Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire? ( Madison Parker and Cameron ) Chapter 321

Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire? ( Madison Parker and Cameron ) Chapter 321

Chapter 321 

Sir, is that really you?Cameron was surprised

Hehe, it sounds like you still recognize this old man’s voice.The Combatant Commander chuckled and said, You almost destroyed Andura.” 

UhCameron felt a little awkward

You took so long to answer my call. Have you settled your problems yet?The Combatant Commander 


Yes,Cameron replied

That’s good.The Combatant Commander sighed in relief before saying, Kid, if you have any problems in the future, just come to me directly. I spent a huge effort trying to keep this news a secret this time.” 

I’m sorry, sir. I caused you trouble.” 

You don’t have to be so polite with me. I know you’re not a reckless person. Terence handed the Dragon Token to you back then because he completely trusted in you.” 

Terence?At the mention of his mentor, Cameron’s eyes twinkled

Alright, kid. Since everything is alright, I’ll hang up. When you see him the next time, send him my regards

Yes, sir,replied Cameron

After hanging up, Cameron could not help but smile bitterly. He never thought that this matter would alert all the way up to the Combatant Commander

Speaking of which, he had not contacted his mentor, Terence, in a long time. Ever since Terence handed him the Dragon Token three years ago, he left for a remote island to practice in recluse, so that he could 

break through

Cameron wondered if Terence had succeeded or not

Truth be told, he did quite miss Terence

Mr. Morgan, the cleaning has been completed. Do you have any other instructions?Abel asked at that 


The other generals looked at Cameron with respect

Nope. Thank you all for today!Cameron said politely

It’s our pleasure, Mr. Morgan! We’ll make a move, then!” 

Hmm, alright!” 

Retreat!The generals waved at their troops. Soon, the army, navy, and air forces left Yrando as quickly 

as they came

Mr. Morgan, in that case, I’ll leave as well.Harrison looked at Cameron

Colonel Larson, thank you for today. Let me buy you coffee another day,Cameron said with a smile

Harrison had helped him twice

No need! Mr. Morgan! How could you treat me to coffee? Of course, I should be the one buying you coffee!Harrison said in a panic

Haha, I’ll take you up on your offer!Cameron chuckled generously

Haha! Okay! When you’re free, just contact me!Harrison was extremely excited. Having coffee with Cameron was a great honor for him

Alright, then, Colonel Larson!Cameron laughed

Goodbye!Harrison greeted Cameron before leaving with his troops

As all of them left, the cordon was dismantled too. The surroundings of the villa resumed its silence once 


As the fighter jets left, the sun shone down once again on Cameron. He could feel the warmth of the sun

He felt so comfortable he squinted his eyes

Sir, where shall we go now?Blackheart asked

To Dakota’s,Cameron replied. Caring for Dakota was the most important thing at that moment. As for his mother’s villa, he’d come again when he was free in the next few days

He was going to restore the villa to its original form

Yes, sir!Blackheart replied

They were about to leave when they heard an engine roaring. A military truck was coming toward them

The truck braked and skidded before coming to a stop right in front of them

The door opened quickly, and a pretty figure jumped out of the truck. The person looked like she had traveled a long way, albeit still pretty

When she saw that Cameron was still safe and sound, she instantly looked at him in disbelief. “Cameron Morgan, you’re not dead yet?” 

Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire? ( Madison Parker and Cameron )

Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire? ( Madison Parker and Cameron )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2/29/2024 Native Language: English
Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire? ( Madison Parker and Cameron ) Madison Parker says, “Let’s divorce, Cameron. You’re not worthy of me anymore.”Cameron Morgan asks in return, “Are you sure about that?” Why, Madison? Why did you have to do this to me? “Did I not treat you well in our five years of marriage? Why did you have to go sleep with another man behind my back?”

Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire ( Madison Parker and Cameron )

Cameron Morgan asked angrily. A beautiful woman in black office wear sat before him in the villa.On the table between them were several photos of her being intimate with another man as they walked into a hotel. “Did you stalk me, Cameron?” Madison Parker furrowed her brow as she stared at the photos on the table. There was not an ounce of regret on her face, just coldness. “If that’s the case, then let’s just divorce.” “Divorce?” A low buzz sounded in Cameron’s mind upon hearing that. He suddenly felt like he might collapse. He had only wanted Madison to give him an explanation for her actions and tell him it wasn’t what he thought it was, even if that may be a lie.

Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire ( Madison Parker and Cameron )


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