Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian ) Chapter 227

Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian ) Chapter 227

Chapter 227 

She hadn’t the faintest clue

Brian always seemed as cold as marble, and although Natalie sensed that she held a unique place in his heart, she had convinced herself that she was merely a standin for his sister, who had tragically passed away at just six months old. The thought that Brian’s feelings for her were romantic had never crossed her mind

The realization that he had reciprocated her love sent a thrilling shiver through her

Are you listening?Brian’s grip on her wrist was firm, his brows knitted together in a frown

Natalie remained silent, nodding as tears unexpectedly brimmed and spilled over her lashes

Why are you crying?he asked, a note of irritation lacing his voice. He seemed momentarily thrown by her tears, frowning as he cupped her face and cleaned her tears

But the more he cleaned, the more they flowed. With a sigh, he pressed his lips to the tear trails on Natalie’s cheeks

Natalie’s sobs persisted for a while, not entirely sure why she had broken down in the first place. Perhaps it was the culmination of years of unrequited feelings that had finally found acknowledgment

She had always thought her onesided love had kept her going, but to her surprise, Brian had been silently giving of himself all along. Misunderstandings clouded many of their interactions. It took time for her to regain composure, her eyes sore from crying. Gently pushing Brian’s hands away, she asked with a furrowed brow, When did you start having feelings for me?” 

Brian found himself at a loss for words

When exactly had it started? Even he couldn’t recall with clarity. Perhaps his feelings had grown beyond his understanding before he even realized it

The first time he had kissed her, it wasn’t just a simple crush but a deepseated affection that had led to an irresistible pull toward her

Does it matter?he asked after a pause, his voice softening

Sure, it does!Natalie responded without hesitation. She needed to know if her feelings had initially been unrequited or if his responses were what had drawn her in so deeply

A very long time ago, I guess,Brian mused reluctantly

Before or after I moved in with you?she pressed, unrelenting

He sighed, pulling her back into his embrace. Before.” 

Natalie was shocked

Chapter 227 

It meant his feelings dated back even further than she had thought. Before then, she had been too young and naive, mistaking her dependency on him for something less profound

Maybe it began when you got sick and only wanted Audrey around. But Audrey couldn’t always be there, and gradually, you started to rely on me,Brian added after reflection

He remembered how, at the beginning of Natalie’s illness, only Audrey could soothe her. But there came a time when Natalie called out for Brianeven with Audrey present, and Brian managed to comfort her, making him realize that she needed him just as much as he needed her

Perhaps Audrey had orchestrated their dependency on each other, hoping to speed up his acceptance of her and her daughter. But from that day forward, Brian couldn’t harbor any resentment toward Natalie

He despised Audrey but couldn’t bring himself to hate Natalie indefinitely

He resented Natalie’s betrayal, yet because of Nate, he couldn’t maintain that hatred

Natalie had long forgotten what her childhood illness had been like. But seeing the mix of exasperation and tenderness in his eyes, she suddenly understood Brian might have given more of himself than she ever knew

I’ve waited over a decade. How can I willingly let someone else have you?Brian murmured, his lips brushing gently against her brow

He had watched her grow from waist to shoulder height, his carefully nurtured blossom that had grown from sprout to full bloom. How could he ever allow another guy to steal her away

She was his, one and only

Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian )

Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/28/2024 Native Language: English
Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian ) Word on the street is that a bewitching siren,

Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian )

once accused of causing the Howard family’s ruin before being ousted from the country, has now slithered back into town. That very evening, with a harsh glint in his eyes, Brian Howard tightly held onto Natalie Wright’s waist, challenging, “When did I ever give you the green light to scram?” Natalie grinned, a chill in her amused response, “Mr. Howard, loose lips sink ships. We’ve been through and done with. Act your part.”  

Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian )


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