From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea’s Ascent ( Anthea ) Chapter 270

From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea’s Ascent ( Anthea ) Chapter 270

Chapter 270 

Tanya and Anthea exchanged a glance, Tanya nudging Anthea with her elbow, Hey Annie, check out Lizzie, what’s up with her?” 

Anthea shook her head, craned her neck to look at Lizzie, and gave her a comforting pat on the shoulder, Lizzie, you feeling okay?” 

I’m fine, Annie, don’t worry about me,Lizzie replied, shaking her head and reaching out to take the tray from the cafeteria lady

But in a moment of distraction, the tray slipped from her threatening to crash to the floor


In the nick of time, Anthea’s hand shot out and snagged the tray 

Rock steady

Not a drop of soup spilled

Tanya, standing to the side, was practically starryeyed with admiration, Annie, you’re amazing.” 

They all knew Anthea had skills

But every time Anthea sprang into action, it was a sight to behold

And that’s why you’re our rock star,Anthea said, handing the tray back to Lizzie, You’ve gotta tell us if something’s up, Lizzie.” 

Lizzie nodded, her mind heavy with thoughts she wasn’t sure how to express

After all, the person in question was her father. For now, she could only hide it, keep it to herself, and deal with it on her own

Lizzie tried to comfort herself with the words of that selfhelp guru she liked

Ignorance was bliss

If Gina was happy now, why should she be the one to shatter that happiness

Tanya piped up, Lizzie, did you get dumped or something?” 

Lizzie looked up at Tanya, It’s just some family stuff. Not a big deal but not exactly small either. It’s just kind of a headache.” 

Tanya wrapped an arm around Lizzie’s, You’re too young to be stressing over family drama. Let the adults handle their own business.” 

The trio settled down at the dining table to eat

Lizzie turned to Tanya, hesitating before speaking, Tanya, how are your parentsrelationship?” 

They’re good.” Tanya nodded emphatically, Dad’s a bit of an introvert, not much of a socializer, so Mom’s the boss at home. They squabble sometimes, but it’s always Mom giving Dad an earful, and he just takes it.” 

Lizzie suddenly felt a pang of envy

Why did everyone else have a great dad? Why did her own have to be after some mistress



Curious, Tanya asked, Why are you asking all this, Lizzie?” 

Just curious,Lizzie said with a forced smile

Tanya sniffed out something amiss, Lizzie, did your parents have a fight?” 

I don’t really know how to put it,” Lizzie scratched her head, It’s not exactly a fight.” 

Since it was Lizzie’s personal issue, Tanya didn’t press further 

After a pause, Lizzie said, Annie, Tanya, I want to ask you guys 



If,Lizzie carefully chose her words, I mean, if you found out that eighbor’s dad was cheating, what 

would you do?” 

Not wanting to air her family’s dirty laundry, Lizzie disguised her identity

Tanya was visibly taken aback, clearly never having faced such a predicament

Anthea pondered seriously for a moment before responding, Does your neighbor know about it?” 

Lizzie nodded

Anthea frowned slightly and continued, And she hasn’t told her mom?” 

Lizzie shook her head, voicing her concerns, Her mom is a really great person, and loves her dad a lot. If she found out, given her temperament, she might do something drastic, so my neighbor has been scared to tell her.” 

Anthea glanced at Lizzie, Keeping this from her mom is incredibly unfair. I suggest you tell your neighbor to come clean to her mom. I believe as an adult, she can handle this situation perfectly.” 

Anthea may not have experienced love or marriage in a past life

But she absolutely detested men who cheated on their families

It was unforgivable

No, we can’t let her mom find out,Lizzie insisted, Annie, isn’t there a way to keep it from her mom and still make her dad come back to his senses?” 

Lizzie didn’t want to see any harm come to Gina, but she also wanted to save Malcolm

She wanted to keep her happy family together

Anthea thought for a moment, Then your neighbor should confront her dad and tear down that façade. If he’s lost all shame, why should she care about his pride? If he’s a man with any sense of responsibility, he’ll turn over a new leaf and cut ties with that mistress.” 


A glimmer of hope shone in Lizzie’s eyes. Maybe this approach could really work


From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea’s  Ascent ( Anthea  )

From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea’s Ascent ( Anthea )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/1/2024 Native Language: English
From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea's Ascent ( Anthea ) High-tech maven named Anthea somehow found herself reborn in another universe. Her second life began in the skin of a pampered, yet loathed heiress. This imposter heiress was known for stealing the limelight and for her notorious reputation. She was thought of as an illiterate and clandestine love child, drawing the ire of those around her in high society circles.

From Sneers to Cheers Anthea's  Ascent

Sneers and jeers followed her: "You're not even fit to compare to the true heiress's pinky finger!" "You're nothing but a love child. Shameless!" However, Anthea just chuckled. She had been dealt a poor hand, branded as a fake heiress and a love child - but she knew she had the ability to turn the tables and stir up a storm. She transformed herself from a supposed illiterate to the admired and incomparable genius she was, becoming the CEO...

From Sneers to Cheers Anthea's  Ascent


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