The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce ) Chapter 33

The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce ) Chapter 33

Chapter 33 I Don’t Have to Follow Your Orders

Nathen glanced at Robin coldly and didn’t continue to talk to him

Robin’s vibe made Nathen stressed. He could barely breathe

Nathen felt that Robin was unprede

Nathen thought, Is he being tough because he doesn’t understand the situation or that he is really capable?” 

Nathen didn’t know

But he had gotten some information about Robin

Robin had no power and his engagement to the Brown family’s daughter had been broken off

He was a nobody

But after Robin entered the hall, he had been interfering with Nathen’s plan and embarrassed him

Nathen thought, I must get rid of him!” 

Nathen suddenly chuckled

His smile was as gentle and friendly as usual

Karina, you have become more humorous.Nathen walked to her from the reception desk in style

Under the dazzling light, Nathen appeared as handsome and charming as before

Chapter 331 Don’t Have to Follow Your Orders

The guests felt confused

They thought, Was what happened before an illusion

Now Nathen looks exactly the same as the person in my memory

He is modest and welleducated. He makes people feel comfortable, like the sunshine and breeze in spring. He is so gentle and elegant.” 


Everyone.Nathen stood in front of Karina and nodded with a smile

Then he turned and faced the heads of families that came to negotiate cooperation

Please think about it. If Ms. Huber gives you the seven projects of the Eastern Business District for free, what will the Huber Group get in return? Why would they give up the easy money


Firstclass families are just like ordinary businessmen. As long as they are in the business world, they are destined to grasp all the profits available mercilessly!” 

His words disappointed the heads of families that were originally delighted

Nathen was right

The Huber Group wasn’t crazy. It wouldn’t share the huge profits with its opponents for free

Karina, I know you did that because you were angry with me.Nathen sighed

I admit that I’ve neglected you

I’ve said on many occasions that I really like you

Chapter 33 1Don’t Have to Follow Your Order 

But I’ve been so busy. I’ve never asked you out for a meal or a concert

I apologize to you sincerely

From now on, I’ll spend most of my time with you.” 

Wow!It instantly eased the tension. People kept cheering

The young women present looked at Nathen excitedly

Then they fixed their gaze on Karina with jealousy

Karina snorted, Hehe. Mr. Reynell is really a good actor.” 

After saying that, Karina held Robin’s arm and pulled him to the reception desk

She subconsciously knew that she would only feel confident with Robin by her side

Everyone. Mr. Bruce mentioned the outsourcing contracts of the Eastern Business District’s projects earlier. It’s approved by the Huber Group

Please don’t worry. There is no additional condition except that the project types should remain unchanged

Mr. Bruce will follow up the matter with full authority.” 

Karina smiled and looked at Robin when she said that

Robin was shocked

He thought, She wants me to deal with the outsourcing contracts of the Eastern Business District’s projects

I didn’t know she was so wicked

Chapter 331 Don’t Have to Follow Your Orders 

She is exploiting me!” 

Robin felt something soft and warm touching his body

He smelt a pleasant fragrance from Karina and felt comfortable

Robin thought, Anyway, I have nothing else to do. I will do it for you this time then.” 

The Legal Department of the Huber Group will bring a letter of intent of project investment in ten minutes. You can make your decision after reading the contract

The Huber Group will hold a signing ceremony for the outsourcing of the Eastern Business District’s projects in three days

Anyone who is interested in the projects is welcome

There is one more piece of news that I want to share with you

Mr. Lambert has given all the outsourcing projects of the southern part of the Eastern Business District to the Huber Group for free, except those that the Huber Group already invested in

So, the Huber Group is offering many outsourcing projects. A large number of wealthy people in Hallcester can get a share of them

Please calm down and make a proper decision! Investment is a major decision and will bring about significant change!” 

Nathen’s face sank when he heard what Karina said

Ms. Huber, are you risking everything to go against the Reynell family?” 

Karina held Robin’s hand tightly and looked around the hall

Chapter 33 Y Don’t Have to Follow Your Orders

Mr. Reynell, if that’s your way of saying a fair business competition, my answer is yes.” 

OK! Good! Great!Nathen looked at Karina and Robin with hostility

Then he talked to Conway, who had been sitting in the corner

Mr. Lambert, you have been at the party for so long. It’s time to say something to people.” 

Only then did the guests remember the presence of this significant person

Conway twitched the corner of his mouth. He glanced at Robin and quickly looked away

UmI know little about investment. I have nothing to say.” 

Conway’s indifference made Nathen shocked and angry

The Reynell family had made a private deal with Conway earlier

They would plunder the capital of the secondclass and thirdclass families in Hallcester and integrate it

Then they would attack the Huber Group on Eastern Business District

At last, they would take away its position as a firstclass family

The Reynell family and Conway would share everything that the Huber family had in Hallcester

Nathen had a further plan

After the things above were done… 

He would borrow power from Hondry Sect to suppress Conway, destroy Cecilia, and get full control of the business world in Hallcester



Chapter 331 Don’t Have to Follow Your Orders

But the change in Conway’s attitude made Nathen panic

Nathen thought, What is this asshole doing?” 

Nathen questioned coldly, Mr. Lambert, what do you mean? Are you going to ruin my plan too?” 

The hall fell into deadly silence

The Reynell family had been rising rapidly in Hallcester

But it was still less powerful than Conway, who was from Demon’s Lair

Conway had been in Hallcester since he started his work

He had run the grey business for nearly twenty years

The Huber family did the legal business, and he did the illegal one

Cecilia had to show Conway respect even though she was said to have a strong background

Nathen had questioned Conway

People wondered if Nathen was driven crazy by anger

Conway snorted, What will you do if I ruin your plan? I don’t have to follow your orders!” 

Nathen was dumbfounded

He didn’t expect Conway to fall out right after he gave Conway the projects of the southern part of the Eastern Business District

Nathen was confused

Mr. Lambert, are you going against me like the Huber Group?” 

Chapter 331 Don’t Have to Follow Your Orders! 

Conway snorted. It’s too troublesome, so I gave the projects to the Huber family. You can play the game in any way you like! I don’t care

Get lost. Leave me alone!” 

Nathen blushed and said angrily, Conway, since you don’t want to run the projects of the southern part, you should return them to the Reynell family!” 

Nathen, are you threatening me?Conway pointed at Nathen and cursed

You’ve given them to me, so they belong to me. You can’t take them back now. People in Demon’s Lair won’t agree!” 




As Conway finished his words, around one hundred guys from Demon’s Lair broke in

Nathen’s bodyguards quickly stood in front of him

Robin stepped forward and said, The southern part has been handed over to the Huber Group. What’s the point of you fighting over it?” 

Nathen said fiercely, Alright! Conway, I won’t fight with you today!” 

Conway waved his hand. The people from Demon’s Lair got out

The guests heaved deep sighs

If the outlaws from Demon’s Lair started a fight here, Nathen would lose, and the guests would get hurt too

Nathen looked Robin up and down. He sneered, OK. I see. You’re determined to go against the Reynell family today!” 

Ms. Huber, Mr. Lambert, how did we build up our fortune in Hallcester? We all know that we built it through fights

Chapter 33 I Don’t Have to Follow Your Orders

Since we have a disagreement over the ownership of the southern part’s projects, we should have a fight. The winner will get the projects!” 

As Nathen finished, a man around twenty years old showed up in front of him

His name was Deandre Bucher. He was the disciple of Sergio Mellor, the leader of Hashville Martial Arts Union and Hashville’s King of Boxing 

Deandre was called Hashville Butcher

He had hardcore skills and was the most powerful in Hashville. Anyone who fought against him would end up being dead or badly wounded

Nathen had actually managed to recruit Deandre

Deandre’s appearance shocked everyone at the party held in Purpeak Club

The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce )

The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , Released: 1/24/2024 Native Language: English
The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce ) Since Robin Bruce was a child, he had been staying with Enzo Patton, learning medical, combat, and even assassination skills. He had asked countless times where his family was, yet Enzo wouldn’t tell him no matter what. When he grew up, Enzo took him to Bronia, the battlefield of mercenaries, for practice. Since then, he dazzled the world as “the Annihilator”, his code name “Dragon” sending everyone down on their knees upon hearing it.

The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce )

To fulfill his engagement, he returned to Londraland with the Dragon Dagger from Enzo. When he saw his fiancée, however, he was ridiculed and humiliated on the spot. Without the slightest care, he tore the agreement. From then on, he roamed the world, causing upheaval and turmoil…  
Chapter 1 Dragon Dagger
“Enzo, sooner or later, you’ll end up dying under a woman’s spell!”
Robin Bruce looked at the weak old man before him.
Enzo Patton wiped off the lipstick mark on his face, put on a helpless expression, and then handed a bank card to him.
“Robin, spend as much as you want! There are millions of billions of dollars in the Leopard Card!
“I have luxurious houses in major cities around the world. Feel free to move in any time you want.
“And this… Damn! Not this!”
The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J


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