Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian ) Chapter 229

Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian ) Chapter 229

Chapter 229 

Kids with autism can be like that, savants in one area but struggle mightily in others

It was a tough call that Brian made back then to send the nearly helpless Natalie to a boarding school and leave her to fend for herself

When Brian pushed for it, nobody else seemed inclined to argue. They just let her go

Natalie’s thoughts drifted to those past events. And a hint of resentment stirred inside

Brian turned off the faucet, noticing the shadow of discontent on her face

Their eyes met, and with a scowl, he pulled her over to the stove. Standing behind her, he guided her spatulaholding hand with his own, reigniting the flame to flip the steak

The pan sizzled and crackled, yet not a single drop of oil reached Natalie’s hand

She tilted her head slightly, glancing at Brian, who knitted his brows, one hand instinctively shielding her while the other flipped the steak. His expression was sour enough to curdle milk

Catching Natalie’s gaze, he looked down at her, his eyes softening

How do you like your steak?he asked in a low voice

The same as yours.Natalie replied, smiling

After turning off the heat, Brian sliced a small piece with the chef’s knife and brought it to Natalie’s lips, saying, Try this.” 

Natalie blew on the steaming steak carefully before taking a cautious bite. It was still scalding 


Brian set down the knife, leaning on the counter beside her, a smirk playing on his lips as he watched her struggle with the hot morsel, then leaned in closer

You can’t taste properly, yet you won’t admit you’re a klutz.” 

His cold lips met hers as he spoke

Natalie started to lean back, but Brian caught her, prevented her from bumping into the hot 

stove, and lifted her onto the clean countertop

I should think of a proper punishment for you today,he murmured, slowly untangling the black apron from his torso. Chewing on the steak, he added softly, You’d learn to stay out of the 


Flushed, whether from the kiss or the heat, Natalie pouted slightly. I can’t do anything. Are you going to take care of me forever?” 

I’ve been doing it for over a decade,Brian chuckled, thinking he wanted to keep caring for her and keeping her safe in the palm of his hand, with no escape

Chapter 229 

Perched on the meterhigh countertop, Natalie couldn’t even reach Brian’s ear. He finished his bite and dipped his head to peck her lips

A blush crept onto Natalie’s face as she looked up at him. She was about to speak when Brian leaned down again, sealing her words with another kiss. He had said he would punish her and intended to follow through

A familiar yet somewhat strange warmth spread through Natalie

Brian wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her onto the nearby dining table, their passionate embrace scattering clothes all around

Brishe whispered, her arms encircling his neck

Hmm?Brian looked at her, eyes burning with restrained desire, waiting for her to welcome him

The table underneath was hard and made Natalie uncomfortable, and with a flushed face, she whispered, Can we move to the bed?” 

Brian paused a little and then scooped her up in his arms

Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian )

Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/28/2024 Native Language: English
Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian ) Word on the street is that a bewitching siren,

Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian )

once accused of causing the Howard family’s ruin before being ousted from the country, has now slithered back into town. That very evening, with a harsh glint in his eyes, Brian Howard tightly held onto Natalie Wright’s waist, challenging, “When did I ever give you the green light to scram?” Natalie grinned, a chill in her amused response, “Mr. Howard, loose lips sink ships. We’ve been through and done with. Act your part.”  

Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian )


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