True Tycoon Her Empire, Her Rules ( Winnie and Suzan ) Chapter 183

True Tycoon Her Empire, Her Rules ( Winnie and Suzan ) Chapter 183

Chapter 183 

Let’s head back,Winnie said, her voice steady despite the brewing storm of unease. I’ve got some ideas to mask your gold aura. That should throw him off our trail for a while.” 

Drake merely nodded in agreement. He had no reason to doubt her. Alright.” 

Hobson, who had been eavesdropping the entire time, stood there with his jaw nearly hitting the floor. Drake was different from the devil he had heard of

Drake was the only one among the younger set who had taken the reins of his family so early in life, and with such authority. He was a natural leader, and his peers, even those from the other illustrious families, rarely saw him mingle with them. Only Horace seemed to share any kind of rapport with him

And Horace, well, he was the golden boy of their generation, no argument there. But Winnie? Why should she be any different? Was it simply because of her socalled talents

To Hobson, it didn’t add up. After all, given the Patterson family’s status and wealth, they could have their pick of the best consultants and experts. Heck, he knew of several families that kept their own personal supernatural masters on retainer. If Drake really wanted help, he could have a dozen of the best at his beck and call

Hobson just couldn’t wrap his head around it

Winnie, I know you’ve got some skills, but there are times when you’re better off calling in the big guns,he said, the concern evident in his voice. If there’s a creature out there gunning for Mr. Patterson, we should probably get a real expert in here.” 

He was genuinely trying to offer sound advice, not out of disbelief in her abilitieshe’d seen enough to know she had something realbut out of caution. He knew that if things went south, it wouldn’t just be her neck on the line. It would bring trouble to Mr. Patterson and, by extension, to the Patterson family. That would not be an easy mess to clean up

Hobson thought he was being helpful, but Winnie wasn’t having any of it. She was about to set him straight when Drake’s icy voice cut through the tension, leaving no room for argument

Ms. Bryant is the expert in my view,he stated, his eyes fixed on her. I trust her.” 

That single sentence silenced Hobson and sent a wave of comfort through Winnie, like a warm embrace. Although she was used to doubt, who could resist such unwavering affirmation

Her eyes sparkled with a rare brightness as she ignored Hobson and pulled out two pieces of paper from her backpack. They were different from the charm papers she’d used before; these were blank

With a few swift moves, she cut the papers into little human figures with surprising precision. Each doll was symmetrical and without a single frayed edgea sight that offered an odd sense of satisfaction to anyone with a penchant for perfection

Drake watched with a slight sense of amazement as she brought the tiny paper figures to life


Charter 133 

Their accuracy and the care she took with each cut were nothing short of impressive

Unbeknownst to Drake, his estimation of Winnie climbed several notches simply because of those two little paper effigies

Winnie moved to the altar of the old chapel, quickly inscribing talismanic symbols on the paper. Although the chapel was devoid of spiritual energy, it had once been a place of worship, and the ash carried the devout faith of the villagers

As Winnie finished her final stroke, the air in the chapel seemed to clear for a moment. When they looked again, the paper dolls, now marked with symbols, seemed to come alive

Drake, having witnessed her ghost baby before, didn’t bat an eyelid. Hobson, however, despite having seen Winnie’s capabilities, couldn’t help but gape in astonishment


He instinctively reached for Drake, but the latter, anticipating the gesture, stepped aside and approached Winnie instead

What are these?asked Drake

Our decoys, to mask our presence as we leave,she explained, plucking something unseen from Drake’s aura

Drake had heard her speak of this gold auraand had seen her grabit from him before. Yet, never having seen it himself, he didn’t quite grasp what it meant. That was until he saw the paper figure radiate a soft golden glow. It was then he began to understand what she meant by seeing a gold aura

The glow from the paper figurewas that what she’d been grabbing from him all this time? Intriguing

Winnie then sent the animated paper effigies off into the wild, leaving one imbued with traces of both her essence and Drake’s. After giving Drake and Hobson their own protective charms, they were ready to descend the mountain

Hobson, still in a state of shock, had lost the ability to articulate his thoughts. The world he thought he knew had just expanded, and he was left reeling as they made their way back to the familiar, yet now seemingly extraordinary, reality

By the time he settled into the backseat of the car, he noticed Winnie was nowhere to be found. Peering out the window, he watched as Winnie hopped into Drake’s car

His heart stuttered. Who gets to casually take a ride in Drake’s car

The guy has a level of OCD that makes him refuse to let anyone even stand too close to his car if they’re not dressed right, let alone share a ride with him

Winnie, where are you going?” 

Come back!He screamed inside his head



Chapter 183 

Winnie cast a glance Hobson’s way and simply said, I’ve got some business to take care with Mr. Patterson. You go on back with the driver.” 

Inviting him along was a mistake to begin with. Now she had to fix it

Upon hearing she intended to ditch him for Drake, Hobson flatout refused, No way!” 

With that, he started to get out of the car

But then, with just one piercing look from Drake, the driver, picking up on his bosscue, didn’t hesitate to lock the car doors, start the engine, and whisk Hobson away down the winding road

Winnie finally relished the silence around her and settled back into her seat

The driver started the car and asked Drake, Mr. Patterson, shall we head back to the office?” 

Drake remained silent, glancing over at Winnie

She was busy placing an order on her phone but looked up at the sound of the question, “Let’s go back to the Patterson estate.” 

Winnie hadn’t realized the extent of the threat to someone as influential as Drake, but now that she did, she figured his place could use some extra protection too

Hopefully, in light of her diligent efforts, Drake would let her grab more of that gold aura

True Tycoon Her Empire, Her Rules ( Winnie and Suzan )

True Tycoon Her Empire, Her Rules ( Winnie and Suzan )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Artist: Released: 3/14/2024 Native Language: English
True Tycoon Her Empire, Her Rules ( Winnie and Suzan ) Kicked to the curb by the Henderson clan, Winnie bounced back in style, transforming into the billion-dollar heiress of the Bryant family. Feeling remorse, the Hendersons invoked their past kindness, demanding half of the Bryant's fortune as recompense. But Winnie just scoffed, and with a spell, revealed the sour truth hiding beneath the Hendersons' smiles.

True Tycoon Her Empire, Her Rules

  When her ex tried to ingratiate himself once again, she gave him a series of sleepless nights. Her own kin viewed her as a black sheep, an embarrassment. However, soon enough, one of the high-and-mighties came knocking, "Whatever Miss Winnie wishes for, consider it done, if she lends a hand to my daughter!" Long-standing rivals of the Bryant family were suddenly singing a different tune, shamelessly grovelling, "I was young and foolish before. If only Miss Winnie could help, I'd willingly be at the Bryant's beck and call!" Eventually, even her br...


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