The Reborn Wife Strikes Back ( Gordon Holmes’ ) Chapter 8

The Reborn Wife Strikes Back ( Gordon Holmes’ ) Chapter 8


Gordon coldly uttered a single word, and I thought he was talking to me. So, I said with a smile, Sure. I’l leave right now.” 

When he yelled at me like this previously, my heart used to ache. However, I felt no emotion at all now. Maybe I had been hurt too much, and all that remained was numbness

I was about to leave when the unexpected happened

Gordon swung his sleeve violently and said to Nora while pointing at the door, I hate women who cry. If you want to cry, scram and do it outside.” 

Regardless, Nora was still a celebrity. It was humiliating for her to be chased out by Gordon like that. In an instant, she cried even louder and ran out of the room

In the past few minutes, only the three of us spoke in the room

The others were stunned and speechless. They watched us and didn’t dare to make a noise

I subconsciously glanced at Gordon. The way he chased Nora out earlier really surprised me

Back then, Nora was pampered by Gordon, and I was furious. I didn’t expect he would tell her to scram 

just like that tonight

It’s so rare for you to join us, Taylor. Since you’re here, why don’t we have a few rounds of snooker? I’ve heard that you’re as good as a professional player!” 

Hector was actually being nice to me. I thought I was mishearing things

When I was struggling to believe my ears, Hector came to me

At that moment, I realized that their room had everything

Not only could they sing, but the room was divided into smaller sections where they could play video games and snooker and get a massage. It was the best VIP room ever

No. It’s my best friend’s birthday tonight, and I want to be with her.” 

I didn’t know what Hector was up to, and I didn’t want to be in the same room with them any longer. So,

rejected his offer without hesitation

Unexpectedly, Selena came up to me and spoke excitedly

It’s alright. I haven’t played snooker in a while. Let’s gather the girls here and have some fun together!” 

Then, I remembered Selena was a classic infatuated person. She would fawn over someone dashing at first glance

Meanwhile, not only were Gordon’s best friends wealthy, they were all dashing in their own ways

Other than Gordon and Hector, there were also Trevor Lewis, Shane Clark, and Xales Harrison. They were also wellknown in the upper class for being handsome and wealthy

In my previous life, they all hated me and never wanted to get close to me. So, I didn’t have the chance to introduce them to Selena

At that moment, Selena couldn’t resist fawning over those men. She immediately went to our room and called the girls over without waiting for me to agree

Since Hector was the host here, he immediately asked the staff to bring us some champagne, a fruit platter, and various snacks. Then, he asked my friends to have a seat

After that, he beckoned at me, telling me to have a round of snooker with him

I was still hesitating when Yvonne suddenly came to my side and whispered, What are you standing there for? Isn’t flirting with his best friend the best way to get back at Gordon?” 

Yvonne was perceptive as usual. When she first entered the room, she noticed something was wrong with the atmosphere there

After she said that, I realized she was right. Instead of searching for other dashing young men, I might as well use this chance to get my revenge 

on Gordon

I smiled instantly and followed Hector to the snooker table without saying anything else

Before I left, I secretly glanced at Gordon. He was extremely pissed

It was going according to plan

When I reached the table, I accepted the cue stick from Hector. I didn’t want to say anything to him

After receiving the cue stick, I stood at the table and aimed at the white cue ball. Then, the match started

Even though I hadn’t played in a long time, I was still talented and managed to get three balls in with the 

first hit

Hector,couldn’t help clapping, and Selena and Yvonne cheered for me as well

Tay, you’re too amazing!” 

I used to partake in these kinds of activities before my marriage. After I got married, I became docile

Gordon had never brought me out before, so he and his friends never knew this side of me

Through their gaze, I could clearly tell how surprised they were

Hector couldn’t resist clapping for me again and complimented, I never knew you were so skilled, Taylor!” 

This is nothing, Mr. Judd. There’s so much more I can do.” 

I faintly smiled as I rubbed the cue stick with chalk. After I casually blew off the excess chalk, I held the cue stick tightly as I waited for Hector’s performance

After all, he was the club’s owner, so Hector’s skill was great as well. Although I had set the table to my advantage, he was still able to avoid my traps and score a few points

The next few rounds were quick. Soon, only the black ball was left on the table. The next round would 

decide the winner


I was naturally competitive, so my breathing began to quicken uncontrollably

I could also tell Hector was getting serious. He got close to the table and looked sharply at the ball in 

front of him

After adjusting his position a few times, he hit his shot after confirming his aim, Since the ball was far from the holes, even with flawless calculations, he still missed. The ball ended up next to the hole

It was my turn next

Selena looked at the balls on the table and shook her head. The balls are in a difficult position. You have 

to do your best, Tay!” 

On the other hand, Yvonne said, Don’t you underestimate our dear Tay. I think she’ll definitely score this 


Gordon’s best friends were having the same discussion. Everyone unknowingly had their full focus on this 

match between Hector and me

I took a deep breath and ignored the discussions around me. Based on my experience, it was definitely 

hard to sink the ball in the hole next to it. However, I had a plan

After I had done my calculations in my mind, I sat on the table and aimed at the cue ball while holding the 

stick at 90 degrees

With my focus on another hole, I hit the cue ball hard, and it began spinning rapidly, knocking the black ball toward the hole. Everything went according to my prediction

When the black ball hit the table’s edge, it bounced back and rolled toward the hole in the middle. In the end, it went right into the hole

At that moment, everyone started cheering and clapping in awe

Looking at the empty table, it felt like all the negative thoughts I had were cleared at that moment. I smiled at ease. It looks like your skills aren’t that great after all, Mr. Judd.” 

I winked at Hector. However, Gordon was standing in his spot, and I didn’t even realize it until then

Our gazes met in an instant

ཅན ་ 

Gordon had his hands in his pocket. His suit was flawless compared to everyone else’s attire. His body. proportions were perfect, and his face looked like a perfect sculpture

At that moment, everyone was just the backdrop, and he was the star shining among them

Have you had enough fun?” 

It seemed like he had been tolerating me for a long time. He

The Reborn Wife Strikes Back ( Gordon Holmes’ )

The Reborn Wife Strikes Back ( Gordon Holmes’ )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 4/22/2024 Native Language: English
The Reborn Wife Strikes Back ( Gordon Holmes' )" I die the day before Gordon Holmes' marriage to his true love.I spent ten years of my life loving him. I gave up everything to be with him, but all I got in return was a bruised and battered heart.But he's not even willing to see me for the last time before my death.

The Reborn Wife Strikes Back

His true love even throws me into the sea to feed me to the fish. When I'm given a second chance at life, divorcing Gordon is the only thing I want to do. Love is nothing compared to my career, and I'm better off loving myself than wasting it on someone who doesn't deserve it. But this time around, the bastard turns a new leaf and follows me everywhere I go."I'm not fucking around with you, Gordon. I swear to God I've given up on you. I'm perfectly fine with getting a divorce at any time!" You went to such lengths to make me yours, Taylor. How dare you refuse to take responsibility now?"My career is all I want to focus on in this life; I can chat up a handsome young man if I want some excitement. Unfortunately for me, Gordon clings to me and refuses to let go. He even forgets about his true love...


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