A Farewell After Being Reborn Chapter 82

A Farewell After Being Reborn Chapter 82

Chapter 82 

Ian could tell what Sage was thinking. First off, we’re still legally husband and wife, which means it’s still lawful for us to live together

Secondly, your reaction makes me think that you don’t want me staying here with you because you’re worried you might realize you still love me

Sage forgot to retort for a moment. Are you saying I can only prove that I don’t love you. anymore by letting you stay in the master bedroom?” 

Ian said neutrally,.Do it for Grandma’s sake or think of it as my refusal to give up. Let’s try to live together as a married couple before Grandma’s birthday

If you’re still adamant about your stance by then, I’ll believe you, and we can divorce peacefully.” 

Sage stared at him suspiciously. Won’t our elders need to agree to it?” 

hey’ll definitely be notified of the divorce. As for how they’ll reactWell, it depends on how well you can handle stress,Ian said

Sage understood his meaning. Ian was saying that their elders would still be informed of the divorce, but if she could withstand their response regardless of what it would be, he would sign the divorce papers

His term sounded much easier without the need for their elders to agree to the divorce

Sage just needed to hold on for another 20 days. It would surely soon pass

She said swiftly, We can live together as husband and wife, but you can’t take a me in any way nor force me to do what I don’t want to do.” 

age of 

Ian gazed at her, his eyes unclear. “What if you seduce me on your own volition?” 

That will never happen!Sage blushed, knowing Ian was referring to when she tossed her bra at him. I didn’t know you were in my bed last time!” 

Ian’s eyes swept across her body briefly. Don’t worry. I’m not interested in flat land.” 

Flat land? Countless people admired Sage’s 90pound figure

Sage huffed, You better keep your word!” 

She then took a pair of pajamas, ready to take a shower


Ian piped up, I want to shower, too. Help me pick some sleepwear.” 

Sage was confused

It’s not too much for a wife to help their husband get their pajamas for them in a normal relationship, right?lan said calmly. I remember you mentioned buying a matching pair of couplespajamas several times.” 

Sage did indeed buy countless clothing for Ian, including pajamas. But he never once wore them because he was rarely at home and didn’t want to wear clothes she bought for him

Sage restrained the mixed emotions that were riling up within her. She then tossed a pair of dark blue pajamas to Ian before heading to the bathroom

When Sage finished her shower, Ian had just finished his as well in the bathroom nextdoor

His short hair was still damp, and he was wearing the blue pajamas from earlier. His muscular body was faintly outlined underneath, and with the addition of his long, built legs, the air seemed to thrum with testosterone

Sage thought if she hadn’t been reborn, she would be so overjoyed to see Ian wearing the pajamas she bought and living with her in the same bedroom 

But now, all that was left in her was bitterness

Sage had already given up on him, yet there he was, trying again with her out of spite for things to end the way they would

Did it still matter

Get some sleep once you’ve had your fill of looking,Ian said, lying down on one side of 

the bed

Sage took her pillow and went to sleep on the chaise lounge. Ian gazed at her. Do normal married couples sleep apart?” 

A Farewell After Being Reborn

A Farewell After Being Reborn

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A Farewell After Being Reborn Sage Joyner is reborn and given a second chance at life.In her previous life, she spent eight years of her life madly in love with Ian Holcomb. But all she got in return was a divorce certificate and a terrible death in a mental institution.Now that she's been reborn, the first thing she wants to do is divorce Ian!At first, Ian is as cold and disdainful as always. 
A Farewell After Being Reborn

Don't even dream of threatening me with a divorce. I don't have time for your tantrums!"After the divorce, Sage's career sets off, and countless outstanding men surround her. That's when Ian loses his cool.He pins Sage to the wall and says, "I was wrong, babe. Let's remarry …"Sage looks icy. "Thanks, but no thanks. You are not my type anymore."


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