The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage by Janice Gold Chapter 20

The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage by Janice Gold Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Deborah stared at Edith and said, “I believe I still stand a chance.

Edith didn’t respond directly. She had received many such offers over the years. If she were not determined, she wouldn’t have held on to her job.

After coming out of the auction, Edith took out her phone. It showed Bonnie had called her more than ten times.

Edith frowned and thought, ‘What’s so urgent?’

She suddenly had a bad feeling.

The next second, Bonnie called her again, and Edith answered it immediately. On the other end, Bonnie’s voice sounded hoarse as if she had just cried.

“Edith, what should I do?”

Bonnie’s voice came through. “The children are missing…

“I took them out to the night market. Everything was fine at first, but when I turned around…”

Upon hearing it, Edith felt limp all over. She swallowed and forced herself to calm down.

“It’s okay. They should be nearby.” Edith could only comfort herself in that way.

“Call the police immediately and send me the location. I will go look for them with you.”


Bonnie should be feeling very guilty, so Edith couldn’t bear to put any more pressure on


After Edith received the location, she got into the car. Only she knew how frightened she was. Her fingers were even trembling when she turned the car key.

The two kids meant everything to her. She shuddered to think what she should do if the kids couldn’t be found.

It was dark now, and night markets were usually in the bustling areas complex surroundings.


and dro. any alleys and

Edith didn’t dare to imagine further. She sped up the car straight to Bonnie’s location.

As soon as she got out of the car, she saw Bonnie

her eyes.

Edith trotted over and asked, /Did you find them?”

around with tears in the corners of

Bonnie shook her head. “I have called the police, but the police said that the case cannot be filed within 24 hours. What should we do?

“I’m sorry, Edith. I’m really sorry.”

Edith didn’t have time to comfort her because finding the kids was the top priority. “Let’s

and look for them. You should find someone else to help.”

split up

“Be careful…”


Chapter 20

Before Bonnie finished her words, Edith rushed to the alley.

Edith searched almost all the alleys in the cast. However, she failed to encounter a single soul, let alone her kids.

Finally, Edith saw an old lady closing her stall and hurriedly caught up with her.

“Excuse me, have you seen two children?

“They’re about this tall. It’s a boy and a girl. The boy doesn’t talk much, and the girl wears a pink skirt.”

Edith was so anxious that she was sweating profusely, but the old lady shook her head.


“Madam, everyone who lived nearby has moved away. If they haven’t moved yet, might encounter your children.”

Edith suddenly felt a little discouraged. She thanked the old lady hurriedly and turned around to leave.

Edith thought, ‘No, I can’t give up!’

Bonnie and others were searching in the west, but there was no progress. Edith walked to a bridge and didn’t even dare to look into the river.

Just as she was about to collapse, she received a call from an unknown number.

Edith glanced at it and saw it was a local call. She picked it up without thinking too much. but found it was Gideon on the other end of the phone.

“What’s the matter?”

Edith’s voice was slightly hoarse and trembling.

Gideon paused and then said, “Where are you?

“The kids are with me. Don’t worry about them.”

‘Why are the kids with Gideon?’ Edith wondered.

She blurted out, “Keep an eye on them. I’ll be right over.”

Following Gideon’s description, Edith walked all the way to the roadside and saw Ray waiting for her.

She ran over and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the kids in the car.

Fortunately, nothing had happened to the kids..

Jeanne was held in Gideon’s arms. She was obviously exhausted and might have cried in fear as the corners of her eyes were red.

Ruben sat quietly in the back seat on the other side, refusing to sit close to Gideon.

Edith walked over and touched Jeanne’s cheek. Jeanne immediately shrank and slipped into Gideon’s arms in a daze, which made Edith full of remorse.

“Why did you let the two kids come out alone? What kind of mother are you?”

Gideon hugged Jeanne and patted her back from time to time to pacify her.

Edith paused for a moment, fuming with rage. She said, “Gideon, why do you think you can


Chapter 20

judge me?”

‘You are their biological father. Have you ever done anything in these years?’ Edith complained inwardly.

Gideon frowned, feeling confused, “Edith, what are you angry about? Isn’t it your own problem?”

Edith held back her anger, about to lose her temper.

Ruben tugged the corner of her clothes, helping her come to her senses. “Sorry, I was just

too anxious.”

‘Edith, you have to calm down!’ Edith reminded herself in her mind.

She took a deep breath and tried to adjust herself.

Edith could put up with everything, but she always lost control when it came to her children.

Fortunately, Ruben stopped her in time. Otherwise, she would certainly regret her impulse


Feeling the tense atmosphere, Ray hurriedly stepped forward and explained, “Mr. Peterson came to check on the demolition progress of the project, and we happened to meet the kids. They were well-behaved, but the boy didn’t say a word no matter how we asked. I guess he might be scared.”

Edith shook her head. “No, he is just sick.”

She reached out to lift Jeanne away, but Gideon avoided it.

“She’s asleep. Get in. I’ll send you


Gideon’s tone sounded very gentle, giving Edith an illusion that he was coaxing his own. child.

But Gideon obviously didn’t know Ruben and Jeanne were his children.

Edith wanted to refuse but finally gave in while looking down at Jeanne.

Jeanne often said she wanted her father. Now, she stayed right in Gideon’s arms with peace of mind. Edith thought she might as well take this as a way to make up for Jeanne.

It was also a chance for Gideon to hold his daughter, even though he didn’t know the truth. Along the way, Edith didn’t speak again. The back seat seemed a bit crowded. Edith was holding Ruben while Gideon cradled Jeanne in his arms.

Edith and Gideon didn’t have any communication, but they both took good care of the children.

lights in the villa were on.

Bonnie should have been back long ago.

“Thank you for today.”

Edith took Jeanne from Gideon’s arms. “But I hope you won’t send people to investigate us again.”


Chapter 20

Gideon frowned and said, “Why did you say that?”

Edith smiled and said honestly, “I didn’t say where I lived, but Ray knows it, doesn’t he?”

Ray scratched his head in embarrassment. But in fact, it was indeed Gideon who gave him the address.

They didn’t expect to slip up at this step.

Not wanting to listen to Gideon’s explanation, Edith turned around to walk in with Jeanne in her arms, but a voice sounded not far away.

“Dad, why did you come back so late?”

Edith followed the voice and looked over. Danika was standing on the second floor of the villa not far away, with Joyce standing next to her.

‘How could it be?’ Edith thought in disbelief.

Before she had time to think, Gideon said behind her, “See? I don’t even need to investigate you.”

Edith knew he was talking to her.

The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage by Janice Gold

The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage by Janice Gold

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/6/2024 Native Language: English
The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage by Janice Gold" Edith Jones was a married woman who focused her life wholeheartedly on her marriage. She carefully maintained the delicate peace but didn't expect it to come to an end so soon. Born with a silver spoon, Gideon Peterson took over his family business at a young age. He was domineering and could easily change one's life with great wealth and power. Edith and Gideon were forced to get married. She knew he had never loved her. Until one day, a woman called Gideon out their marriage anniversary. Being disillusioned about this marriage, Edith left forever in despair, but she never expected to meet Gideon again...

The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage by Janice Gold

  The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage Chapter 1 Knock It Off Late at night, after having sex, Edith Jones lay on the bed, gently panting with slightly pressed lips, watching Gideon Peterson get off her. Having a pair of beautiful eyes, she turned to lie on her side. Gideon's profile, charming and handsome, was all she could see. However, she didn't mind his aloofness but still had a hint of expectation. She thought, 'Today is our wedding anniversary. Will he remember?' "Giddy, you..." she said softly first, wanting to say something more. But then, Gideon's phone suddenly rang. He didn't pay attention to Edith. He just reached for his phone, put it to his ear, and answered, "Hello." His voice was deep and husky, with the sexiness of just having made love. The person on the other end said something. Gideon's expression remained unchanged. He responded indifferently, "I'll be right there."  

The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage by Janice Gold


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