The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce ) Chapter 15

The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce ) Chapter 15
Chapter 15 Such a Bet Doesn’t Count at All
The atmosphere in the Riding and Shooting Recreation Center of Purpeak Club dropped to a freezing point at once.
16 million dollars was a lot.
Yet for the Walsh Group, the company on the second tier of Hallcester’s business world, it was nothing.
Robin sounded more than arrogant.
Everyone looked at Jacob.
In their presumption, given Jacob’s personal image in the upper circle of Hallcester, he ought to toss the money in cash in Robin’s face.
Yet they were wrong.
Jacob did nothing of the sort.
He blushed angrily and pointed at Robin, stuttering, “You… You…”
Jacob had the urge to kill Robin right now.
He never imagined that he would fall into Robin’s hands again.
He thought he could humiliate Robin in front of Miranda and Karina with his fine archery.
Yet things got out of control.
What embarrassed him the most was that he had no 16 million dollars for now.
Robin pursed his lips. “What about me?
“Mr. Walsh, you initiated the bet, and the amount of the bet was what you agreed to.
“Now you lose and refuse to pay.
“I offer that you can get down on your knees and call me Grandpa three times, so you don’t have to pay. What do you mean by being so reluctant now?
“Do you want to challenge Purpeak Club’s rules?”
While saying this, Robin glanced at Livia.
Seeing that, Miranda rushed to Robin and scolded, “You bastard! Stop being so complacent! Robin, do you think Mr. Walsh is as poor as you are?
“Do you know what the Walsh family stands for in Hallcester? Do you think he cares about 16 million dollars? Stop weighing him with your standards!
“You want Mr. Walsh to kneel in front of you for a 16 million dollar bet? You don’t deserve it!
“People like you are so narrow-minded and have no tolerance at all. Now I am more and more disgusted by you!”
Then she turned and said, “Mr. Walsh, give him the money! When has someone who has never seen money ever seen 16 million dollars? I can’t be bothered to talk to him!”
Yet Crystal noticed that something was off.
Jacob’s hesitancy at the moment clearly showed that he was troubled by this 16-million-dollar bet.
Rumor had it that the Walsh family’s business was in trouble. Could it be that Jacob couldn’t come up with 16 million dollars?
She saw that Jacob’s legs were trembling slightly.
Krish glanced at Karina, who was on her phone, her head lowered.
Krish stepped forward and said, “Robin, is it? Don’t go too far! It’s just a bet. We might as well give each other a little leeway. Don’t corner anyone.”
Robin raised her eyelids and smiled indifferently.
“You mean the bet doesn’t matter?
“OK. As long as you tell me that you cannot fulfill the bet and do as I have just said, then I will forget about the 16 million dollars.”
A group of rich young men around them looked at Krish with disdain.
If he went rogue today because of the bet, he could forget about being a part of Hallcester’s upper circle from now on.
Sensing the sneering looks around him, Krish grumbled, “When did I say I wouldn’t honor the bet?
“You’re so narrow-minded. Jacob, call your father and give Robin the money. Stop stalling.”
Jacob thought, “I have no 16 million dollars right now!
“If I had, I wouldn’t have been standing here, being humiliated by Robin!
“I want to kill Robin!
“Yet I can’t let on that my family is in a dire situation right now.
“Or it won’t just be 16 million dollars. My family’s future will be at stake.
“Today is crucial for my family.
“We have to sign the contract for the investment development of the Eastern Business District successfully.
“In such a way, we can immediately resolve the crisis of serious break in the capital chain.”
Suppressing, Jacob said, “Robin, 16 million dollars are nothing to me.
“Ms. Huber, you know that given my family’s status in Hallcester, of course, we have no difficulty honoring the bet.
“How about this? I will transfer 16 million dollars to your designated card by noon tomorrow.”
Krish and Miranda were stunned.
They were surprised by Jacob’s words, which humiliated himself that much.
Crystal shook her head secretly.
It seemed that it was an indisputable fact that the capital chain of the Walsh Group had been broken.
Otherwise, Jacob would never have made such embarrassing remarks on such an occasion.
“Not gonna happen,” Robin said expressionlessly.
Jacob gritted his teeth. “Robin, don’t go too far!”
Robin shrugged and smiled coldly, “If I was the loser, would you wait until tomorrow to take away the Huber Group’s 8-billion-dollar project contract?
“You wouldn’t.
“I’m the winner, and you want to pay me tomorrow. Guys, has such a thing happened before at Purpeak Club?”
Several managers shook their heads. “Never!
“People who bet at Purpeak Club must redeem their bets on the spot.
“If they are short of funds, we have a special loan office here, which can be pledged against assets and paid in advance. But no one can default on gambling.
“Otherwise, they will have their limbs cut off.”
Jacob shivered.
“Mr. Walsh, stop teasing him. That’s enough. Just give him 16 million dollars, and we’ll leave,” Miranda figured that Jacob was teasing Robin on purpose and sneered.
Jacob did not know how to explain it to them.
Seeing how hesitant Jacob was, Krish said in a low voice, “Jacob, what’s the matter with you? Call your dad and ask him to transfer you 16 million dollars, OK?”
Jacob gritted his teeth, picked up the phone, and walked away. “Dad, where are you?”
“I am now in the lobby of the recreation center of Purpeak Club. What is it?”
“I … I need 16 million dollars…”
“What? 16 million dollars? What are you doing?”
“I … I lost a bet in the Riding and Shooting Recreation Center of Purpeak Club. We bet on 16 million dollars, and I have to pay him now.”
“You brat! What can you do but make trouble for me?
“Wait there. I’ll be there in a second.
“Who’s the man you bet against?”
“Robin who? I have never heard of such a man in Hallcester.”
“It’s the guy whom Miranda broke off at the Brown family’s New Year’s party.”
Miranda walked to Jacob. “Will Manuel be here soon?”
Jacob nodded. “He’s at the door of the hall already. He’ll be here in a second.”
Miranda looked at Robin and sneered.
“Robin, maybe you can get 16 million dollars right away, but don’t forget the Walsh family’s status in Hallcester.
“You’re so shortsighted.”
Robin chuckled. “What do you mean? For this insignificant money, are they going to take revenge on me?”
Miranda glanced sideways at Robin and did not speak to him again.
She thought, “Sure enough, he is a bumpkin.
“He doesn’t know the rules of the game in the upper circle at all.
“How are you supposed to gain a foothold in Hallcester after offending so many high society figures?”
At the same time, Manuel Walsh, flanked by four fierce bodyguards, stormed up to Jacob.
“What’s going on?”
Jacob said, trembling, “Dad, I … bet on horseback archery with Robin and lost 16 million dollars.”
“You brat! It’s just a game. Such a bet doesn’t count at all. The Walsh family won’t acknowledge it!
“Come with me! Stop messing around!”
Then he grabbed Jacob’s hand and was about to leave.
“Wait!” Livia stepped forward and stopped Manuel. “Mr. Walsh from the Walsh Group, right?”
“Ms. Colon? I’m sorry that I didn’t see you earlier. Please forgive me.”
Manuel forced a smile and nodded at Livia.
“My son is too immature and has caused you trouble. I’m sorry. I’ll take him to leave right now.”
Livia smiled nonchalantly and said, “He can’t leave until he pays the 16 million dollars.”
“What 16 million dollars?” Manuel played dumb.
“It’s just a child’s game. It’s nothing important.”
Livia, still expressionless, said, “People come here to play games. But rules are no joke!
“Don’t you know Purpeak Club’s rules, Mr. Walsh?”
Manuel frowned.
Of course, he did.
He was just trying to play dumb and drag Jacob away.
“I am here today at the invitation of Ms. Decker and Mr. Reynell to discuss the investment cooperation of the Eastern Business District.
“If I’m late and blamed by Ms. Decker and Mr. Reynell, I’m afraid it’ll be too much for you, Ms. Colon.”
The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce )

The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , Released: 1/24/2024 Native Language: English
The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce ) Since Robin Bruce was a child, he had been staying with Enzo Patton, learning medical, combat, and even assassination skills. He had asked countless times where his family was, yet Enzo wouldn’t tell him no matter what. When he grew up, Enzo took him to Bronia, the battlefield of mercenaries, for practice. Since then, he dazzled the world as “the Annihilator”, his code name “Dragon” sending everyone down on their knees upon hearing it.

The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce )

To fulfill his engagement, he returned to Londraland with the Dragon Dagger from Enzo. When he saw his fiancée, however, he was ridiculed and humiliated on the spot. Without the slightest care, he tore the agreement. From then on, he roamed the world, causing upheaval and turmoil…  
Chapter 1 Dragon Dagger
“Enzo, sooner or later, you’ll end up dying under a woman’s spell!”
Robin Bruce looked at the weak old man before him.
Enzo Patton wiped off the lipstick mark on his face, put on a helpless expression, and then handed a bank card to him.
“Robin, spend as much as you want! There are millions of billions of dollars in the Leopard Card!
“I have luxurious houses in major cities around the world. Feel free to move in any time you want.
“And this… Damn! Not this!”
The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J


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