sh it with the knife. I grab one of her ti ts and pinching her nipple hard, I add, “You think Carlos is a sa dist? I can be ten times worse,” as I push the needle through her pink areola.

She screams, and I put the knife on the side of her ti t and put the tip in. Blood rolls down her body. “I-it hurts,” she whimpers loudly.

“Make one more sound, and I will cut your ti t off!” I bark. Not because I fear Jasper will hear her and barge in at any time but because I can’t deal with her screams. Something about them unsettles me.

She bites her bottom lip, tears streaming down her face.

The scorpion keeps walking up her leg.

“Tell me what you know about Carlos,” I demand as I push another needle through her flesh.

She inhales deeply before starting to cough. Any other person would believe she is sick, but not me. Just a cheap act she put on to make me take pity on her.

I am stabbing more needles in her areola again when the door opens, and Rueben enters, a cigar between his lips.

“I knew I would find you in here with her,” he says as he locks the door behind him.

“Does Jasper suspect anything?” I want to know.

Rueben walks up to us. “Diseased cu nt, open your mouth and stick your tongue out.” The bit ch obeys, and he uses her mouth as an ashtray as we keep talking. “Nah, he is having a little too much fun with Mose and Ansel.” Looking at the scorpion, he says, “That thing won’t kill her, right?”

“Don’t tell me you’re worried about her.”

Rueben laughs as he puts out the cigar on the bit ch’s tongue. “Eat it!” he snarls as he shoves the cigar down her


She coughs, spitting the cigar onto the floor, and he punches her thigh with such force I swear I heard her femur


139, Tyson


My scorpion falls off of her.

She throws her head back, a loud shriek coming from her opened mouth, her eyes rolling at the back of her head because of the pain. Jasper might be the strongest of all five of us, but Rueben comes second after him.

“Man, be more careful,” I say as I pick up the scorpion and put it back on her leg, close to her pu ssy.

Her legs are slightly open, and when she tries to close them, the scorpion lands between them. Annoyed by the sudden movements, the scorpion plunges her stinger into her labia before attacking her cl it with its pedipalps.

She screams blo ody murder, bucking against the restraints. I bet it hurts like hell.

I press my hand against her mouth, my fingers pinching her nose, preventing her from breathing. “What the f**k did 1 tell you about making any sound?”

The scorpion keeps attacking her pu ssy, blood dripping from her cli t, and Rueben takes it away from her and gets it back in its terrarium.

“It won’t kill her,” I let him know.

“But it will absolutely destroy her pu ssy, and it will look bad in the videos.”

I let go of the b itch. She so bs hysterically. “P-please.”

I ignore her. “Don’t tell me you are dead serious about f**king her.”

Rueben runs his fingers through his hair. “You think I am happy about sticking my co ck in the person who f**k up my life!? I will have to be drunk or high to do it, but I want her father to pay for ruining the lives of so many Lords. If you want to torture her, go ahead, but I don’t want any permanent damage done to her until Senator Deymar is out. Then I

will personally kill her.”

“But why keep the bi tch around when we could kill the senator and be done with it,” I wonder.

“Because I want his reputation to be absolutely ruined. Imagine how the Dukes will react when they find out about her being our bi tch. It might drive them to make some mistakes that will be to our advantage.”

I am not totally convinced, but Rueben has a great mind when it comes to strategies, so I trust him to know what he is doing. “Do as you wish, but don’t expect me to f**k her.”

“We will have her tested to make sure she is clean.”

The bit ch keeps crying, but she is trying to be as silent as she can.

“I would rather go to the Blood Lodge and f**k Giselle or what the f**k is her name,” I let him know. “At least she doesn’t have a ruined pu ssy. And she is cute, not like this b itch.”

“Do as you want,” Rueben finally lets me be.


Turning my attention back to the b itch, I say, “Are you willing to talk now?”

“P-p-please,” she hiccups.

I sigh and grab more needles. “Rueben, help me.”

While I push more needles into her areolas, Rueben sticks as many as he can beneath her nails. When she still refuses to speak, I put a wet cloth on her face, making her feel like she is drowning but the bit ch still refuses to speak.

Shackled (The Lord Series) by Carlos

Shackled (The Lord Series) by Carlos

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Shackled (The Lord Series) by Carlos  The world I live in is more dangerous than I realized, ruled by two secret organizations—the Dukes and the Lords, whom I’ve found myself entangled with—but not as dangerous as the treacherous man my father, a Duke of Veross City, insists I must marry. I ran away before he could sink his claws into me. I find myself forced to beg my former best friend—Alekos—for help. Alekos agrees, but he has a price. I must become not only his woman but also that of his two friends. What choice do I have? So I agree with his proposal. Read Link

Shackled (The Lord Series) by Amy T

Shackled (The Lord Series) by Carlos

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Shackled (The Lord Series) by Amy T

Shackled (The Lord Series) by Carlos


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