The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage by Janice Gold Chapter 48

The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage by Janice Gold Chapter 48

Chapter 48 

You are not allowed to play here!” 

Joyce looked down at Ruben and Jeanne with an air of arrogance, her expression screaming. This is my turf. Now get out of here.” 

Jeanne was displeased, but she still made a concession to avoid unnecessary conflict

She took Ruben’s hand and said, Let’s go take pictures by the pool.” 

Jeanne pondered, It’s perfect since the pool is undergoing maintenance and disinfection today. No one will be there

Seeing their reaction, Joyce’s frustration grew as she felt like her efforts were ineffective

She thought angrily. How dare they ignore me?!” 

Joyce chased after them and eyed Jeanne’s camera. Hey! What are you holding?” 

Then, Joyce deliberately muttered, It wasn’t stolen, was it?” 

Jeanne had never done anything wrong in her life and hated being falsely accused

She stopped abruptly and turned around, replying. This is mine, not stolen. Why do you think so badly of others? Have you ever stolen something?” 

Jeanne always remembered her mother’s words

Only those who have done bad things think others are as bad as them.” 

Joyce clenched her fists, rushed forward, and knocked Jeanne’s camera to the ground, spitefully saying, I have never! My parents educated me well, unlike you, a child without a father who is more likely to do bad things.” 

My camera!Jeanne cried out in shock, ignoring Joyce’s taunts, and hurriedly picked. up the camera to check it

Jeanne pondered worriedly. This was issued by the school, and I have to return it next week

Seeing Jeanne’s reaction, Joyce looked even more smug

She looked down at Jeanne, who was crouched on the ground. It’s just a camera. My dad has bought me many, and I can tell yours looks like the cheapest one.” 

Seeing his sister being bullied, Ruben immediately stood before her

17.26 Thu, 22 Feb

Chapter 48 

His gaze was dark as he stared at Joyce. Though he didn’t speak, his strong presence intimidated her

Joyce instinctively stepped back

She had only felt this kind of presence from her father

For a moment, Joyce thought the person standing in front of her was Gideon

She shook her head, dismissing this strange thought

Joyce pondered, How can he be anything like my powerful dad? It must be the dim lights playing tricks on my eyes

Joyce taunted. You want to stand up for your sister, little mute? Go learn to speak first!” 

With tears welling up in her eyes, Jeanne stood up to defend Ruben. I won’t let you about Ruben like that!” 

She thought, He just doesn’t like to talk because he’s sick. He’s not a mute!‘ 

No matter the situation, Jeanne always remembered to protect Ruben


Seeing the siblings support each other, Joyce felt envious but still maintained a bully’s demeanor

She pondered arrogantly, I’m not envious at all! My family is much better than theirs

Joyce declared, This is my territory, and I forbid you from being here. My dad bought this area for me to play in. And remember, don’t you dare tell my parents about what happened today!” 

Jeanne felt both angry and speechless

She thought angrily, Daring to do wrong but too cowardly to let her parents know! Having endured enough insults, even Jeanne’s good nature reached its limit

She retorted, If your dad cared about you, he wouldn’t leave you and your mom here and go live in a bigger villa himself!” 

Jeanne had seen Gideon’s private residence on TV, which was larger than three of their villas combined

Don’t talk nonsense!” 

Joyce, struck by a sensitive nerve, shrieked and attempted to push Jeanne but was blocked by Ruben

Chapter 48 

Joyce’s plan backfired, and she stumbled backward, landing on her backside on the 


Seeing onlookers gathering and fearing the situation might escalate, Jeanne quickly pulled Ruben away

They stopped to catch their breath only when they reached the poolside

Jeanne, painting heavily, said with concern, Ruben, don’t take what she said to heart. You’re not a mute. You’re my best, smartest, and most unique brother!” 

Ruben shook his head, obviously not letting the words of an unrelated person bother 


He pointed to the camera, indicating they should continue taking photos

The area was quiet, and Joyce wouldn’t likely come after them for the time being

Just as Jeanne was about to take a picture, she discovered the camera was broken and wouldn’t turn on

Distraught and crying, Jeanne said distressedly, Wah, Ruben, the camera is broken. What should we do? The teacher is definitely going to be angry… 

Jeanne had confidently assured her teacher earlier that day that she would take good care of the camera, but now it was broken in just less than a day

She thought worriedly, The teacher will definitely think I’m a bad, unreliable child

The more Jeanne thought about it, the more heartbroken she became, crying with a choked voice

She mused, I didn’t do anything wrong. Why does Joyce always bully me!” 

Ruben attempted to speak to comfort Jeanne but felt a lump in his throat, making it difficult

Every time he saw his sister cry, his heart ached too

Edith had said that this was the telepathy between twins

Ruben took out a tissue, clumsily yet carefully wiping Jeanne’s tears, his voice raspy as he said, I’llfix it.” 

Huh?Hearing his voice, Jeanne instantly forgot to cry and looked at him with wide

teary eyes

Ruben took the camera and sat on the poolside steps, patiently tinkering with it

Chapter 48 

hu, 22 Feb 

Can it really be fixed?Jeanne sat down beside him, curiously watching

Ruben nodded. He then took out a thin wire and began fixing the camera meticulously. completely focused

Seeing this, Jeanne didn’t dare to disturb him, only quietly watching him with her cheek. propped on her hand

Beep beep.” 

With two faint beeps, the camera turned on again

Jeanne exclaimed in admiration, Wow, Ruben, you are amazing! You are so impressive!” 

She thought proudly, He can even fix a camera. What can’t he do?” 

Ruben, seeing his sister’s smile, also smiled happily

He thought contentedly, As long as you’re happy!” 

They sat by the pool, grinning at the fixed camera, blissfully unaware of the danger approaching from behind

Jeanne stood up, patting the dust off her behind, and urged, Ruben, let’s continue taking pictures!” 

The next second, she felt a push from behind, and before she could react, she fell into the newly filled pool

The sound of bubbling water filled the air as Jeanne plunged in

The cold, sharp water rushed into Jeanne’s nose and mouth, causing her to cough violently

Her arms flailed in the water as she screamed for help in panic

Jeanne, surrounded by water, was overwhelmed by immense fear, and her lungs ached from the water she had inhaled

Meanwhile, the instigator stood triumphantly on the edge of the pool

Realizing what happened, Ruben tried to reach Jeanne, but she was too far away for him to grab

He thought anxiously, What do I do?! What do I do?!” 

Ruben paced frantically by the poolside

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Chapter 48 


He looked around desperately. Although people occasionally passed by, none noticed 


Ruben pondered, It will be too late to go back and call for Mom. The only way now is to shout for help and get the attention of passersby

Ruben felt something breaking through his chest. Before his brain could process it, he had already begun to scream

Help my sister!” 

After his first successful shout, Ruben called out more vigorously

Someone, come quickly! Someone’s fallen in the water! Please help my sister!” 

Ruben’s cries finally caught the attention of passersby

Then, a loud splash echoed

A dark figure leaped into the water, heading straight for Jeanne

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The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage by Janice Gold

The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage by Janice Gold

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The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage by Janice Gold" Edith Jones was a married woman who focused her life wholeheartedly on her marriage. She carefully maintained the delicate peace but didn't expect it to come to an end so soon. Born with a silver spoon, Gideon Peterson took over his family business at a young age. He was domineering and could easily change one's life with great wealth and power. Edith and Gideon were forced to get married. She knew he had never loved her. Until one day, a woman called Gideon out their marriage anniversary. Being disillusioned about this marriage, Edith left forever in despair, but she never expected to meet Gideon again...

The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage by Janice Gold

  The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage Chapter 1 Knock It Off Late at night, after having sex, Edith Jones lay on the bed, gently panting with slightly pressed lips, watching Gideon Peterson get off her. Having a pair of beautiful eyes, she turned to lie on her side. Gideon's profile, charming and handsome, was all she could see. However, she didn't mind his aloofness but still had a hint of expectation. She thought, 'Today is our wedding anniversary. Will he remember?' "Giddy, you..." she said softly first, wanting to say something more. But then, Gideon's phone suddenly rang. He didn't pay attention to Edith. He just reached for his phone, put it to his ear, and answered, "Hello." His voice was deep and husky, with the sexiness of just having made love. The person on the other end said something. Gideon's expression remained unchanged. He responded indifferently, "I'll be right there."  

The Pigeon Pair Saves The Marriage by Janice Gold


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