A Journey from Bitterness to Truth ( Matilda and Yvan ) Chapter 219

A Journey from Bitterness to Truth ( Matilda and Yvan ) Chapter 219

Chapter 219 

Matilda arrived home just as the evening was settling in, having taken Logan on a little supermarket adventure. The friendly cashiers had grown familiar with the sight of her and her super cute son, and couldn’t help but greet them with a playful cheer, Little Logan, out with Mommy for some treats today?” 

No treats today,Logan declared, imitating the grownups with a shake of his head, Mom says we’re having a family fondue night!” 

The bunch of them showered Logan with praise, chuckling at his antics. With such an adorable little charmer, Matilda had practically won over everyone in the neighborhood. Leading Logan by the hand, she could hear the continued praises for her fortune in having such a clever boy

Once home, Matilda and Logan busied themselves in the kitchen, washing the veggies and preparing the platter for their fondue feast. Everything set, Matilda caught Logan eyeing the bubbling pot on the table with anticipation. She chuckled, Wash your hands and grab a chair, sweetie. I’ll go fetch Uncle Orson.” 

Okay!Logan hopped onto a chair as Matilda headed to the room that used to be Chloe’s, knocking twice before calling out, Excuse 


As she opened the door, she caught sight of Orson, shirtless, in the midst of changing. His muscled back was to her, each defined muscle flexing as he moved

Matilda paused, You” 

Orson, nonchalantly, tossed his shirt to the floor and approached her, Dinner time?” 

His laidback demeanor was like that of a lord of the manor, and Matilda felt like his dutiful housekeeper

Matilda replied, It’s your first day here, and Logan and I have prepared a family fondue. We’ve got a variety of dips and bites. Hope you like it.” 

Orson, still barechested, moved closer, Got a shirt I can borrow?” 

Huh?Matilda was momentarily thrown off

Orson gestured to the shirt on the floor, Too tight, can’t fit.” 

After a moment’s thought and a lengthy rummage through her things, Matilda unearthed a shirt from the bottom of a suitcase and handed it to Orson. He slipped his arms through, fastening the buttons with his slender fingers before casually adjusting the collar and checking his reflection in Chloe’s fulllength mirror

He made a sound of approval, Not bad. You keep men’s shirts?” 

Matilda stiffened slightly, then said, Used to be someone else’s.It was for Yvan, but that ended up just being a joke, best forgotten

Orson acknowledged her with a nod, then, still in his pajama bottoms, made his way out, yawning. Which bathroom can I use?” 

The one on the left. I’ve put out a new toothbrush and cup for you. Logan chose them when we were at the supermarket.” 

Orson muttered a thanks and took a glance, only to find a toothbrush cup adorned with Winnie the Pooh and a pink toothbrush

Logan, scampering on his little legs, arrived at the bathroom door and peered in. Uncle Orson, do you like your new toothbrush and cup?” 

Orson swallowed his initial reaction, then stiffly managed, Sure.” 

Logan beamed, I knew you would! I used to like Winnie the Pooh, but now I’m all about Star Trek.” 

A Journey from Bitterness to Truth ( Matilda and Yvan )

A Journey from Bitterness to Truth ( Matilda and Yvan )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/28/2024 Native Language: English
A Journey from Bitterness to Truth ( Matilda and Yvan ) Betrayed and framed five years ago

A Journey from Bitterness to Truth

  Matilda was wrongly accused of causing the death of Yvan's lover and their child. As a result, Yvan heartlessly sent her to prison, shattering her life and family, all the while completely oblivious to the fact that she was also carrying his unborn child. Fast-forward five years, Matilda is released from prison and confronted by Yvan, who demands, "If you want your child, come to me and atone for your sins!" With a bitter smile, Matilda replies, "You can have whoever you want, and let the child call them 'mom'." Furious, Yvan retorts, "After five years in prison, how can you still be so ruthless!" Matilda, her eyes reddened with tears, responds mockingly, "That's right, because I am a murderer in your eyes." Only later does Yvan realize the unbearable guilt and agony he owes her-a mere apology that Mati...

A Journey from Bitterness to Truth


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