Ex-Husband’s Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar ( Cassandra Jackson ) Chapter 2

Ex-Husband’s Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar ( Cassandra Jackson ) Chapter 2


Orlando’s eyes narrowed at her words, his gaze icy

For a moment, they just stared at each other. Then, he uttered, Cassandra, that’s not even remotely amusing.Her hypothetical question regarding his feelings towards her was nothing more than a joke to him

Cassandra’s expression stiffened. I apologize.” 

There was an odd sensation in Orlando’s chest as he saw Cassandra, still meek, tender, and ever reasonable

Cassandra’s phone suddenly rang. Startled, she swiftly picked it up. Her eyes widened at the caller ID. The fleeting hint of panic didn’t escape Orlando

Seeing her hesitation, he prodded, Aren’t you going to answer that?” 

After a reluctant nod, she pressed the answer button. Hello?” 

Cassandra, your results are ready. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about.The caller paused before continuing, But, it appears you’re a bit more than two months pregnant, and the baby is developing fine. Have youdecided to keep it?” 

The caller’s words echoed in her mind. Cassandra froze. Her face lost color as her mind reeled, I’m pregnant!” 

Instead of responding, she involuntarily glanced at Orlando, scared he might have overheard the conversation

Observing her reaction, Orlando asked worriedly, What happened?” 

Upon hearing Orlando’s voice in the background, the caller quickly asked if she was with him. Okay, I understand. Goodbye,was Cassandra’s hasty response before she hung up the call

Orlando’s penetrating gaze was still focused on her. Seeing her perturbed expression, he asked, Cassandra

what was that about?” 

Cassandra shook her head, unable to discern her own feelings. She mused, Why bother telling him? We’re getting a divorce soon. Will he reconsider because of the baby? No, that’s not right. It’s pathetic enough as is. I can’t trap him using this unborn child. That would strip away any dignity I have left.” 




She suppressed her emotions and tried to sound composed. It’s just some work stuff. I can handle it.” 

Orlando didn’t question her further, but observed her closely

Making an effort to feign a smile, Cassandra acted like a thought struck her. I need to go to work. Let me know when you’re ready for the divorce proceedings.” 

Without waiting for his response, she hastily left Dustmeadow Mansion

The bitterness in Cassandra’s heart surged like a tide, turning into tears that fell from her eyes. Memories from the past made her heart ache so much that she could barely breathe. She painfully thought, If he didn’t intend to see this marriage through, why was he so kind to me? He gets to move on like nothing happened, but what 

about me?” 

Cassandra absentmindedly placed her hand on her belly, muttering, Little one, this is hardly a good time for you to arrive. I don’t know how to handle this.” 

That fateful night was a whirlwind of confusion. Orlando had come to her, drunk, repeatedly whispering the name Becca.” She tried to resist him, but it was impossible against a drunken man. The following hours were filled with guilt and selfreproach. In her haze, she’d forgotten all about taking any contraceptive pills

Cassandra made her way to the architectural firm that she cofounded with her friend, Michael Collins

Recently, their design drawing had been flagged for suspected plagiarism. She needed to stay on top of the 

situationany misstep could result in dire consequences

Michael was quick to notice Cassandra’s ashen face when she arrived. Concern lining his voice, he asked, Cassie, what’s wrong?” 

Cassandra shook her head and said, I’m okay.She quickly redirected the conversation. What about Hawley Real Estate? Any update?Hawley Real Estate was their partner on the design project that had sparked the plagiarism concerns

They’re expecting a solid explanation. If we don’t deliver, they’ll slap us with a lawsuit,Michael relayed.. 

When’s the meeting? Should we head out?Cassandra sprang to action




Yeah, sure.Michael nodded. As they prepared to leave, he handed her a plece of paper. Hey, some big shot wants you to design diamond jewelry. Offered good money.” 

Cassandra took a splitsecond glance at the document before declining outright, Not right now. Let’s talk about this after i settle my divorce with Orlando.” 

Wait, you’re getting a divorce?Michael was taken aback

Yes,Cassandra answered

Was it his idea?Michael probed further

Cassandra held back the welling emotions in her eyes. A certain calmness to her voice, she said, Yeah. His beloved has come around. He wants to marry her.” 

Seeing the melancholy lacing her eyes, Michael scowled. He felt a pang of concern for Cassandra and a resentment towards Orlando. Keeping his voice low, he voiced his thoughts, Cassie, why on earth are you letting yourself get hurt like this? A year ago, you shouldn’t have-” 

Ex-Husband’s Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar ( Cassandra Jackson )

Ex-Husband’s Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar ( Cassandra Jackson )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/22/2024 Native Language: English
Ex-Husband's Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar ( Cassandra Jackson ) Looking at the divorce agreement in Orlando Quinn’s hand, Cassandra Jackson knew it was time to wake up from her sweet dream. A dream where she married her crush of ten years.

Ex-Husband's Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar

A dream that was dashed after a year because her husband’s first love, Rebecca Spencer, had woken up from a coma.However, Cassandra was not bitter. Deep down, she knew the truth better than anyone else; Orlando was never meant to be hers. She could only blame herself for being naive and harboring unrealistic hopes of Orlando reciprocating her love. Armed with a determined heart, Cassandra set forth to erase Orlando from her life, even after finding out she was pregnant with his child later. Orlando, on the other hand, started to have wavering thoughts. His mind and heart conflicted with each other.It was a choice between his first love and a girl who had loved him for a decade. Will it be Rebecca or Cassandra?

Ex-Husband's Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar


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