From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea’s Ascent ( Anthea ) Chapter 37

From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea’s Ascent ( Anthea ) Chapter 37

Chapter 37 

Lauren furrowed her brow slightly, murmuring. Anthea, just bite the bullet and apologize, will you?” 

If they called Harriet over, this whole mess would just spiral out of control. Then, Anthea would not only have to cough up some cash but also offered an apology

These three were clearly gunning for Anthea

Alicia let out a soft chuckle, Totally clueless about reading the room, no wonder you’re just a waitress. Listen up, I might let it slide if you apologize. But once your manager shows up, you’ll be footing the bill.” 

This sum of money meant nothing to a heiress like her, not even a drop in the bucket

But to Anthea, a penny pincher, it was a small fortune

Anthea,Lauren tugged at Anthea’s sleeve once more, Don’t be so stubborn. It’s just an apology. What’s the big deal?” 

Lauren was genuinely looking out for Anthea

If Anthea kept up her defiance, she’d have worked for peanuts this month

Just an apology could stop the bleeding. Wasn’t it good

Anthea glanced down at Lauren, Lauren, don’t worry about me, please go fetch the boss.” 

Seeing Anthea so obstinate, Lauren sighed in resignation

Rebecca pulled out a card from her purse and offered it to Anthea with a gentle voice, Anthea, this is my card, the PIN is six sixes. Take it and settle the bill, so you don’t get in trouble when 

your manager comes.” 

Anthea was like a struggling ant on its last legs

Offering a helping hand like this, Anthea would be indebted

Thanks, but I won’t accept it,Anthea said with a slight smile

Rebecca hadn’t expected Anthea to be so ungrateful, her smile freezing for a moment before. returning to normal

Anthea had changed. In the past, she would have gratefully accepted any help offered

Before long, Harriet arrived, Anthea! I hear about you messing up an order! Apologize to the customers, now!” 

As the boss, Harriet wasn’t about to alienate her clientele. In the service business, the customer was king

After speaking. Harriet turned and apologized to Mae, I am so sorry for the inconvenience!” 


Chapter 37 

Mae sipped her soda with an air of indifference, completely ignoring Harriet

Harriet then addressed Anthea, Anthea, apologize!” 

Hold your horses, boss,Anthea said calmly, pulling out her phone from her pocket

Soon, voices began to emanate from the device

Bring us one of everything on the menu.” 

That’s quite a lot for just three of you. Are you sure you can manage?” 

No one had anticipated that Anthea would have a recording

The atmosphere turned awkward

Even Rebecca was finding it hard to sit still. She had intended to teach Anthea a lesson, not to be outplayed by her

How infuriating

What a despicable bitch

Mae and Alicia looked at each other, seeing the resentment in their eyes

Anthea continued, Were you perhaps intentionally stirring up trouble? Boss, maybe we should call the cops.” 

Call the cops

Mae and Alicia cared about their reputation. If they made a big scene and it got out, how would they show their faces in high society

Mae stood up abruptly, Who said we were doing it on purpose? We were just joking around with you!” 

Anthea smiled faintly. In that case, please settle your bill. The total comes to $617. Will that be credit or debit?” 

Charge it!Mae said through gritted teeth

Anthea, all smiles, took the card

After the transaction, Anthea handed the card back to Mae, I hope you enjoy your meal.” 

Mae, seething, took the card and turned to Rebecca and Alicia, Rebecca and Alicia, let’s get out of here.” 

Sure,Rebecca nodded, leading the way out

Anthea, in high spirits, followed them to the door, Take care, ladies. If you ever want to cause trouble again, I’m always here. But just remember” 

From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea’s  Ascent ( Anthea  )

From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea’s Ascent ( Anthea )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/1/2024 Native Language: English
From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea's Ascent ( Anthea ) High-tech maven named Anthea somehow found herself reborn in another universe. Her second life began in the skin of a pampered, yet loathed heiress. This imposter heiress was known for stealing the limelight and for her notorious reputation. She was thought of as an illiterate and clandestine love child, drawing the ire of those around her in high society circles.

From Sneers to Cheers Anthea's  Ascent

Sneers and jeers followed her: "You're not even fit to compare to the true heiress's pinky finger!" "You're nothing but a love child. Shameless!" However, Anthea just chuckled. She had been dealt a poor hand, branded as a fake heiress and a love child - but she knew she had the ability to turn the tables and stir up a storm. She transformed herself from a supposed illiterate to the admired and incomparable genius she was, becoming the CEO...

From Sneers to Cheers Anthea's  Ascent


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