From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea’s Ascent ( Anthea ) Chapter 47

From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea’s Ascent ( Anthea ) Chapter 47

Chapter 47 

What’s the rush? Man, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.Sherman seemed to have just woken up, clad in a black silk pajama set, the belt loosely tied at his waist, revealing a hint of sculpted abs and that enviable Vline

Even Daniel, a guy who thought he’d seen it all, couldn’t help but marvel at the sight

But it wasn’t the time for admiring. Daniel blurted out, Sherman, the CIS project is ready.” 

At that, even the usually composed Sherman showed a flicker of surprise. Let me see.” 

Daniel handed the laptop to Sherman

Sherman opened it and squinted at the screen. Who did this?” 

That newbie, Phoenix,Daniel replied. Honestly, I had no idea Phoenix was such a wizard.” 

And a wizard indeed

The Christensen Group, despite the efforts of their hundreds of staff, failed to crack the code. However, it took Phoenix less than three days to do it

That was an absolute legend

Holding the laptop in one hand and controlling the mouse with the other, Sherman commanded, Notify everyone. Video conference in ten minutes.” 

Got it.Daniel, usually the laidback type, took it seriously for a change and took the laptop from Sherman, heading toward the office

Sherman strode into his dressing room and slipped into a suit

Though a modern suit, it carried a touch of oldschool elegance with clean, muted colors

Ten minutes later, the video conference started punctually

Sherman’s piercing gaze on the other side was enough to send chills down one’s spine even through the screen

Two hours went by

The video conference finally ended

Sherman picked up his coffee mug and took a casual sip, his fingers idly playing with a pen, seemingly lost in thought. Check out this Phoenix for me.” 

Daniel blinked, momentarily confused. Phoenix? Who?” 

Then it clicked. Right away, I’ll have someone on it.” 

The Christensen Group, brimming with talent, was home to some of the industry’s finest cyber experts

Chapter 47 

They even brought the infamous hacker W into their fold three years ago

Usually, W could dig up dirt on anyone in ten minutes flat.. 

But today, hours had passed, and there was still no word from W. 

Daniel shot him a message

After a long wait, W replied, The firewall’s a beast. Need more time.” 

Daniel was stunned and typed, Is this W?” 

As he sent the message, a video call came through

Daniel answered it, and W’s face appeared on the screen

Holy cow! It’s you! I thought someone was pulling my leg!” 

It was unheard of for the legendary W to stumble. This Phoenix must be something special

Looking frustrated. W said, Man, who did you have me look into? I’ve burnt through two computers already!I have never met such a formidable opponent. Not only had he failed to breach their defenses, he’d been counterhacked twice

That was wild

The hacker, W, almost thought it was all a dream. He’d been a toptier name in the hacking world for years and had never met his match until that moment

Daniel replied, A real heavyweight. Give me a shout when you’ve got something.” 

Will do.W ended the call, his interest piqued by this socalled wizard, and got back to his investigation

As Daniel turned off his phone, a knock came at the door. Mr. Robinson, Mr. Christensen requests your presence.” 

On my way.Daniel answered and went to Sherman’s office

Any news?Sherman sat in his executive chair, a fine coffee set in front of him, his hands gracefully moving through the motions of making a cup of coffee, the steam rising and adding a soft haze to his striking features

Daniel shook his head, a touch of schadenfreude in his voice. Nothing yet. W has met his match. You should’ve seen his face. It was priceless and made my day” 

Sherman’s brow furrowed slightly. He knew W’s capabilities, and when he learned that Phoenix had completed the CIS project, he sensed something extraordinary about him

From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea’s  Ascent ( Anthea  )

From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea’s Ascent ( Anthea )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/1/2024 Native Language: English
From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea's Ascent ( Anthea ) High-tech maven named Anthea somehow found herself reborn in another universe. Her second life began in the skin of a pampered, yet loathed heiress. This imposter heiress was known for stealing the limelight and for her notorious reputation. She was thought of as an illiterate and clandestine love child, drawing the ire of those around her in high society circles.

From Sneers to Cheers Anthea's  Ascent

Sneers and jeers followed her: "You're not even fit to compare to the true heiress's pinky finger!" "You're nothing but a love child. Shameless!" However, Anthea just chuckled. She had been dealt a poor hand, branded as a fake heiress and a love child - but she knew she had the ability to turn the tables and stir up a storm. She transformed herself from a supposed illiterate to the admired and incomparable genius she was, becoming the CEO...

From Sneers to Cheers Anthea's  Ascent


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