The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce ) Chapter 34

The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce ) Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Deandre the Butcher 

Deandre’s presence shocked Conway

Deandre was hard to deal with

As far as Conway knew, no one in Demon’s Lair could defeat Deandre

It was acknowledged that Sergio had no part in the business

And Sergio’s disciples did the same way

However, Deandre blatantly sided with the Reynell family. No one knew whether Sergio learned it or not

People assumed that the Reynell family and the Hashville Martial Arts Union had already ganged up

If it was true, the Reynell family was plotting to take over Hallcester

Conway looked up at Robin

Conway was curious about how the honored guest of Dark Queen reacted

Karina didn’t expect Deandre to show up here

Giving off a killing aura, Deandre looked ferocious. Though Karina knew that Robin was a good fighter, she worried that Robin might get hurt

Deandre got eyes like the wolf’s blue eyes. His gaze threw everyone into a thrill

The guests didn’t expect that Nathen would be able to get Deandre on 

Chapter 34 Deandre the Butcher 

his team. They unconsciously took a few steps back

In the corner of the hall, Miranda smirked

Miranda thought, Serves you right, Robin

You got too carried away. Though the Huber family is behind your back… 

You shouldn’t have messed with Nathen. You’re finished.” 

Jacob snorted, Robin’s screwed. It’s said that Deandre shows no mercy to his enemies

I never saw Deandre be defeated. Deandre is invincible. And his enemies never end up well.” 

Hearing this, Crystal looked at Robin with concern

It looked as if Deandre’s murderous aura was about to engulf Robin

Anyone who wasn’t aware of what Robin was like when he fought would underestimate Robin

Robin had innocent eyes, and he always wore a faint smile

Therefore, Robin didn’t seem to have great power

The crowd wondered whether Robin would survive Deandre’s attack

Robin remained silent. Nathen looked at Robin with a smug face and said, Mr. Bruce, are you scared

Just so you know, violence is how we solve problems

Power is everything. The weak don’t get a say in this world. The strong do

Chapter 34 Deandre the Butcher 

A weakling shouldn’t have been so selfabsorbed. You had it coming.” 

What’s all this commotion? You guys look so aggressive.A sexy voice sounded from outside the hall

The crowd at the door moved aside at once to make way for the 


People exclaimed with excitement when they saw Cecilia

All heads of big families sprang up to bow and greeted, Ms. Decker!” 

Hello, Ms. Decker. I’m Ricky Hereford from Ocean Company.” 

Nice to meet you, Ms. Decker.” 

Nodding, Cecilia greeted everyone with a tempting smile

Leonel, Livia, and other bodyguards escorted Cecilia into the hall

Mr. Lambert, Ms. Huber, Mr. Reynell, I hear that you three have been working well together. What happened?” 

Conway smiled coldly and didn’t say anything

Karina looked away, standing beside Robin with an impassive expression

Nathen explained everything about the project of the southern part of the Eastern Business District to Cecilia in his own way. Obviously, they’re ganging up on me. Don’t you think so, Ms. Decker?” 

Cecilia faintly smiled, Mr. Reynell, I’d say you’re the problem here. You can’t tell Mr. Lambert what and how to do after you’ve transferred the development rights to Mr. Lambert, right

In other words, Mr. Lambert is in charge of the whole thing. As to 

Chapter 34 Deandre the Butcher 

whom and how Mr. Lambert transferred, it was between them

Look, it’s great to have everyone here today. So why don’t you let that slide?” 

Cecilia waved at a waiter and told him to get her four glasses of wine

Mr. Reynell, there’s no need to make such a big deal and even get into a fight about it. I’d really appreciate it if you could forgive him.” 

Nathen didn’t take his glass of wine. He said with a sullen expression, Forgive him? The project is worth millions of dollars. How can I act like nothing has ever happened, Ms. Decker

No way!” 

The atmosphere was thick with tension

The alluring smile vanished from Cecilia’s face

So you still won’t let it go, Mr. Reynell, right?” 

Pointing at Robin, Nathen sneered, He’s just nobody. How dare he mess with me again and again? Given that, I insist on using our way to settle the problem about the southern part. Robin should learn a lesson from it.” 

Cecilia pulled a long face, warning, Just a reminder, Mr. Reynell. This is Purpeak Club. I’m in charge here. If anyone who dares to make a scene here, he will answer to me!” 

The crowd immediately trembled with fear

It was said that Cecilia was a cruel woman, but no one had ever seen her throw a fit in public

Fine, if you say so, Mr. Reynell.” 

Chapter 34 Deandre the Butcher 

Cecilia told Livia to make room for Robin and Deandre

People immediately did as Cecilia said and left

However, the guests were still waiting outside the hall, guessing what would happen inside

I’ve never seen Ms. Decker mad in public. Her aura was so domineering.” 

Looks like Robin can hardly get out of there alive.” 


In the hall, Nathen looked excited, without taking Cecilia’s warning seriously

Ms. Decker, I know you’re in charge here, but please stay out of it. It’s between Robin and I.” 

Cecilia snorted, “You don’t tell me what to do.” 

Nathen smiled coldly, Ms. Decker, you’re meaning to get involved, aren’t you?” 

The next moment, Nathen took a step back. Deandre looked around and pointed at Cecilia and her bodyguards

Leonel dashed to kick Deandre’s leg

Deandre, who was an expert in boxing, got into a fight with Leonel

After three rounds of fighting, Leonel felt a little exhausted

Sensing that Leonel struggled to withstand Deandre’s attack, Livia broke out in a cold sweat out of concern

After five rounds of fighting, Leonel got knocked over by Deandre 

Chapter 34 Deandre the Batcher 

with one punch

However, Deandre had no intention of stopping

Deandre never meant to let his enemies get away. That was how he owned his name Butcher

Deandre leaped up, reaching a height of more than four meters

Deandre pointed his knee at Leonel, ready to thump on Leonel’s chest

Leonel, however, was lying on the ground weakly. Livia couldn’t bear to see Deandre kill Leonel

Livia knew that if Leonel couldn’t dodge Deandre’s attack, Leonel would possibly die

Cecilia frowned, imagining what Leonel would be like

Nevertheless, Cecilia could do nothing about it

Not long ago, Robin helped Cecilia lift her SoulDevouring Curse. Cecilia was still weak

Robin warned Cecilia not to use her power for a long time

Though Cecilia didn’t want Deandre to kill Leonel, Cecilia had no choice

Conway put on a serious face

Conway thought, The rumor is true

Deandre is a merciless man

If Nathen was the winner of today’s game, the Huber family and I would get into trouble.” 

Chapter 34 Desde the 

Perhaps it was Nathen’s part of a conspiracy

Deandre isn’t gonna stop until he kills her. He sucks.” 

Everyone was sure that Leonel would be killed by Deandre. However, before Deandre’s knee reached Leonel, Robin slightly pushed Deandre 


The next second, Deandre was thrown four or five meters away. Deandre felt as if he had been struck by tons of iron

Leonel was dumbfounded

Next to Robin, Leonel was able to catchRobin’s movements

Leonel had no idea how Robin could’ve sent Deandre flying so easily

Everyone’s eyes widened in shock

Deandre was furious. He struggled to his feet and then charged at Robin with his fists clenching

Robin, with his back to Deandre, was stretching out to help Leonel up

Mr. Bruce, watch outAs Leonel staggered to her feet, she saw Deandre rush toward Robin with his fierce fist. 

Robin let out a long breath

Robin didn’t turn around. Robin dodged while protecting Leonel. At the same time, Robin kicked Deandre hard in the back

A loud noise was heard

With his heavy body, Deandre was sent flying and hit a pillar hard

Deandre’s body twisted out of the great force of the impact

Chapter 34 Deandre the Butcher 

Deandre’s bones were all broken

The crowd exclaimed in astonishment

To everyone’s surprise, Deandre was defeated

The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce )

The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , Released: 1/24/2024 Native Language: English
The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce ) Since Robin Bruce was a child, he had been staying with Enzo Patton, learning medical, combat, and even assassination skills. He had asked countless times where his family was, yet Enzo wouldn’t tell him no matter what. When he grew up, Enzo took him to Bronia, the battlefield of mercenaries, for practice. Since then, he dazzled the world as “the Annihilator”, his code name “Dragon” sending everyone down on their knees upon hearing it.

The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce )

To fulfill his engagement, he returned to Londraland with the Dragon Dagger from Enzo. When he saw his fiancée, however, he was ridiculed and humiliated on the spot. Without the slightest care, he tore the agreement. From then on, he roamed the world, causing upheaval and turmoil…  
Chapter 1 Dragon Dagger
“Enzo, sooner or later, you’ll end up dying under a woman’s spell!”
Robin Bruce looked at the weak old man before him.
Enzo Patton wiped off the lipstick mark on his face, put on a helpless expression, and then handed a bank card to him.
“Robin, spend as much as you want! There are millions of billions of dollars in the Leopard Card!
“I have luxurious houses in major cities around the world. Feel free to move in any time you want.
“And this… Damn! Not this!”
The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J


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