The Double ( or More ?) Life of The Fake Heiress Chapter 511

The Double ( or More ?) Life of The Fake Heiress Chapter 511

Chapter 511 

Dane furrowed his brow before finally speaking up, Mr. Owen, have you really thought this through, opting for Ms. Mirabella’s plan?Despite Owen’s ashen face, a sharpness lingered in his eyes, undiminished. Ms. Mirabella is correct. There is indeed a similar hereditary condition in our family history.” 

He had just received a definitive reply from the elder at home. How could someone without genuine expertise pinpoint the subtle symptoms he had been experiencing until recently

Dane’s face was a canvas of shock once more

When Mirabella had brought up hereditary illness, Dane had mentally sifted through all the genetic conditions he knew, but none matched Owen’s. Subconsciously, he had assumed she was conjuring up hereditary illness as a smokescreen for her incompetence

But Owen was no fool to abandon his principles for a young lady’s words. If he altered his initial response, it likely meant he had verified it with his family

Dane’s gaze drifted to the smartphone in Owen’s hand, a dry lump forming in his throat. He pressed on, Is it thisWasting Syndrome?I can’t be sure of the name, but it’s indistinguishable from what I’m dealing with now,” Owen replied. His eyes darkened

The message from his father was clear: without a known cause, those afflicted by this ailment inevitably succumbed. With no significant medical case history, it was understandable that the Reeves family was in the dark

Dane needed no further explanation to grasp the gravity of hereditary illness. He looked at Mirabella, wanting to convince himself it was all guesswork, but this was a matter of illness, and some things couldn’t be guessed

Dane fell silent

Beside them, Johnny, who had only grasped the gist of the conversation, looked on. It seemed that Nikolai’s young friend had diagnosed a condition different from what Mr. Dane had expected, and Owen accepted the treatment plan from Nikolai’s associate

Johnny glanced down at the prescription in his hand, then addressed Nikolai, Just these?” 

Catching on, Nikolai directed the butler, Take this prescription to the pharmacy and have them prepare the medications in the specified doses.” 

The butler nodded dutifully, taking the prescription from Johnny’s hand and leaving the room

Once the butler had departed, Mirabella checked the time and turned to Nikolai. I should be going.” 

Nikolai looked towards Owen on the bed, and then asked in a low voice, Is this going to be enough?” 

She nodded, Prepare the medicine as soon as possible and make sure he takes it without delay.” 

Alright.Nikolai paused before suggesting, “It’s noon already. Why not stay for lunch before you go?” 

No need. I have to get back to school,Mirabella declined

Pleas nice 

She then scribbled an account number on a piece of paper, tore it off, and approached Johnny. Please transfer the consultation fee to this card. If there are any issues, you can call me. I’m usually in class, so it’s best to text me in advance.” 

After saying that, she handed the paper to him, spared Owen on the bed no glance, and made her way out. Mirabella, let me walk you out. Nikolai quickly followed after her

Johnny stared at Mirabella’s retreating figure for a long moment. Only when he looked down at the amount written on the paper in his hand did he snap out of his reverie, taken aback by the figure.” 

The Double ( or More ?) Life of The Fake Heiress

The Double ( or More ?) Life of The Fake Heiress

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The Double ( or More ?) Life of The Fake Heiress" The prestigious Gilbert family found themselves in the middle of a public farce, they had been raising an impostor as their daughter for a decade!

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As anticipation built for the embarrassment of the fake heiress, Mirabella seemed rather pleased with her impending supposedly 'poor' life. However, her new existence was far from deprived. Her biological parents presented her with limitless riches and undying affection. Her brothers, the influential CEO Emmitt, renowned lawyer Zach, elite medic Nick, and international superstar Leo, showered her with their protective instincts. And just when you thought the plot couldn’t get any juicier, in walks the mysterious boy next door. Filled with secrets and a growing love for Mirabella, he jumps headfirst into this wild romance. Hold on to your seats! A thrilling romantic adventure is about to begin!

The Double or More Life of The Fake Heiress


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