The Divorced Girlboss’ Regret ( Wyatt Coleman’s ) Chapter 32

The Divorced Girlboss’ Regret ( Wyatt Coleman’s ) Chapter 32

Chapter 32 

Hey! What are you doing?” 

Ann went pale. She tried to resist Wyatt, but her strength was no match for him

I’m just playing along with you,Wyatt explained in a neutral voice

Nothing had happened between them. Yet, she kept saying that he was her man. So, he could only act as 

she wished

Stop, stop. I won’t say that anymore.” 

Ann panicked. She realized that Wyatt wasn’t kidding. He had almost ripped her jeans off of her

Then, Wyatt let her go

Ann rolled her eyes at him. She cursed under her breath. What kind of a man was he? He was still refusing 

to admit that they had already slept together. 

She straightened her clothes. Her cheeks were rosy

She said, We’ll be going against Mikael Hutchinson, Wyatt. In order to do so, we have to first solve the 

problem internally.” 

You’re referring toWeston?Wyatt narrowed his eyes. Weston’s face came to mind. He was Ann’s 

second uncle

Wyatt had cured more than ten of those people who were poisoned. That time, he was able to tell that 

Weston and Ann didn’t get along

You’re a smart one!Ann was quite surprised at how sharpwitted Wyatt was

She liked to date people like that. She didn’t have to waste time explaining things to them

Yes, it’s my second uncle, Weston Moore The incident that happened to me at Tivoli Mansion was the 

result of Weston and Mikael’s collaboration. Weston has always been keeping Mikael posted about my 


Wyatt frowned. This is an issue within the Moore family. Can’t you just handle this internally?” 

But, that would put Grandpa in a pickle!Ann said helplessly

Fights within families do happen/ But, it is taboo to engage outsiders to harm your own family members. Thomas wouldn’t go soft on Weston just because he is his son, will he? If so, how would he be able to 

lead the massive Moore family?Wyatt remarked

Weston is deeply rooted in the Moore family. If Grandpa were to do something about him, it would cause unrest. At the end of the day, they are still father and son. I’m sure that that’s something Grandpa would find difficult to bear with,” 

Ann sighed, Hence, Grandpa has entrusted me with the task.” 


For you to get rid of Weston?” 

That’s right.” 

Are you a match for him?” 

Of course. That’s because I have youAnn smiled sweetly

Her smile warmed his heart. He felt good to hear a compliment coming from such a beautiful woman

*Other than that, Grandpa has removed one of Weston’s trump cards. Specifically, it’s a team of elite guards under our family. That team is now under my command.” 

It seems like you don’t need me at all.” 

That’s not it. Weston is a sly man. He has been working in Yonada for years. Without your help, I will definitely be no match for him,Ann said

Okay, I will help you.Wyatt nodded

Because of the business in Yonada, Uncle Wes and I have been at loggerheads recently. He is organizing a dinner at his place tonight. He invited me saying that he wanted to apologize to me. He also said that he wanted to make peace.” Ann explained

Is he using that dinner to plot a hit?Wyatt squinted

Yes. Mikael was badly defeated at Tivoli Mansion. Grandpa then took his trump card away. He knows that he is meeting his end soon. So, he’s grasping at straws now and preparing to strike!Ann said in an icy tone

You shouldn’t go for that dinner, then. It’s too risky.Wyatt responded

She was basically courting death by going to Weston’s territory

Ann looked Wyatt in the eye. She said, I intend to go.” 

Wyatt was shocked

Ann closed her eyes. She uttered calmly, I will use myself as bait to send Uncle Wes to his grave!” 

Wyatt stared at Ann with a twinkle of admiration in his eyes. Only the courageous ones would have the guts to attend a banquet that was part of a conspiracy

Chapter 33 

The Divorced Girlboss’ Regret ( Wyatt Coleman’s )

The Divorced Girlboss’ Regret ( Wyatt Coleman’s )

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The Divorced Girlboss' Regret ( Wyatt Coleman's ) Wyatt Coleman's wife, a company's president, demands a divorce. As soon as Wyatt is kicked out of the house, his beautiful ex-wife starts to regret her decision...

The Divorced Girlboss' Regret



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