From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea’s Ascent ( Anthea ) Chapter 200

From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea’s Ascent ( Anthea ) Chapter 200

Chapter 200 

Given the glimpse of hope that his illness might be cured, Kendrick seemed more spirited than he had the day before

He was bossing the servants around againasking for snacks, demanding his tea

Corrin brought in a wooden box and said to the young healer, Anthea, this is the acupuncture kit you asked for yesterday, Please, check if everything meets your requirements.” 

Anthea set down her cup and opened the box to take a look. The tools are all here; this will do just fine.” 

Dad, is this the healer you said could heal you?Damian’s voice suddenly filled the room

Damian had expected a figure of great renown, a veritable miracle worker

Instead, he saw a mere teenager… 

What kind of joke was this? A kidwhat could they possibly know about medicine

Rebecca was the successor to a great healer at least

His father must be losing his senses! Dismissing a real healer for the trust in a child

Show some respect!Kendrick’s voice was stern. Apologize to the healer right now.” 

Damian thought his father was the one who was truly ill

To be asked to apologize to a childit was inconceivable

Dad, are you sure this kid can cure you? If something goes wrong, who will be held accountable?Compared to a seasoned healer, Damian naturally wanted to believe in experience over youth

This childwhat was she

Silence!Kendrick interrupted, then turned to Anthea with an apologetic smile. Please don’t mind the nonsense of that rascal. I chose to believe in you, and I will trust you completely! I’ve prepared a waiver already; every procedure has its risks, and should any issues arise during the acupuncture, it won’t be on you.” 

What does a doctor need most? Trust

Kendrick didn’t want Anthea to feel pressured. Besides, with his advancing age, he had preemptively drafted a waiver

You’re being foolish, Dad!Damian was livid

Pointing to the door, Kendrick commanded, Get out!” 

Seeing his father genuinely angry, Damian didn’t dare to protest further. He sighed, Dad, I just hope you won’t regret this.” Kendrick ignored Damian and turned back to Anthea. When can we start the treatment?” 

Right now,Anthea replied calmly, her demeanor unfazed even by Damian’s skepticism

Very well, follow me,” said Kendrick

Kendrick had been ill for over a year; the family had prepared a sterile room specifically for treatments

Anthea followed Kendrick’s lead

The butler, knowing that Sarah might worry while waiting outside, took her to the conservatory to admire the flowers and watch a once again reminding Sarah of the lavish lifestyle of the wealthy


In the sterile room, Kendrick lay on the hospital bed as Anthea took a silver needle from the medical kit. “Kendrick, I’m about to start the acupuncture. It won’t hurt much, just try to relax.” 

Alright,Kendrick nodded

The first needle pierced the temple

Anthea held the silver needle, gently twisting it into the hidden vein beneath the skin

Winter sunlight streamed through the window, illuminating Anthea’s focused face, her already fair skin glowing even brighter

Kendrick felt a sharp pain at his temple, then his eyelids grew heavy, and soon he fell into a deep, sensationless calm

Before long, Kendrick’s body was covered with silver needles, but that wasn’t enough

Anthea continued, one needle after another, and under the bright light, the silver turned slowly to black. A thin sheen of sweat appeared on Anthea’s forehead as time ticked away

When Kendrick awoke, the clock on the wall pointed to 2 PM

Five hours had passed? He was shocked


Just then, Anthea approached, You’re awake? How do you feel?” 

Kendrick sat up, moving his limbs. I feelHis arm wasn’t hurting, his head wasn’t spinningit was a miracle

From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea’s  Ascent ( Anthea  )

From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea’s Ascent ( Anthea )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/1/2024 Native Language: English
From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea's Ascent ( Anthea ) High-tech maven named Anthea somehow found herself reborn in another universe. Her second life began in the skin of a pampered, yet loathed heiress. This imposter heiress was known for stealing the limelight and for her notorious reputation. She was thought of as an illiterate and clandestine love child, drawing the ire of those around her in high society circles.

From Sneers to Cheers Anthea's  Ascent

Sneers and jeers followed her: "You're not even fit to compare to the true heiress's pinky finger!" "You're nothing but a love child. Shameless!" However, Anthea just chuckled. She had been dealt a poor hand, branded as a fake heiress and a love child - but she knew she had the ability to turn the tables and stir up a storm. She transformed herself from a supposed illiterate to the admired and incomparable genius she was, becoming the CEO...

From Sneers to Cheers Anthea's  Ascent


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