Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton ) chapter 138

Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton ) chapter 138

Chapter 138 

Natalia’s gaze was downcast

Could you step out for a moment, Mr. Fowler? I need a word with Mr. Spiegel in private.” 

Hamilton let out a scoff, “What’s the matter? Can’t talk with me here?” 

Caspian was organizing some documents in his hands as he said, Of course we can, but I would appreciate it if you, Mr. Fowler, could keep it down.” 

As soon as the conversation turned to business, the genial aura that Caspian usually carried dissipated into thin air, leaving nothing but a sharp and penetrating intensity behind

Natalia remained silent for a moment. Mr. Spiegel, let’s step outside.” 

Caspian glanced at Hamilton and said, That might be best.” 

Hamilton’s face was a picture of displeasure. He snorted derisively and stood up to leave

At the door, he threw over his shoulder and said, Finish your meal first, and then talk.” 

With that, he slammed the hospital room door behind him, causing a resounding clang

Natalia’s lips were pressed tightly together

Caspian frowned at her and asked, Haven’t eaten?” 

Natalia shook her head. I’m not hungry.” 

Caspian looked disapproving. No matter what, you need to eat.” 

But Natalia jumped straight to the point. Mr. Spiegel, about this agreement, if I wanted to back out, could you help me reduce the penalty fee?” 

Caspian just looked at her. After a moment, he reached into his pocket and offered her a chocolate bar. “If you don’t want a meal, at least sneak in a snack. Don’t starve yourself.” 

Natalia looked at the chocolate he held out, her lips curving into a small smile as she accepted 

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Thank you, Mr. Spiegel.” 

Caspian merely smiled in return, saying nothing more

I’ve reviewed your agreement, and it’s definitely not in your favor. But if you’re set on terminating it, I can lend a hand. After all, Hamilton has breached the agreement in several places himself.” 

In Natalia’s presence, Caspian’s voice softened considerably. He methodically listed and analyzed the points for Natalia. Before they knew it, two hours had passed

You must be tired. Let’s call it a day.” 

Chapter 138 

Natalia nodded. Thank you for your help, Mr. Spiegel.” 

Caspian’s warmth returned once the discussion of business was over. He looked at Natalia and after a brief silence asked, What are your plans for the future?” 

Natalia’s eyes dropped. She had wanted to focus on her translation work, to aim for the 

highend market. But now, considering Tatiana’s exorbitant medical expenses, she knew that translation alone wouldn’t cut it

I’m still figuring it out.” 

Caspian nodded and said, Well, if there’s anything I can help with, just give me a call.” 

Will do.Natalia said, then hesitated before pulling an envelope from under her pillow. Mr. Spiegel, there’s one more thing I need to ask of you.” 

She handed the envelope directly to Caspian

Caspian took it with a frown, his eyes flashing with a sharp intensity as he glanced through the contents. After he finished, a complex look settled on his face as he gazed back at Natalia

In his piercing eyes, there was anger, but more so, there was compassion

An inexplicable compassion

Why didn’t you file a lawsuit before? It’s been months.” 

Natalia had just handed Caspian the evidence she had found that implicated Eveleen in causing her miscarriage

Her voice held a tinge of bitterness. I only recently found out that my miscarriage was induced. Please, Mr. Spiegel, I’m counting on you. As for the legal fees, I assume they must be quite high. Could you give me a ballpark figure so I can prepare?” 

Caspian patted her head gently. Helping out a friend once in a while doesn’t require a fee. I’m not after your money.” 

Natalia started to protest, but Caspian was already turning to leave, leaving behind a simple Take care of yourself.” 

When Caspian came out of the room, he saw Hamilton waiting outside

Hamilton’s face was a storm of emotions, a cigarette dangling unlit from his fingers

Waited here for two hours?” 

Hamilton shot him a glance and asked, You’re really going to help her?” 

Caspian raised an eyebrow. And why shouldn’t I?” 

Hamilton sneered, Don’t say I didn’t warn you. She can’t afford your fees.” 

Cases Caspian took on were usually highstakes corporate disputes or highprofile divorces. A single case could net him a sevenfigure fee


Chapter 138 

Caspian chuckled, Sometimes I like to play the good Samaritan.” 

Hamilton’s face twisted with distaste as he said, Caspian, are you really telling me you have no interest in her? I find that hard to believe.” 

Caspian’s expression was anything but pleasant. Hamilton, I had no intention of meddling, but do you realize how desperate you look right now? If you truly don’t want her to leave, then consider why she’s so adamant about it instead of throwing tantrums at her. She might not be able to stand up to you, but do you really think holding on to her like this is satisfying? If you have the guts, make her want to stay by your side willingly!” 

Caspian took a deep breath before continuing, And about your precious Eveleen, I’m at a loss. for words. You’re a sharp one. I can’t believe you can’t see through her little schemes. I can’t believe you don’t know what kind of person she is. Your indifferencenot just Natalia, but even a beggar wouldn’t stick around for this kind of treatment. What does she owe you?” 

Hamilton’s eyes narrowed. After a long while, he scoffed coldly, How I choose to handle my affairs is my business. But since she signed the agreement with me, she has to abide by it.” 

Caspian nodded. Sure, and whether I help someone is my business. You should know by now. I support justice, not relationships.” 

Hamilton lit his cigarette and took a drag before finally speaking, She’s just throwing a fit. She’ll get over it soon.” 

Her child is gone, and she almost lost her life too, Hamilton. How can you still think she’s just throwing a fit? If you don’t care for her, it might be best to let go. A woman like her has plenty of better options without you.” 

Hamilton’s gaze dropped, his expression somber, and it was some time before he finally responded

I’m not letting go.” 

With that, he stubbed out his cigarette with force, turned, and entered the hospital room

Natalia was still propped up in bed, the untouched food on the bedside table

Hamilton’s heart felt increasingly suffocated. He looked at Natalia, and after a long moment, he chuckled, Natalia, we’ve been together for three years. Do you really feel nothing for me?” 

Natalia’s eyes fell, and she fought to keep her emotion at bay. She mustered a strained smile. Wasn’t it you who said our relationship was nothing more than a business deal? That feelings had no place in it?” 

A flash of pain crossed Hamilton’s eyes, and he suddenly regretted his past words

He didn’t like Natalia, but he shouldn’t have denied her the right to have feelings for him. If she had really fallen for him, would she still be trying to escape like this

Regardless, I’m not letting go, Natalia. Do you really think hooking up with Caspian will get you out of our deal?” 


Chapter 138 

Natalia remained silent

It seemed Hamilton was out of the mood to talk anymore

After spending two more days in the hospital, Natalia was discharged and went home

At home, she still refused to eat. Sometimes, under Hamilton’s pressing, she would take a bite or two, but then she’d vomit, a tumultuous retching that left her weak

Hamilton watched, his face growing darker by the minute. Natalia, if you think you can be more stubborn me, you’ve got another thing coming!” 

Natalia just laughed off his comment

But seeing her grow thinner day by day darkened Hamilton’s mood even more

The two were engaged in a silent war

Natalia stubbornly used her body to fight against Hamilton’s dominance. And Hamilton, as if to prove a point, wouldn’t budge an inch

Alden, watching Hamilton’s increasingly grim expression, finally couldn’t help but ask, Bro, how’s Ms. Jenkins been these past few days?” 

Hamilton’s gaze turned dark. Still throwing her tantrum.” 

Alden fell silent for a moment. Don’t you think you should maybe apologize or something?” 

Hamilton scoffed. You really think I haven’t tried that?” 

He had never lowered himself so much for any woman before. He couldn’t fathom where she got such a fiery temper

Or, try to cheer her up a bit. Girls need to be coaxed. You can’t always be overpowering them; of course, they won’t take kindly to that.” 

Hamilton frowned deeply. With Natalia, you think that would work?” 

Alden chuckled. Whether it works or not, you’ve got to give it a shot, right?” 

Hamilton’s gaze flickered briefly

That day after work, he uncharacteristically stopped by a jewelry store. He remembered Natalia saying she didn’t like earrings. He also remembered the look of joy on her face the first time he gave her a necklace. So Hamilton carefully chose a necklace

But what he didn’t expect was to walk in and find Natalia lying silently on the floor

Instantly, the image of her lying lifeless on the rocks flashed before his eyes. His mind buzzed as he rushed over in a panic

Only after confirming she was still breathing did he exhale in relief. But it was not long before he was rushing her to the hospital, straight to emergency care


Chapter 138 

It was the same scenario all over again

Watching Natalia’s frail figure, Hamilton felt an intense pain in his chest, struggling to breathe

When Natalia woke up, she was in the hospital room, surrounded by the quiet hum of the 


You’re awake?Hamilton’s voice was hoarse

Natalia turned her head to see Hamilton sitting by the bed, his eyes red

If you keep this up, you’re going to be in real danger,the doctor’s words hit him like a thunderclap, shattering his already fragile resolve

Hamilton thought about how everyone said he was ruthless, but his ruthlessness was nothing compared to Natalia’s. He was now utterly certain that Natalia really didn’t want to be by his 


He thought, a love that’s forced is never sweet. He didn’t need a relationship obtained through coercion

His face was impassive, but his eyes swirled with an unfamiliar emotion. Natalia, you’re really cruel.” 

Natalia’s eyes reddened, and she looked away from his gaze

Hamilton let out a small laugh. After what felt like an eternity, he finally spoke up, You win. I’m letting go.” 

Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton )

Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton )

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Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton ) For three years, Natalia has been a secret lover to Hamilton, 

Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton )


Echoes Of a Forsaken Heart ( Natalia and Hamilton )


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