Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian ) Chapter 226

Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian ) Chapter 226

Chapter 226 

Natalie remained still, watching Brian skillfully pull a sock over her foot, her voice soft as she asked, Aren’t you supposed to be on a business trip?” 

I put it off,Brian replied carelessly

Natalie glanced at him, a subtle ripple in her gaze. Brian staying put meant she couldn’t make any moves of her own

Do you want me to leave?Brian adjusted the sock and met her eyes

Natalie didn’t want him to leave. Being there, just the two of them, without any disturbances, was quite a joy

No, I don’t,she replied quietly

Something stirred in Brian’s chest. He leaned down and softly nipped at her stillswollen lower lip, tasting the lingering sweetness. Still got the taste of apple pie on your lips. Didn’t you wipe your mouth after eating?” 

If she wanted him to stay with her, he’d stay. No billiondollar deal was worth more than this 


Natalie shook her head. As Brian leaned in for another kiss, Natalie suddenly asked, Do you use the same excuse when you kiss Gracia?Her tone was eerily calm

Brian frowned, unable to help himself. Who told you there was something between Gracia and 


Isn’t there?Natalie’s mouth curled slightly. Are you sure?” 

Gracia had sent that kind of video, yet Brian denied any relationship. Who would believe that? She wasn’t a naive child

Brian was already twentysix when he first broke his rules, and it was with Natalie that night

He’d been holding back, waiting for Natalie to grow up, come of age, and understand. what it meant to love someone. He’d carefully guarded his feelings, afraid to scare away the treasure he cherished

If Audrey hadn’t gotten into trouble, he would have come clean to his family by then. But after Natalie’s comingofage, the company hit a snag, and with everyone on edge, Audrey got other ideas

What was his would have been Natalie’s. Audrey was too impatient and had disrupted all his plans

Brian hadn’t touched another woman for as long as Natalie had been gone, yet she doubted 


His gaze fixed on Natalie’s eyes, narrowing slightly with a glimmer of anger


Chapter 226 

Do you think I care about Gracia?he asked in a low voice

Isn’t it obvious?Natalie countered calmly

How much must he like her to give Gracia so many priceless gifts without a second thought

Natalie, listen to me!Brian snapped, pulling her into his arms so she sat facetoface with him. I’m going to say this once!” 

I was nice to Gracia only because she was your standin! As for those trinkets I gave her, do you think I care about their cost? She has a smile that reminds me of you! You never act coy, but she does, and when she pouts, it feels like you, so I gave her whatever she wanted! You heartless girl! Have you ever considered how good I’ve been to you all these years? She could never have what I’ve given you!” 

He didn’t need her to beg. And he’d drop everything for just one tearful look from her. He’d want to crush her into his heart if he could, nearly ripping his own out to offer her

He had etched into his mind her favorites, tastes, and every detail about her, and he would never forget them

He’d even keep Danish pastries stocked because she loved the sweet and tangy treats, even though he didn’t eat them. He just liked to watch

Natalie watched him speak, each word tinged with frustration and helplessness

Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian )

Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/28/2024 Native Language: English
Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian ) Word on the street is that a bewitching siren,

Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian )

once accused of causing the Howard family’s ruin before being ousted from the country, has now slithered back into town. That very evening, with a harsh glint in his eyes, Brian Howard tightly held onto Natalie Wright’s waist, challenging, “When did I ever give you the green light to scram?” Natalie grinned, a chill in her amused response, “Mr. Howard, loose lips sink ships. We’ve been through and done with. Act your part.”  

Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian )


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