The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage by Janice Gold Chapter 34

The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage by Janice Gold Chapter 34

Chapter 34 

Edith didn’t know Gideon had been struggling all night about why she didn’t reply to his message

Three hours later, the alarm clock rang

Edith went to the laboratory with the complete restoration diagram

“You actually did it!” 

You’re a real dark horse. I haven’t seen such a complete 3D modeling diagram in a long time

Don’t cheer too loud. This is just the beginning of the restoration work.” 

Edith’s colleagues surrounded the modeling diagram and discussed with excitement

Edith went back to her office to change clothes and started a new round of work

The clay statue could withstand high temperatures but was fragile in front of collisions, so restoring it was a massive task

The cleaning work had been completed after the cultural relics were unearthed. What Edith needed to do next was stick the pieces together, fill in missing parts, restore the colors, etc. 

She was immersed in her work and didn’t know Ruben and Jeanne had become famous in kindergarten

Ruben won the admiration of teachers and children because he helped a teacher fix a computer 


Ruben, why did you know that stuff?” 

How about coming and playing with us? Don’t sit there silently.” 

My mommy said you are sick, but you look smarter than us. What kind of disease is it? I also want to have it, so my mommy won’t say I’m stupid every day.” 

The teacher was amused, but she quickly interrupted them when hearing the children’s blunt words. Class begins. Go back to your seats!” 

The teacher felt it was impolite to say Ruben was sick in front of him, while Ruben didn’t take it to heart

He had long accepted that he was different from ordinary people. Besides, his classmates didn’t mean any harm

The teacher was about to give a handicraft class when someone knocked on the door. It was the dean of studies

Ms. Brown, can talk to you for a second? Joyce was a student in your class before, right? Her parents came over to go through the transfer procedures and get back some handicrafts that were left in the school.” 

Okay, I’ll be there right away.The teacher told the children to draw in class and left quickly after finding Joyce’s previous handiwork in the cabinet

Jeanne glanced out the window from time to time and couldn’t focus on drawing at all

Do you want to go?Ruben saw through her mind and stuttered

Jeanne’s eyes suddenly lit up. She said expectantly, Can I? I want to see Gideon.” 

She was interested in anything related to Gideon

Besides, she wanted to find out what kind of person Gideon was as soon as possible, and she was curious about what happened in the past that led to the divorce of Edith and Gideon



Chapter 34 

Ruben pointed to the back door and motioned for Jeanne to sneak out quietly

They bent over and moved slowly toward outside while the classmates were not paying attention

Jeanne thought it was very funny and almost laughed out loud, but Ruben covered her mouth in time

If they were found by others, their classmates would definitely follow them out

Ruben didn’t want to get criticized by the teacher as he just got the sticker yesterday

Ruben, I don’t know where the office isJeanne stood in the aisle and looked at the three forks with embarrassment

She had a poor sense of direction and had never been anywhere in kindergarten except the classroom and the playground area

Ruben took her hand and walked towards one of the forks

Before the start of school, Ruben had already figured out the route of this kindergarten. He even knew where the principal’s wig was hidden, not to mention the office

Ruben and Jeanne were squatting at the door of the office. Danika was talking politely to Nina, and Gideon was sitting on the sofa without saying a word

Jeanne poked her head to look inside, revealing the bun on top of her head

Gideon caught a glimpse of it and found it interesting. He couldn’t help but be attracted by it

A kid sneaked out during the class?he wondered

Jeanne met his gaze and hurriedly lowered her head

She thought nervously, We’re screwed. He discovered me before I overheard any news!‘ 

Jeanne grabbed Ruben’s hand and ran away

Gideon excused himself to have a work call and chased after them

He found Ruben and Jeanne at the corner of the first floor and, lowering his head, said, Why are you two little kids running away?” 

Ruben didn’t like to be called a little kid and stared at Gideon with a frown

We didn’t run away. Gideon, why are you here? What a stroke of luck!Jeanne lied and pretended nothing had happened

Gideon couldn’t help but smile when he saw her cute look of telling lies in a serious manner

He lost his heart to her and really wanted to squeeze her cheeks

In order to cover up his slightly perverted thoughts, Gideon put a fist against his mouth and coughed. I came to go through the transfer procedures for Joyce. Why didn’t you go to class?” 

Jeanne ignored his question and asked, Gideon, why do you want to transfer Joyce to another school?” 

Her question stunned Gideon, and he forgot why he wanted to transfer Joyce to another school for


It was because Edith said last time that she didn’t want to have anything to do with Gideon and wanted to find a new school. Gideon didn’t know why he was actually worried that it would not be easy for Edith, so he found Joyce another school in advance

Gideon casually made an excuse. The school over there is more suitable for her. If you miss Joyce, you can go to play with her.” 


Chapter 34 

1Jeanne didn’t like Joyce

The rag doll she carefully made was thrown to the ground and stomped by Joyce, and it took her a long time to wash it clean

Gideon could tell Jeanne didn’t like Joyce

He squatted down and looked at Jeanne, his voice much gentler than before

It seems I said the wrong words. Let’s change a topic. Are you curious about me?” 

Every time he met Ruben and Jeanne, Jeanne would look at him with widened eyes

Did Edith speak ill of me in front of them?Gideon wondered

Jeanne nodded and asked what confused her, Gideon, why did you have a child with someone else?” 

Why does he abandon Mommy and us and live with others?she thought, feeling a wave of grievance

Gideon was stunned, unable to believe these words came from a child

How should he explain it

It seemed there was no way to explain it

Gideon was silent for a while, and his eyes dimmed. He said, You should ask your mother about this.” 

In his view, it was Edith who had children with someone else, and the two children were even standing in front of him

Ruben actually also wanted to know the answer. Gideon’s words made him feel Gideon was shirking responsibility, which made a terrible impression on him

Ruben thought angrily, Bad daddy! He abandoned us and even wanted to put the blame on Mommy!‘ 

Ruben stepped forward in a fit of temper, pushed Gideon away, and glared at him

Gideon’s legs were a little numb from squatting. The sudden push made him flop to the ground embarrassingly

Gideon’s buttocks hurt in pain, and he could barely speak

Fortunately, the students were all in class. If they caught this scene, he might become the 

laughingstock of them

Ever since Gideon met Ruben and Jeanne, he seemed to have been unlucky, which depressed him a lot

Seeing Gideon was pushed to the ground, Jeanne was amused and finally smiled

You deserve it because you bullied our mommy!She made a face at Gideon

Gideon was confused, wondering, Have I ever bullied Edith? Did she make a mistake? Come on. I’m the only one who was hurt

Ruben and Jeanne strode away without giving Gideon a chance to explain.

The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage by Janice Gold

The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage by Janice Gold

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/6/2024 Native Language: English
The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage by Janice Gold" Edith Jones was a married woman who focused her life wholeheartedly on her marriage. She carefully maintained the delicate peace but didn't expect it to come to an end so soon. Born with a silver spoon, Gideon Peterson took over his family business at a young age. He was domineering and could easily change one's life with great wealth and power. Edith and Gideon were forced to get married. She knew he had never loved her. Until one day, a woman called Gideon out their marriage anniversary. Being disillusioned about this marriage, Edith left forever in despair, but she never expected to meet Gideon again...

The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage by Janice Gold

  The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage Chapter 1 Knock It Off Late at night, after having sex, Edith Jones lay on the bed, gently panting with slightly pressed lips, watching Gideon Peterson get off her. Having a pair of beautiful eyes, she turned to lie on her side. Gideon's profile, charming and handsome, was all she could see. However, she didn't mind his aloofness but still had a hint of expectation. She thought, 'Today is our wedding anniversary. Will he remember?' "Giddy, you..." she said softly first, wanting to say something more. But then, Gideon's phone suddenly rang. He didn't pay attention to Edith. He just reached for his phone, put it to his ear, and answered, "Hello." His voice was deep and husky, with the sexiness of just having made love. The person on the other end said something. Gideon's expression remained unchanged. He responded indifferently, "I'll be right there."  

The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage by Janice Gold


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