True Tycoon Her Empire, Her Rules ( Winnie and Suzan ) Chapter 179

True Tycoon Her Empire, Her Rules ( Winnie and Suzan ) Chapter 179

Chapter 179 

Welcome to the Ghostly Guidancelivestream

The online chatter about the mother who attempted taking her own life was relentless, but the show had to go on with its segment for callers seeking help

The next caller was a college girl, struggling with her on and off relationship with her boyfriendthey had broken up and gotten back together six times within a single month

Concerned that this wasn’t normal, she reached out to the show to see if there were any black magic impacting her relationship

Relationship issues were Candace’s home turf. She enthusiastically engaged the girl about her dating woes, offering sound advice and even a few romantic tips

The girl and the live audience were all ears. Just when it seemed like Candace was stealing the show, Gentry chimed in with a timely reminder, cueing Mervin and Winnie to share their supernatural perspective on the matter

After a thorough analysis, Winnie concluded, There’s no black magic here. The rollercoaster you’re on with your boyfriend might simply be because you’re not each other’s soulmates.” 

Soulmates?The girl was puzzled

Mervin clarified with a cool tone, It means you’re not destined to be together. Sooner or later, you’ll break up for good.” 

The girl, not too pleased with the blunt prophecy, left the livestream in a huff

The audience burst into laughter

Two more calls came through, but nothing too seriousa wife suspecting her husband of infidelity and someone struggling to get a promotion, seeking ways to change their fortune or catch a cheating spouse in the act

As the show was about to wrap up, a generous donation lit up the screena Starry Skygift

The audience initially assumed it was one of Winnie’s affluent supporters showing their appreciation, but a closer look revealed a familiar name

Thanks to Nutcracker for sending a Starry Constellationto our host, Ghostly Guidance!” 

Nutcracker added: Thank you, Master Bryant, for your giftIt was truly the best gift ever, and I am profoundly grateful!” 

Two hours had passed since the previous segment ended, and the audience wasn’t expecting an encore. They were curious about the talisman Winnie had sent and showed their concern for Hailey in the live chat, encouraging her to keep her spirits up

This time, Hailey saw the messages and responded in kind, Thank you, everyone. I won’t do anything foolish again. I can’t let my daughter Bella rest uneasy because of me.” 



Chapter 179 

The audience assumed the police and her husband had persuaded her to see reason, but they didn’t realize she was merely heeding her daughter’s wishes

Moved by the thought of her daughter still worrying about her even in death, Hailey resolved not to give up on life, despite her grief

Seeing Hailey’s messages, a faint smile crossed Winnie’s lips, and she suggested. If you’re worried about your child, you can visit Breeze Monastery for a service. Any temple with a Supernatural Association certification should do, but the certified ones are best,” 

Mervin was surprised she was drumming up business for their own temple and shot her a look. The audience, meanwhile, were taking notes, Supernatural Association certified churchesgot it! Learning so much!” 

How do we check for a Supernatural Association certification?” 

If Winnie says it’s reliable, it must be.” 

So, how do we find these certified churches?” 

Winnie pushed the question to Mervin, who found himself again explaining the marks of a Supernatural Association certified temple and some basic services they offered

The audience diligently took notes as if in a crash course on spiritual matters

After dragging on for another half hour, the show finally came to a close

Bagot was relieved they had ended the livestream without any more incidents, feeling vindicated in his decision to have Mae sit out today’s filming

Unbeknownst to the crew, after being sent home by the production team, Mae had tried to stir up sympathy amongst her remaining fans by hinting at being bullied by the show. But the suicide mother’s news broke out and swept her feeble attempt under the rug

That evening, as the guests made their way home, Emerald Bay police revealed the true culprit behind the bodyswapping crimes and the full story

Mae thought herself was a victim, and had planned to record a tearful video to regain some attention. However, before she could execute her plan, her social media accounts were seized by her agency

Her agent instructed her to lay low for a while, especially since the Bright Group and Starfall Entertainment had sent legal notices that afternoon

While Mae found herself restrained, Winnie finally made it home


On the way, she learned about the two companiessupport and sent messages of thanks. As she got home and headed upstairs, she noticed a sneaky set of footsteps behind her

Winnie paused, turned around, and saw a shadow swiftly dart into the hallway. Ignoring the figure, she continued to the third floor, only to hear the footsteps stealthily follow


Winnie stopped in her tracks and turned, What do you want?” 

Caught redhanded, Hobson looked awkward, his cheeks even flushed with embarrassment. After a moment of hesitation, he spoke. Promise you won’t mute me again.” 

The memory of the recent threeday silence still haunted him

Winnie didn’t immediately agree but simply said, It all depends on what you’re about to say.” 

Hobson seemed a little flustered, his brows knitting together in frustration, but he swallowed it back. Don’t worry, I’m not here to cause trouble.” 

As he spoke, he pulled out his phone and showed her a photo he had taken of the amulet

I borrowed Horace’s amulet to take a look. Did you really make this yourself?” 

Winnie looked at him, clearly not interested in answering such a pointless question

Seeing her silence, Hobson continued. I’ve examined that amulet closely, and the craftsmanshipit reminds me of a master carver I admire. Could it be that you’re” 

Winnie raised an eyebrow

When she had given the amulet to Hobson, he had indeed mentioned a name, but she hadn’t expected him to recognize someone by their craftmanship alone. Was he about to blow her cover

Winnie mulled over this as Hobson asked with grave seriousness, Could it be that you’re a student of Master Winner?” 

Winnie paused

She wasn’t just a student, she was Master Winner

Even the name Winner was a casual creation of hers; she thought it was quite obvious

Winnie and Winner

But Hobson clearly hadn’t made the connection. Seeing her silence as acknowledgment, he grew excited, How did you come to know Master Winner? I’ve admired many of his pieces, but unfortunately, he’s never made a public appearance. I’ve always wanted to meet him. Could you perhaps introduce me?” 

True Tycoon Her Empire, Her Rules ( Winnie and Suzan )

True Tycoon Her Empire, Her Rules ( Winnie and Suzan )

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True Tycoon Her Empire, Her Rules ( Winnie and Suzan ) Kicked to the curb by the Henderson clan, Winnie bounced back in style, transforming into the billion-dollar heiress of the Bryant family. Feeling remorse, the Hendersons invoked their past kindness, demanding half of the Bryant's fortune as recompense. But Winnie just scoffed, and with a spell, revealed the sour truth hiding beneath the Hendersons' smiles.

True Tycoon Her Empire, Her Rules

  When her ex tried to ingratiate himself once again, she gave him a series of sleepless nights. Her own kin viewed her as a black sheep, an embarrassment. However, soon enough, one of the high-and-mighties came knocking, "Whatever Miss Winnie wishes for, consider it done, if she lends a hand to my daughter!" Long-standing rivals of the Bryant family were suddenly singing a different tune, shamelessly grovelling, "I was young and foolish before. If only Miss Winnie could help, I'd willingly be at the Bryant's beck and call!" Eventually, even her br...


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