Ex-Husband’s Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar ( Cassandra Jackson ) Chapter 12

Ex-Husband’s Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar ( Cassandra Jackson ) Chapter 12

Chapter 12 

Do you think I’m nosy?Peter was angry. He raised his hand and slammed the table heavily

Frederick hurriedly said, Orlando, how can you talk to your grandpa like this? Take it back, and tell your grandpa that you won’t get a divorce.” 

Orlando remained silent expressionlessly

Gabriela was also in a dilemma

Peter sneered, Well, it appears there’s a storm brewing in the Quinn family. You won’t even listen to me anymore. If you’re determined to proceed with a divorce, then wait until I’m dead. As long as I’m alive, Rebecca will never set foot in the Quinn manor.” 

Peter was visibly agitated. Following his statement, he abruptly gasped and started coughing violently

Cassandra hurriedly walked to Peter’s side. She quickly handed him a glass of warm water, saying, Grandpa 

Feter, please calm down” 

Cassie, I feel sorry for your late grandpa. If I had known that Orlando was such an ingrate, I wouldn’t have 

arried you to him,Peter exclaimed

Grandpa Peter, it’s not like that.With a serious expression, Cassandra spoke in a low voice. The idea of divorce mine as well. We haven’t developed any feelings for each other even after a year, so I don’t want to waste any 

ore time.” 

eryone fell silent

ssandra smiled apologetically and went on, Grandpa Peter, Frederick, and Gabriela, I’m truly sorry for letting u down. Orlando and I have separated amicably. We simply won’t have the status of husband and wife going ward. Everything else will remain unchanged. Instead of causing unhappiness for both of us, why not allow 

ch other to

move on?” 

er looked solemn, and a trace of complexity flashed through his eyes

ssie, I still need to think about it, so I can’t approve your decision for the time being.Peter’s tone was heavy 

hoarse. You guys proceed with the dinner. I’m a little tired. Please excuse me.” 

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Cassandra let out a matt smile in responding toy and oneasy 

she caught a glimpse of Orlando’s gloomy face and thought. He must be very disappointed, right? After all, he can’t diverte me and marry Rebecca immediately if Grandpa Peter objects‘ 

Cassandra smiled bitterly in her heart

Peter didn’t show up anymore after that. Frederick said Peter was feeling a bit unwell and had taken medicine 

before resting 

Frederick said, “Think about the divorce again. Marriage is a serious thing. Feelings can be cultivated over time. I’m sure you don’t want your grandpa to worry about you at such an old age, do you?” 

Cassandra nodded, though it was not her call at all

that were

f she could, she wouldn’t want to divorce. However, Cassandra understood that if to stay 

ogether, it wouldn’t lead to a happy ending

On the way back to Dustmeadow Mansion from the Quinn manor, Orlando and Cassandra didn’t interact with 

ach other at all. The atmosphere in the car was very quiet

assandra’s mind was filled with memories of the moment they had just gotten married. If only time could hav 

ozen at that moment,she murmured silently

uddenly, Orlando’s phone rang

e took out his phone and answered it. A clear female voice came from the other end. Landy, how’s your scussion at the Quinn manor? Did your grandpa agree to your divorce?” 

assandra heard every word clearly, and a selfdeprecating smile appeared on her face

Emergency calls onlyle 

Chapter 12 


He must really love Rebecca. Otherwise, why would he be willing to tell her everything without reser 

Cassandra thought

Emergency calls only 

Chapter 12 

He must really love Rebecca. Otherwise, why would he be willing to tell her everything without res Cassandra thought

Ex-Husband’s Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar ( Cassandra Jackson )

Ex-Husband’s Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar ( Cassandra Jackson )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/22/2024 Native Language: English
Ex-Husband's Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar ( Cassandra Jackson ) Looking at the divorce agreement in Orlando Quinn’s hand, Cassandra Jackson knew it was time to wake up from her sweet dream. A dream where she married her crush of ten years.

Ex-Husband's Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar

A dream that was dashed after a year because her husband’s first love, Rebecca Spencer, had woken up from a coma.However, Cassandra was not bitter. Deep down, she knew the truth better than anyone else; Orlando was never meant to be hers. She could only blame herself for being naive and harboring unrealistic hopes of Orlando reciprocating her love. Armed with a determined heart, Cassandra set forth to erase Orlando from her life, even after finding out she was pregnant with his child later. Orlando, on the other hand, started to have wavering thoughts. His mind and heart conflicted with each other.It was a choice between his first love and a girl who had loved him for a decade. Will it be Rebecca or Cassandra?

Ex-Husband's Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar


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