Enchanted Nightfall: Falling for Destiny Chapter 2

Enchanted Nightfall: Falling for Destiny Chapter 2

When the cops knocked on the door, Quintessa had just rolled out of bed where Tyrone lay.The air was still thick with the scent of last night’s steamy escapades, clothes strewn haphazardly on the floor – a testament to the passion that had unfolded last night.The persistent fierce knock at the hotel room door didn’t faze her as she leisurely showered, slipped into her clothes, and applied her makeup with the meticulousness of someone in her own apartment.Who was she? Quintessa the notorious, the ultimate femme fatale, always had to look dazzling, outshining everyone with her radiance.



Tyrone, bare-chested, still bore the tell-tale crimson marks of Quintessa’s nails on his skin, a mottled pattern of desire. He lit a cigarette, “You know, if you ask nicely, I might just be able to shave a couple years off your sentence.”Quintessa sauntered over, plucked the cigarette from his lips, took a drag, and then placed it back between his lips.Her slender hand playfully slapped his cheek, taunting him in a manner reminiscent of a flirtatious tease, “Mr. York, next time you go hunting for a lady, keep your eyes open. Don’t think just because you’re loaded, I can’t outsmart you.”Indeed, the man she had bedded was her aunt’s man, the dream of every woman in Emberbrook, the sole heir to York Financial Group – Tyrone York.His looks? Only those who’d seen him knew. His wealth? Perhaps even he couldn’t fathom.Otherwise, Quintessa wouldn’t have been able to resist bonking him.Ranked as the city’s most coveted one-night stand, Tyrone had spent the previous night tangled in the sheets with her. Quintessa couldn’t help but feel a sense of achievement; after all, not everyone could boast such a conquest.After that night, her verdict on the man? Rich and undeniably forceful. In every aspect, Tyrone had his pride.The police snarled outside, ”




Open up, or we’re breaking down the door!”Quintessa, confident she looked presentable, turned to answer it, but Tyrone suddenly grasped her wrist, “This is your last chance, Quintessa. Are you sure you don’t want it?”His eyes, slightly upturned at the corners, his lips thin, nose sharp – he was the epitome of detached beauty, always wearing a smirk of nonchalant arrogance. Those eyes, no matter who they were fixed on, were cold and indifferent; seemed devoid of warmth or emotion.Quintessa raised an eyebrow, “What, got feelings for me now? Don’t tell me you’re planning to dump your fiancée to fool around with me. Since when did the illustrious Mr. York become so sentimental?”His grip tightened in an instant, nearly crushing her wrist, “You sleeping with me, all just to get back at the Young family?”She blinked at him coquettishly, and then leaned in, her breath a whisper against his skin, “I slept with you because you’re Rachel’s man. Isn’t that something you’ve known all along? Why the act of innocence?”From the moment she first saw Tyrone, she knew his heart was as cold as his blood; he was prideful, looked down on everyone, including her aunt, Rachel Young. No one could probably catch his eye.Darkness clouded his gaze as he spat out, “You’re despicable.”Her rosy lips curved, “Indeed, and that’s why you’re hooked by me, aren’t you?”With a thunderous crash, the door burst open and a motley crowd surged in – cops, reporters, and the Young family members from the oldest to the youngest.Quintessa’s aunt Rachel stormed at her, hand raised, and delivered a stinging slap across her face, “Quintessa, you tramp! Do you realize this is my fiancé? Do you get it? He’s supposed to be your future uncle-in-law, and here you are seducing him! Have you no shame?”Tears streamed down Rachel’s face, her visage a portrait of sorrow that could soften people’s heart.Quintessa licked her split lip, tasting the metallic tang of blood. She glanced at the frenzied reporters, their cameras clicking like crazed crickets, and sneered. And then, in a swift move, she wrapped her arms around Tyrone’s neck and kissed him passionately. The crowd gasped and murmured as the cameras captured the scandalous moment.Tyrone hesitated, fully aware of what Quintessa was doing. He should have pushed her away, should have slapped her for this brazen act, but, damn it all, he didn’t. Instead he responded, wrapping his arms around her waist.Her waist was so slender; it was as if she had no bones at all. His brain, his body – they both remembered all too well how she moved, like a siren’s call.After a heated kiss, Quintessa released Tyrone and looked up at Rachel, saying, “That’s right.



I’m shameless. I deliberately slept with your man. What are you going to do about it?”The crowd was aghast.A mistress caught in the act should be running for cover, humiliated, shouldn’t she? But this woman, she was brazenly defiant, kissing her future uncle-in-law right in front of her aunt. Truly, there was no limit to her audacity!Rachel was so shocked she forgot to cry, her trembling finger pointed at Quintessa.Finally, a sympathetic police officer stepped forward and uttered, “Quintessa, you’re under arrest for embezzlement and assault. Please, come with us.”Quintessa cooperated, extending her hands for the cold handcuffs that strangely complemented her wrists with a twisted beauty.As the police escorted Quintessa out, she paused by Rachel, whispering in her ear, “You had the gall to play me, so I slept with your man. Let’s see who gets the last laugh.”Rachel’s face instantly went pale.The night before, she had plotted against Quintessa, drugged her, hoping she’d get addicted to drugs and then be defiled by some street thugs, all to be exposed by the media. Her whole life would be ruined totally.But somehow, Quintessa had turned the tables and ended up bonking Rachel’s own fiancé. Rachel gritted her teeth with utter venom.At the guest room door, Quintessa saw her father Sean, her stepmother, and her half-brother. They watched silently as she was taken away, their faces barely concealing their schadenfreude. Within the same family, Quintessa was the thorn they all wished to pluck.Embezzlement, assault – these accusations were the filth her family had splashed upon her.A malicious glint flashing in her eye, Quintessa addressed her father, “Dad, don’t forget to visit. I’ve got something you want, and if you don’t show, I might just toss it.



Who knows who’ll pick it up then.”Sean’s face twisted into a mask of disgust, “I’m so disappointed in you; I never imagined it would come to this. I thought I’d give you a chance to intern at the company after graduation, but your greed knows no bounds. You had the audacity to embezzle funds. Who gave you such courage? Even now, with your back against the wall, you show no remorse. How did our family ever produce a black sheep like you?”Quintessa sneered, “Disappointed? You haven’t seen true despair yet.”A police officer nudged Quintessa from behind, “Quit dragging your feet; let’s move.”In the end, Quintessa left her father with meaningful words, “Dad, remember what I said. Time is running out.”Tyrone impassively watched Quintessa being led away, her demeanor unshaken in the face of doom, a wild recklessness that cared for nothing. A monster must dwell in that woman’s heart.“Quintessa’s been caught! She’s been caught in an affair! She’s headed to jail!”“Quintessa of Emberbrook, the notorious rich girl, has finally played her last hand!”The reporters Rachel had called were ecstatic to the point of madness.“Quintessa, the second daughter of the Young family of Emberbrook, was caught in bed with her own uncle-in-law, and that adulterer was none other than Tyrone.”“Who’s Tyrone? There isn’t a man in all of Emberbrook handsomer or wealthier than Tyrone.”“If this news breaks, it will dominate the headlines in a heartbeat, a juicy tale of feuds and entanglements within the halls of the wealthy.”But the reporters’ excitement was short-lived, cut off by the York family’s bodyguards.The explosive story was suppressed thoroughly; by the time they emerged again, the faces of those with the scoop were ashen, their cameras, phones, video recorders, and voice recorders, all smashed to bits.Trying to scandalize Mr. Tyrone York in Emberbrook?



That was a death wish.Tyrone slipped into the clothes his assistant had brought him, as Rachel wailed before him, “Tyrone, I know, it must have been Quintessa who seduced you. Like father, like son. Her mother was a mistress, and so is she. Just like that vile woman, that tramp, born to lure in men. My brother should’ve never brought her back, should have let her die out there. I was so good to her, and she repaid me like this. I must have been blind to not see how low and venomous she was.”Rachel was five years older than Quintessa and bore a slight resemblance to her. As Tyrone looked at Rachel spewing venom at Quintessa, he felt a deep revulsion. There was nothing about her he could stand anymore.He used to think she was at least observant and obedient, and when she lied to others, claiming to be his fiancée, he couldn’t be bothered to correct her. It saved him the trouble, after all.But now, he saw her for what she was: as foolish was she, she still pretended to be clever. Another glance would just sully his eyes.Tyrone’s hand shot out, gripping Rachel’s chin, “I don’t make a habit of hitting women, but don’t play smart with me. You’re nothing compared to your niece.”Rachel gasped, “Tyrone.”“Get lost.”Despite her unwillingness, Rachel dared not anger Tyrone. She had schemed hard to become Tyrone’s fiancée, a status she had reached with great difficulty. She could not let Quintessa ruin everything she had worked for.


Enchanted Nightfall: Falling for Destiny

Enchanted Nightfall: Falling for Destiny

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/22/2024 Native Language: English
Enchanted Nightfall: Falling for Destiny" On a chance evening, Quintessa and the “national husband” Tyrone spent a passionate night together. Pressured by her family to leave the country,Quintessa hid from being hunted, Enchanted Nightfall Falling For Destiny ultimately successfully escaping and transforming into a glamorous star, returned home in splendor. Upon meeting again, the two locked eyes, each harboring their own secrets. Quintessa is determined to seek revenge, while Tyrone quietly lends his support, gradually falling uncontrollably in love with her. He cornered her in the elevator: “Have a meal with me, and I’ll let you play the female lead.” “Come with me to the banquet.” “Accompany me to…” “Tyrone, will you ever stop?” He lightly laughed as he placed a ring on her middle finger, saying, “Marry me, be my forever leading lady.”


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