Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire? ( Madison Parker and Cameron ) Chapter 330

Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire? ( Madison Parker and Cameron ) Chapter 330

Chapter 330 

The air around them seemed to freeze all of a sudden

Cameron stared at Phoenix, whose face was just inches away from his

Phoenix glanced down at Cameron, so he couldn’t make out much of an expression on the 

latter’s face

Still, Phoenix, heart palpitated in the chest

Are you done yapping?Cameron asked calmly as he stared back up at Phoenix

Cameron didn’t strike back at Phoenix because he’d been observing Phoenix’s moves

Phoenix’s attacks were slow. Not only was his footwork nasty, but his breath was also ragged

If this was what the people call a fighter in the Martial King stage, it surely seemed like Phoenix had gained the title through indecent means

Cameron didn’t feel like watching or analyzing Phoenix’s moves anymore. It wasn’t worth it

That was why, he should quickly end things. This fight was meaningless


You, punk, are so dead!” eyes seemed to spew flames as he gritted his teeth.Don’t think you can act all high and mighty just because you managed to stop my blow!” 

I was lucky, you say?Cameron mumbled

The corners of his mouth lifted in a smile as he said, Well then, why don’t you give it your all this time? Otherwise” 

He paused for suspense. I’m afraid that I’d accidentally kill you.” 

Phoenix narrowed his eyes at those words. His gaze turned sharp and savage

A wave of murderous intent spread out and about from deep inside his heart. He shivered at the sudden urge to kill

Splendid!he bellowed. You’re the first person who dares to say that to me!” 

Phoenix clenched his jaw. It was as if by doing so, he could dismiss the atrocious and humiliating thought of trying to kill Cameron with his bare hands

When he finished his sentence, disdain rose in his eyes once again

Vital energy, more violent and turbulent than before, exploded within him. He wrung his 


hand free from Cameron’s grasp and moved backward so that he was around ten feet away

from Cameron

The vital energy that coursed through his body flowed out and surrounded him, making the air around him buzz and his clothes billow from the energy. His hair moved in the air, making him look like a madman

Phoenix stared unblinkingly at Cameron, the hatred in his eyes as clear as day. I admit that you’re better than what I’ve expected, but do you really think I’ll acknowledge your worth just because of that? No way!” 

My worth?The corners of Cameron’s lips tilted upward into a smile

Raising his eyes, he looked at Phoenix and said, You must’ve gotten something wrong.” 

What is it?Phoenix asked, scowling

I don’t recall asking you to acknowledge my abilities,Cameron spoke slowly and clearly in an icecold tone. You, on the other hand, think too highly of yourself. I don’t understand what you say. Don’t you find yourself much too noisy and annoying?” 

You-Phoenix’s glowered at Cameron

The humiliation he felt was like a sharp blade that sliced through his heart. It was as if his confidence had been trampled on, and he started trembling out of rage

The hatred in his eyes deepened, and his voice became dangerously low

Well done, punk! You’ve pissed me off real badly!he growled. To repay you, I’ll break every single bone in your body!” 

The moment he finished his sentence, he stamped his feet on the ground and leaped into the air at lightning speed

This time, he was quicker than before. His punches were more rapid and had more force behind them. He seemed more threatening than before

Despite that, Cameron looked nonchalant. He stared as one of the punches came close to him. Then, with a light flick of his hand, he grabbed Phoenix’s fist and closed his fingers around it

A layer of vital energy started to condense on top of Phoenix’s fist. It didn’t seem like much, but the power behind it was a hundred times more overwhelming than Phoenix’s

Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire? ( Madison Parker and Cameron )

Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire? ( Madison Parker and Cameron )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2/29/2024 Native Language: English
Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire? ( Madison Parker and Cameron ) Madison Parker says, “Let’s divorce, Cameron. You’re not worthy of me anymore.”Cameron Morgan asks in return, “Are you sure about that?” Why, Madison? Why did you have to do this to me? “Did I not treat you well in our five years of marriage? Why did you have to go sleep with another man behind my back?”

Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire ( Madison Parker and Cameron )

Cameron Morgan asked angrily. A beautiful woman in black office wear sat before him in the villa.On the table between them were several photos of her being intimate with another man as they walked into a hotel. “Did you stalk me, Cameron?” Madison Parker furrowed her brow as she stared at the photos on the table. There was not an ounce of regret on her face, just coldness. “If that’s the case, then let’s just divorce.” “Divorce?” A low buzz sounded in Cameron’s mind upon hearing that. He suddenly felt like he might collapse. He had only wanted Madison to give him an explanation for her actions and tell him it wasn’t what he thought it was, even if that may be a lie.

Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire ( Madison Parker and Cameron )


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