True Tycoon Her Empire, Her Rules ( Winnie and Suzan ) Chapter 180

True Tycoon Her Empire, Her Rules ( Winnie and Suzan ) Chapter 180

Chapter 180 

Hobson, though outwardly he seemed a touch aloof, had his private indulgences, one of which was collecting carvings

It might sound a bit antiquated, but he genuinely appreciated the rustic yet intricate craftsmanship

He had been captivated by an amulet showcased on the last episode of the show by Kathryn Henderson. Its carving technique seemed oddly familiar to him. That’s why he had asked Winnie to consign some items at his friend’s crystal boutiqueto fish for information and confirm if she knew Master Winner… 

But instead of getting any information, he ended up with a mysterious gag order from her

It had to be said, Winnie had quite the temper. So this time, he wasn’t going to beat around the bush. He was going to ask directly

Winnie, with her big doe eyes, looked at him with a clear sense of innocence. She suddenly feel an urge to spill the beans. She could imagine his face would be priceless

The thought circled in her mind for a moment before Winnie pushed it down. She had chosen to stay out of the spotlight to avoid trouble, and revealing herself now would definitely usher in a host of problems

Hobson didn’t seem like the type who could keep a secret

With that thought, Winnie’s expression cooled a notch, and she resignedly accepted the identity of a student before asking him bluntly, And why should I introduce you?” 

She meant it as a simple question, but to Hobson, it sounded like a clear challenge

I’m your cousin, for heaven’s sake. We’re family. What’s wrong with asking for an introduction? Or are you worried I’ll steal your mentor?” 

You never know.” 

Hobson was helpless, What will it take for you to help me out?” 

He almost blurted out asking if she wanted money, but remembering his past tactless comments and their consequences, he swallowed his words

Seeing that his attitude was somewhat acceptable, Winnie didn’t push further, simply saying

Master Winner doesn’t like meeting strangers. If you have any business, I can relay the message, but if it’s just idle curiosity or small talk, forget it.” 

Hobson felt a surge of frustration hearing her words. But considering she was the only link to Master Winner, he restrained himself, I want the Master to craft a custom crystal carving for me. The price is no problem; as long as he’s willing to take the job, I’m flexible with any terms.” 

Winnie was surprised Hobson could be so reasonable


Chapter 180 

However, her interest in crystal carving was mostly to create protection charms

Crystal, especially those with a spiritual aura, were excellent mediums for storing mystical 


Aside from the occasional pieces she crafted on a whim, she hadn’t taken on custom work

The Master generally doesn’t do commissions and might not have the time for yours. You should probably look elsewhere.” 

With that, Winnie turned to head back to her room, but Hobson, his face clouding over with irritation, quickly stepped in front of her, blocking her path and clearly annoyed, Winnie, can you be any more petty? It’s just a couple of things I said, and you’ve already silenced me. Isn’t that enough? You can’t even be bothered to pass on a simple request?” 

Winnie, facing his glaring, obviously peeved expression, considered for a moment, then pulled out her phone and tapped a few times. A notification sound chimed shortly after

She flashed the chat screen in front of him briefly, I asked, and Master Winner declined.” 

Hobson was stunned. Did she think he was a fool

But before he could press further, Winnie had already slipped past him and into her room, shutting the door with a definitive click

Hobson, undeterred, approached to knock again

However, the moment Winnie closed her door, a silencing enchantment activated, rendering any outside commotion inaudible within her sanctuary

Ignoring Hobson’s persistent knocking, Winnie quickly changed clothes, barely lying down to catch up on sleep when her phone chimed again. This time it was from Drake

Drake reaching out of the blue made Winnie nearly think she had accidentally messaged him instead of dealing with Hobson

Checking her phone, she saw Drake had sent her a location

Drake texted, I’ve run into some trouble with the supernatural. Can you come over?? 

Winnie bolted upright

Others having supernatural troubles she could believe, but Drake? That was harder to swallow

Yet Drake never seemed the type to joke

After glancing at the location, which was in the suburbs, she messaged back without hesitation

Winnie replied, Gimme half an hour.” 

Usually, she might have hesitated, but this was Drake Patterson, the man with the gold aura. Given his usual support and understanding,plus her use of his gold auraenhanced Thunder Charm the night before, how could she refuse his request for help


Chapter 180 

Quickly stripping off her pajamas and donning practical attire, she grabbed her bag, flung open her bedroom door, and stepped out

Hobson, having just given up his futile attempts at her door, turned away only to hear it open behind him. He spun around to see Winnie, now dressed for travel

Didn’t you just get back? Where are you off to now?” 

Got something to handle,she replied tersely, moving to pass by Hobson and head downstairs. He immediately followed her

From a window overlooking the garden on the third floor, Amber was gently brushing the hair of her newly acquired doll, a content smile on her lips. In her peripheral vision, she caught sight of the two figures descending the stairsone after the other

Leading was Winnie, followed byHobson

Amber’s hand paused midstroke through her hair, a flicker of displeasure and confusion crossing her face. She quickly shook it off and whipped out her phone, shooting a text to Hobson, I’m trying to redecorate for my new doll collection. Could you come over and lend me a hand?” 

Hobson, who had just followed Winnie to the front door, heard the ping from his phone and checked the message from Amber. He hesitated, glancing toward the direction of the mansion. Just as he was about to head back to help Amber, a car pulled up at the front of his family’s mansion, and it wasn’t driven by their usual chauffeur

Hobson’s steps, ready to turn back, propelled him forward in long strides, stopping Winnie before she could get into the car

This isn’t our driver. Where are you off to getting into someone else’s car?” 

Hobson thought Winnie was being reckless. You can’t just hop into any car that pulls up

What if she had gotten swept up in some reality show drama and started hanging out with the wrong crowd since entering the entertainment industry

Though he wasn’t fond of her, Hobson couldn’t just watch her take a wrong turn in life

Winnie looked at Hobson with an expression that was a mix of confusion and annoyance, her eyes sweeping over him with a hint of warning

Hobson, are you sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong again?” 


True Tycoon Her Empire, Her Rules ( Winnie and Suzan )

True Tycoon Her Empire, Her Rules ( Winnie and Suzan )

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True Tycoon Her Empire, Her Rules ( Winnie and Suzan ) Kicked to the curb by the Henderson clan, Winnie bounced back in style, transforming into the billion-dollar heiress of the Bryant family. Feeling remorse, the Hendersons invoked their past kindness, demanding half of the Bryant's fortune as recompense. But Winnie just scoffed, and with a spell, revealed the sour truth hiding beneath the Hendersons' smiles.

True Tycoon Her Empire, Her Rules

  When her ex tried to ingratiate himself once again, she gave him a series of sleepless nights. Her own kin viewed her as a black sheep, an embarrassment. However, soon enough, one of the high-and-mighties came knocking, "Whatever Miss Winnie wishes for, consider it done, if she lends a hand to my daughter!" Long-standing rivals of the Bryant family were suddenly singing a different tune, shamelessly grovelling, "I was young and foolish before. If only Miss Winnie could help, I'd willingly be at the Bryant's beck and call!" Eventually, even her br...


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