From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea’s Ascent ( Anthea ) Chapter 51

From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea’s Ascent ( Anthea ) Chapter 51

Chapter 51 

Out of the blue, Baldie brought up Sarah’s education

Anthea furrowed her brow slightly. What are you trying to ask?” 

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve got nothing against Sarah,Baldle hurried to clarify. I just think we should prioritize learning at this time. After all, knowledge can change your destiny. For someone with just a junior high diploma like Sarah, you’d do well to keep your distance.” 

Baldie had a soft spot for Anthea and hoped she’d strive for excellence. He didn’t need her to outshine everyone, but at least to keep pace with him

What’s wrong with a junior high diploma? A higher education only means you’ve got more knowledge than the average Joe, but it doesn’t define your character. True character comes from within. What’s that got to do with a diploma? Some folks think they’re high and mighty with their fancy degrees, oblivious that they’re just big fish in a small pond!” 

Anthea’s words were measured and deliberate. Are you using your education to gossip behind people’s backs?” 

Baldie was dumbstruck, his cheeks flushing with embarrassment. Anthea had implied that all the wise quotes he had read over the years were for naught

His scholarly pride was no match for a middle schooler

He was only talking about Sarah, but why was Anthea getting so worked up

Baldie squinted, and it suddenly dawned on him that Anthea was also a middle school graduate

Anthea’s lofty speech was a defense triggered by his slight to Sarah and her pride

She feared being looked down upon

Realizing this, Baldie felt a bit better. Anthea, don’t be upset. I didn’t mean it like that. I was speaking off the cuff. That’s all.” 

Anthea shot Baldie a look. Sarah is my friend. She’s kind and goodhearted. Your offthecuffremarks have already hurt her.” 

Baldie quickly apologized, I’m sorry.” 

Watch your tongue next time.Anthea’s voice was cold as she finished speaking and walked 


For some reason, when Anthea warned him to watch his tongue, Baldie felt a strangel sensation. It was as if a teacher was reprimanding a student who had erred

Otherwise, why would he have instinctively apologized

Was it all just a misunderstanding



Chapter 51 

Mrs. Christensen rounded the corner

She watched Anthea’s retreating figure and nodded in approval

Very good, very good!she praised

She liked this young lady more and more

She wasn’t like some, who was one way to your face and another behind your back

At the casino, Anthea hadn’t stepped foot inside for three days

Sherman leaned on the railing of the second floor, his tone indifferent. It’s been three days. You’ve lost.” 

Daniel frowned deeply. She’ll come! Trust me, Sherman. It’s not over yet!” 

Daniel prided himself on understanding women

How could he be wrong

Anthea was sure to come tonight

But as time passed, Anthea was nowhere to be seen

Was she playing hard to get

Start planning your live stream,Sherman glanced over at Daniel

Despite his polished appearance, the crude suggestion didn’t seem out of place

Live stream to eat that thing

He would have forgotten about that bet if Sherman hadn’t mentioned it

Sherman began to walk away. After you get home, don’t forget to send me the link to your 


Sherman, come onDaniel reached out to grab Sherman’s sleeve.” 

People have to answer for what they say and do.Sherman looked back, But eating that would beindecent.” 

Relief washed over Daniel

He knew Sherman wouldn’t make him do something like that

Who could eat that

But then, Sherman continued, Let’s substitute with canned herring instead. I’ll have someone send you two cans of it when we head back.” 



Chapter 51 

Canned herring

Was he expected to eat canned herring on a live stream

It would be unbearable. That was worse than the original bet

As if reading Daniel’s mind, Sherman suggested, Or you could stick to the original plan.” 

Daniel was at a loss for words


Sherman was so ruthless

Daniel immediately caved. It was my fault, Sherman! I’ll eat it, okay?” 

Let’s go.Sherman turned away, his gaze sweeping over the casino floor below

Daniel hurried after him, trying one last plea. Sherman, can we rethink the canned herring thing? Look, Anthea is playing hard to get. Maybe she wants to drag it out a few more days. She didn’t show up today, but she would come tomorrow! I swear. I guarantee it!

From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea’s  Ascent ( Anthea  )

From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea’s Ascent ( Anthea )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/1/2024 Native Language: English
From Sneers to Cheers: Anthea's Ascent ( Anthea ) High-tech maven named Anthea somehow found herself reborn in another universe. Her second life began in the skin of a pampered, yet loathed heiress. This imposter heiress was known for stealing the limelight and for her notorious reputation. She was thought of as an illiterate and clandestine love child, drawing the ire of those around her in high society circles.

From Sneers to Cheers Anthea's  Ascent

Sneers and jeers followed her: "You're not even fit to compare to the true heiress's pinky finger!" "You're nothing but a love child. Shameless!" However, Anthea just chuckled. She had been dealt a poor hand, branded as a fake heiress and a love child - but she knew she had the ability to turn the tables and stir up a storm. She transformed herself from a supposed illiterate to the admired and incomparable genius she was, becoming the CEO...

From Sneers to Cheers Anthea's  Ascent


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