Submitting To My Ex-Wife by Daisy Woods ( Pearl & Marc Males ) Chapter 53

Submitting To My Ex-Wife by Daisy Woods ( Pearl & Marc Males ) Chapter 53

Chapter 53 


As soon as Damien’s words fell, he received a resounding slap on the face from his father. The force of the blow caused him to turn 180 degrees on the spot, nearly causing him to 


In the office, Paul’s harsh scolding could be heard. You rascal! What nonsense are you spouting?” 

Marc sat quietly on the sofa, watching a father disciplined his son. From the beginning, he did not utter a word, observing this dramatic scene of the Mosley father and son as though it were a oneact play

Damien took the hit and received a stern warning from his father, causing him to finally become somewhat more obedient

Compared to Damien’s carefree and rebellious attitude, Paul seemed to be an old hand. He knew when to advance and when to retreat, understanding the value of seeking support from a strong ally. He also recognized the importance of adapting to the circumstances

Mr. Males, please don’t take offense. This child has been spoiled by me. His mind is filled with romances between men and women.” 

Paul wore a refined and gentlemanly smile. He said, A man should prioritize his career. These minor feelings and romances are just embellishments. One must not let relationships cloud their judgment. Don’t you agree?” 

Marc glanced at him calmly

He said coldly. Mr. Mosley, are you talking about me?” 

Paul’s smile froze on his face

In the past, he could have sat down with Marc for a friendly chat and some laughter. But now, they needed Males Group’s favor, and it was challenging to maintain a composed demeanor

Chapter 53 

Although Marc was not much older than Paul’s son, he exuded a stronger presence, a natural aura that came from his competence and capability. It was the kind of presence that commanded respect

Oh no, of course not. Mr. Males, how could you possibly be someone swayed by emotions?” 

Marc replied, Thus, I naturally have my reasons for not cooperating with Starfield anymore.” 

Marc leaned back slightly and raised his hand slightly. Thomas went forward and handed Paul a stack of documents. Paul had a bad feeling, but he still reached out to take it

He flipped through a few pages, and the more he read, the more unpleasant his face became. Meanwhile, Damien, who was standing behind him and peeking at the documents, became nervous

How did you get this?” 


as he looked at Marc. Where did you get this? Did you backstab 


He became agitated as he asked. He rushed forward and wanted to ask Marc what was going on, but Thomas stopped him in time and pressed him down. Damien’s arm was almost twisted off, and he screamed in pain

Mr. Males, please show some mercy!” 

Paul couldn’t bear to see his son in pain. Damien was his own flesh and blood. It would be false to say he didn’t feel distressed when Damien was hurt

Marc was still seated calmly on the sofa and showed no emotional reaction. Young people can be impulsive. It’s not a good thing to engage in rash actions. While having fun is fine, it’s important to know the limits and not get involved in childish matters.” 

His calmly spoken words made Paul break out in a cold sweat, and he quickly bowed in 


This was intercepted halfway by my people. Otherwise, it might have already ended up in 


Chapter 53 

the hands of the relevant authorities now. Take the documents and the contract back. Indulging your son is like killing him. Mr. Paul, I hope you will act wisely,Marc said calmly

Today, Marc wore a black shirt and blended seamlessly with the black chair behind him. He sat there motionless, displaying a cold demeanor as if he had no emotions

A person like Marc couldn’t possibly be swayed by emotions

Paul’s body was drenched in cold sweat, and he felt that this visit had been too abrupt, resulting in a significant loss for him

He lifted his son, who was now like a limp noodle and left in a hurry

Once they were gone, Thomas approached Marc cautiously. There was a hint of concern in his voice as he asked, Mr. Males, the Mosley father and son are not easy to deal with. Do you think they might hold your wife responsible and seek revenge?” 

Marc looked cool and distant. He was well aware of the nature of the Mosley father and son, and he wasn’t entirely free from worry

Have someone keep a close eye on their movements and report any suspicious activities promptly. This includes monitoring Pearl’s side as well. Send a couple of people over there to keep a close watch.” 

Yes, I’ll arrange it immediately,” Thomas replied and left

After having dinner, Pearl went to the workshop to pick out a piece of material and intended to practice carving a small piece

After returning to Nanston, she had been busy with various matters in the company. She hadn’t been able to find time to practice her carving skills. A day without practice would make her hands feel restless

She sat under a desk lamp, holding a small knife, and began to carve a piece of gold

Even the tiniest speck of gold was valuable, but Pearl didn’t seem to mind. She carved with precision and skill, and in no time, she had created a lifelike rose from the piece of gold

This craftsmanship was something that could be considered a treasured family tradition of the Woolery family, passed down from one generation to the next. Only one heir was 


Chapter 53 

chosen in each generation, and her grandfather had passed it down to her father, who in turn passed it on to her

When Pearl was only three years old, she sat in her father’s lap and began carving things with a knife. She started with gold, silver, and precious stones, not caring about wasting good materials, and eventually honed her skills to become a master in her craft

But besides her family, no one knew about her talent, including Marc

Just as she finished carving one rose and was about to start another, the phone rang. She got up to answer it. It was Emily’s voice, informing her that Tina wanted to see her

Let her come over,Pearl replied

Tina felt that she had experienced all the grievances in her life in the past few days. Since Pearl’s return, she hadn’t had a single peaceful day

She was frequently confined and couldn’t leave home. She was constantly watched, making it feel like she was in prison

Today, Tina finally found a moment to make a phone call to Ralph for help. She wanted to ask her father to come back and rescue her. However, Ralph was too absorbed in his gambling addiction and couldn’t be bothered with his daughter’s plight

After giving some perfunctory responses, he hung up, leaving Tina infuriated

Her moneygrubbing father was completely unreliable in crucial moments

Sitting on the toilet, Tina was extremely anxious. She felt that things couldn’t continue like this. She would be driven crazy by Pearl

She believed she couldn’t confront Pearl headon. It wouldn’t lead to any favorable 


Moreover, she couldn’t handle it alone. She needed an ally

Tina bit her lip in contemplation for a long time, finally making a decision. She phone number, and the success or failure of her plan hinged on this call



Chapter 53 

When Tina was broughtto Pearl’s room by the butler, she didn’t start cursing at Pearl like before. Instead, she greeted her respectfully and politely, appearing more wellmannered 

than ever

Hi, Tina,Pearl responded while holding a carving knife and continuing her work. She felt that the day’s training had already yielded some results

She glanced in the direction of Tina, then looked away. We agreed on two days, and you finished so quickly? It seems I underestimated your intelligence. Well, you can recite now.Tina was momentarily surprised. She had spent her day dealing with her two bodyguards. How could she have the time or inclination to memorize the family rules? Impossible

She would be lucky if she could remember even one of the hundred rules

Oh, about that“I haven’t finished memorizing them yet. How about I recite them for you tomorrow? I came here today because I have a request, and I hope you can grant it.” 

Tina’s attitude had done a complete 180degree turn. But three years ago, or rather, from childhood to adulthood, she had always been respectful and obedient in front of Pearl. It was only later that her true nature was exposed

Tina must have ulterior motives, or she would not be this polite to Pearl. Tina was still the same person, but Pearl was no longer the easygoing Pearl from before

Pearl asked, Tell me

what is it?” 

Tina said, I was thinking that could we bring Lindsay to Rose Garden for a few days? She’s about to graduate from college, and we haven’t had a gettogether in a long time. I miss 


Pearl glanced at her. Isn’t your relationship with Lindsay usually not so great? You’ve been jealous of each other since childhood.” 

Not at all. We’re cousins, and didn’t all cousins quarrel and fight when they were young? Besides, those were things from our childhood. We’re grownup now, and we should support each other. Don’t you think?” 

As Pearl observed Tina’s scheming smile, she sighed inwardly. What other malicious 


Chapter 53 

intentions could Tina have other than wanting to bring in some reinforcement to deal with Pearl, her wicked cousin

Pearl replied, Alright, bring Lindsay over, and we’ll have a nice gettogether.” 

In any case, Pearl could discipline her younger cousins together. It saved time and effort

The lively days were yet to come

Submitting To My Ex-Wife by Daisy Woods ( Pearl & Marc Males )

Submitting To My Ex-Wife by Daisy Woods ( Pearl & Marc Males )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/28/2024 Native Language: English
Submitting To My Ex-Wife by Daisy Woods ( Pearl & Marc Males ) Pearl Shepard used to be a carefree girl. However, everything changed after a car accident took away her parents' lives. To seize her massive inheritance, her malicious cousin and ex took her to climb a mountain and pushed her off a cliff. Pearl miraculously survived. Afterward, she hid her identity, changed her name to Pearl Woolery, and married Marc Males.

Submitting To My Ex-Wife by Daisy Woods

  Marc Males was a handsome young man from a wealthy family. Three years ago, he had an accident and became paralyzed from the waist down. It was also during that time that he was forced to separate from his beloved woman. His mother pressured him to go on blind dates and marry a doctor to care for him for the rest of his life. Among a group of girls, he chose a nurse named Pearl because she had no background and was quiet. Three years later, he recovered his health but wanted to divorce Pearl and find his true love. Pearl erased all traces of herself and completely disappeared from Marc's world. Later, she made a grand entrance as the business partner Marc had always dreamed of. At the same time, Marc discovered that Pearl had more than one identity... ^

Submitting To My Ex-Wife by Daisy Woods


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