Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian ) Chapter 230

Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian ) Chapter 230

Chapter 230 

A steady rapping at the door interrupted the stillness of the evening

Brian furrowed his brow in annoyance

Bagot was just outside. He should have known that Brian was in no mood for visitors

Yet, the persistent knock didn’t cease. It fell silent for a moment, only to resume with more determination

Minutes later, Brian wrenched the door open with a rising temper to find Benjamin standing at the door with an inscrutable expression

Benjamin’s eyes roamed over Brian’s scantily clad form, lingering suggestively on some part

If you don’t have a damn good reason for this, I’ll rip your head off!Brian growled through clenched teeth

A shiver ran down Benjamin’s spine. He knew Brian could make good on that threat and then 

some more

The doctor I called for is here,Benjamin said with a resigned tilt of his mouth, his voice low. Get dressed and come out, will you?” 

Brian tidied himself up and emerged to find that the doctorwas an old man, which did little to improve his mood

He’s a reputable family physician, steeped in generations of practice,Benjamin added quickly, sensing his nephew’s irritation

Brian read the unspoken message in Benjamin’s eyes. He wished he could keep Natalie as close as his belt, but she wouldn’t have it

Natalie hurried into her clothes and attempted to tame her tousled hair. She looked a bit embarrassed when she joined them

This is Mr. Sanford, a respected professor from my medical school days,Benjamin introduced, nodding toward the older man. Please take a seat.” 

After exchanging pleasantries, Natalie sat across from Sanford. Brian’s intense gaze, however, fixated on Sanford’s hand as it reached out toward Natalie

Feeling Brian’s eyes boring into him, Sanford’s back broke out in a cold sweat. He cautiously pulled a tissue from a box nearby and handed it to Natalie, motioning for her to place it beneath her wrist

Natalie glanced back at Brian, her expression disbelief and exasperation

It’s the 21st century, not the Dark Ages,her look seemed to say

Use it,Brian said flatly


Chapter 230 

Natalie reluctantly placed the tissue under her wrist and extended her arm to Sanford

Sanford lightly touched Natalie’s pulse with his fingertips. After half a minute, his expression grew more solemn. Switch arms, please.” 

Natalie did as told, offering her other wrist to the doctor

A minute later, Sanford withdrew his hand and pondered for a few seconds before speaking. Have you had complications with childbirth before?” 

Benjamin hadn’t mentioned anything to Sanford. He’d only asked him to come and diagnose the issue

Listening to the question, Brian realized Sanford must know his stuff. His expression hardened as he waited for Natalie’s response

Yes,she nodded

Do you often experience intense pain from your abdomen, worse than menstrual cramps, even radiating to your lower back?” 


It’s not severe, but you’ll need a few treatment sessions,Sanford concluded after a moment

Natalie looked puzzled

What’s the actual problem?Brian interjected with a frown

It’s lingering effects from the difficult delivery, compounded by a severe strain of the abdominal muscles and ligaments. And you didn’t rest well afterward, did you? Instead, you jumped back into highintensity activities,Sanford addressed Natalie directly

Indeed, Natalie had barely finished her postpartum recovery when she started working for the Truth Group

Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian )

Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/28/2024 Native Language: English
Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian ) Word on the street is that a bewitching siren,

Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian )

once accused of causing the Howard family’s ruin before being ousted from the country, has now slithered back into town. That very evening, with a harsh glint in his eyes, Brian Howard tightly held onto Natalie Wright’s waist, challenging, “When did I ever give you the green light to scram?” Natalie grinned, a chill in her amused response, “Mr. Howard, loose lips sink ships. We’ve been through and done with. Act your part.”  

Wife by Day Boss by Night ( (Natalie and Brian )


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