The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce ) Chapter 455

The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce ) Chapter 455

Chapter 455 Kill These Bastards

Robin’s move surprised all the onlookers

This young man was truly a fearless novice!” 

Alice’s maiden family was one of the top ten families in Hashville, the Howell Group.” 

The Howell family had been operating in Hashville for many years, their connections were extensive, they had friends in the provincial government and the upper echelons of Draccastle.” 

The Tran family had been catching up these past few years, already showing a trend of surpassing the Howell family.” 

Such family background and heritage were not something that ordinary people could provoke.” 

Despite the Tran family and the Howell family both presenting themselves as sophisticated intellectuals on the surface.” 

But once their interests were infringed upon, they were ruthless in dealing with people.” 

This young man probably didn’t realize the severity of the situation, sigh, he really got himself into big trouble today.” 

A young girl, listening to the surrounding chatter, indignantly said, Shouldn’t her husband be beaten for drugging someone?” 



Chapter 455 KB. These Bastards


Since that Alice was a university professor, she should have been reasonable and should not have been unreasonable.” 

A middleaged man shook his head and said, Young lady, you are still young and cannot yet see the true nature of society.” 

A person’s cultivation and stature are not entirely distinguished by his external identity and status.” 

This was a material world, determined by relationships of interest. For the weak, there was no reason to be spoken in the face of all right and wrong.” 

Only those with power had the right to judge right from wrong.” 

The girl retorted defiantly. I refuse to believe that there is no pure land left in this world beyond selfinterest!” 

A few middleaged people saw the girl stubbornly believing in her own ideas, and shook their heads with a smile

One of them pointed at Marlene and whispered, Miss, do you see that woman? She is the wife of the deputy director of the provincial police department.” 

She was Prof. Howell’s good friend, her best girlfriend, do you think she should have said such things?” 

Take another look at that Mr. Mack, the big boss of our Mapleford’s grey area. Think about all the shady things he’s done. From your perspective, these people would never walk together.” 

The girl firmly said, Despite some excessive actions, Mrs. Deputy 



Tai kon kill these Bastarde

Director and Prof Howell would never associate with people from the underworld.” 

Before the girl could finish her words, an infuriated Alice roared, Kid, you’ve got guts!” 

Then he turned to Mack, Mack, this reckless kid, I leave him to you!” 

And another thing!She pointed angrily at Crystal, Tonight, this woman is yours, you and your little brothers can take turns with her!” 

Nd like to see if you dare to pretend to be innocent again in the future!” 

The girl in the crowd of onlookers suddenly covered her mouth, almost screaming out

She was a highly educated intellectual, howhow could she utter such malicious words?” 


Robin gave a cold laugh, grabbed Alice’s hair and slapped her

Ah! You dare to hit me. Mack, kill him!Alice screamed like


Slap! Slap! Slap!A series of crisp slapping sounds echoed, and the fourth floor of the tavern fell into silence

No one had expected Robin to be so fierce

Alice dared not make any sound anymore

Marlene retreated in fear



Chapter 455 Kill These Bastards

Mack was also stunned, taking a while to react

He never imagined that Robin would dare to be so presumptuous, knowing their background

Alice was terrified for a while before she came to her senses, Marlene, call Mr. Lowe quicklyMack, kill this” 

Speaking up to this point, she looked up and saw Robin, who was wiping his palms with a wet towel. She immediately shut her mouth

At that moment, Clay, hiding behind the crowd, was scared and breaking out in a cold sweat

Looking at Robin’s indifferent expression under the shadow of the lamp, he suddenly shuddered

The scene at the Finley family’s banquet had already left an indelible impression on Robin

Was able to become a guest of honor for the Finley family, the richest family in Hashville

Was able to singlehandedly wipe out the Elliott family, the Reynell family

The person who could instantly transfer 200 billion capital of Hondry Sect from the Reynell family to the Huber family like magic was truly terrifying

How could I have dared to imagine before, that the Tran family and the Howell family could take down such an awesome character like Robin



Chapter 455 Kill These Bastards

This was simply impossible

Looking at Ted and Alice, who were ruined by Robin singlehandedly, Clay became completely sober

A character like Robin was absolutely not to be opposed or outsmarted

Tonight, the Tran family, the Howell family, and even the deputy director of the police department, were probably all doomed

No, I absolutely could not afford to take the wrong side on such matters again

At that moment, Mack, in a fit of rage, roared, Chop these bastards up for me!” 

Over a hundred thugs, armed with short knives and iron rods, charged together towards the fourth floor from outside the hotel

Clay pushed through the crowd to get to Mack: Mack, wait! You absolutely can’t do this!” 

Mack’s face turned cold: Mr. Sims, what do you mean by this?” 

Let me finish what I’m sayingClay said nervously

Mack said irritably, Mr. Sims, I don’t have time to talk to you right now, let me deal with these kids first! We’ll talk later!” 

Clay waved his hand anxiously, Mack, listen to my advice, apologize to Mr. Bruce immediately!” 

Mr. Bruce, Ms. Thompson,Clay turned and ran back to Robin and Crystal



Chapter 455 Kill These Bastards

Before. I didn’t know you were here. If I had known, I would have come earlier.” 

Robin gave a nonchalant smile, Clay, didn’t you arrive a while ago? You’ve been hiding in the crowd, isn’t this the situation you wanted to see?” 

The scene was filled with uproar

Mack was also confused, had Clay drunk too much

The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce )

The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , Released: 1/24/2024 Native Language: English
The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce ) Since Robin Bruce was a child, he had been staying with Enzo Patton, learning medical, combat, and even assassination skills. He had asked countless times where his family was, yet Enzo wouldn’t tell him no matter what. When he grew up, Enzo took him to Bronia, the battlefield of mercenaries, for practice. Since then, he dazzled the world as “the Annihilator”, his code name “Dragon” sending everyone down on their knees upon hearing it.

The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J ( Robin Bruce )

To fulfill his engagement, he returned to Londraland with the Dragon Dagger from Enzo. When he saw his fiancée, however, he was ridiculed and humiliated on the spot. Without the slightest care, he tore the agreement. From then on, he roamed the world, causing upheaval and turmoil…  
Chapter 1 Dragon Dagger
“Enzo, sooner or later, you’ll end up dying under a woman’s spell!”
Robin Bruce looked at the weak old man before him.
Enzo Patton wiped off the lipstick mark on his face, put on a helpless expression, and then handed a bank card to him.
“Robin, spend as much as you want! There are millions of billions of dollars in the Leopard Card!
“I have luxurious houses in major cities around the world. Feel free to move in any time you want.
“And this… Damn! Not this!”
The Lethal Love Hunter by J.M.J


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